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I’m With the Band

+-*Let me get one thing straight from the start—I’m not a groupie. I don’t want to be friends with, hug, kiss, or sleep with any member of any band. I was a poor college student at a time when Napster was being blamed for killing the music industry and bands were limiting their free show schedules to hometowns only. I love music and get bored

7 Essentials for Surviving a Music Festival

+-*Did you hear that? It’s the sound of music festival lineups being released around the globe. If you’re not too busy gathering your best pairs of high-waisted jorts or hand-weaving a daisy crown, take a moment to reflect on this list of true music festival must-haves. Only the strongest can survive a multi-day festival, so come equipped. Walkie Talkies Cell phones are okay, but they’re not always reliable in overcrowded fields with spotty reception—not to

Orca Whales like Orca Earbuds

+-*Yeah, sure anyone could hire Johnny Depp or Channing Tatum to stand on a boat and endorse their product, but why would you stoop that low when you can have the high and mighty Frank Harrington instead? At Outdoor Tech, we strive to make the best products you actually would want to buy, and this

6 Ways to Make Friends in a Ski Resort Town

+-*In a ski resort town, your friends are your family. Mom and Dad still aren’t sure why you quit real life to move to a ski resort town, but your buddies understand. They’re the ones you’ll share Thanksgiving dinner with, the ones who will deliver some Campbell’s soup when you’re not feeling so hot, and

End of Ski Season Parties

+-*After about 6 months of gliding down glades, kicking it on moguls and powering through the powder, some of us are naturally melancholy. After 6 months of getting up at 5 am, fighting highway traffic, enduring agonizing fitted boots and suffering from worn out muscles, others of us are ecstatic. Whatever your condition, the end of the season approaches and it’s time to party. Concerts

Don’t Drink and Skate…

+-*If having your skateboard run over by a car isn’t bad enough, there’s always the fact that tomorrow morning he’ll wake up thinking, “Dude where’s my board?” So don’t skate when your drunk…especially in flip flops. You might get a SWI (Skating while Intoxicated). We love you, just remember that.

Make Your Gear Go Green!

+-*We’ve all heard about this new “green” craze—it’s catching on with a lot of people. So, if you want to hop aboard the green train, follow these simple steps. You’ll be as green as they come in no time! Step 1: Buy green paint. Step 2: Apply green paint liberally.* Step 3: Repeat as necessary. *Not recommended if you actually want to keep using your stuff, as applying paint could hinder effectiveness. We love you, just

2 Fails Cancel Each Other Out

+-*Two Strangers. Two Mistakes. One Collision. Looks like karma caught up to both of them. But the real question here is, Who’s fault was it? The world may never know… We love you, just remember that.

A Love Letter to Our Privates

+-*  From time to time, we receive communications from our customers that stand out. Below is one of said communications. Good afternoon Gents! I am writing to express my gratitude for drastically altering my existence… When Chastity (that is the name that I gave to my mustard yellow ODT Privates) first crossed paths just a mere 4 months ago I immediately knew that it was

6 Holidays You’ll Discover in a Ski Resort Town

+-*In a ski resort town, the usual holidays don’t matter. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter all mean the same thing: bigger crowds, extra shifts, more check-ins, and longer line-ups. Time off? Visiting family? Presents? Ha. That doesn’t happen. But don’t feel too bad for ski resort residents—they still manage to find ways to celebrate (just

The Humblebrag in a Digital Age

+-*Thanks to social media, we see it at least daily—a friend who has truly awesome stuff happening but they’re complaining about the little things—the hardships of adjusting to their new Subi (the cup holders are in weird places) or less-than-epic swell at Seven Sisters (while we’re stuck at the office). Regardless of how close the friendship may be, something deep down inside tells you it would be okay to punch them and take their place.

I Punched a Bobcat

+-*I’m not known for making reasonable life choices. That’s why nobody outside was at all shocked when I entered a small, weathered barn one autumn morning to manually evict a bobcat. It all started as we sat around a pile of Fourth Meal wrappers, engaged in the sort of philosophical discussion that only occurs when

Winter Driving; What Are They Putting on Our Roads?

+-*Have you ever noticed, especially when driving on snow or ice: if someone passes you he’s an idiot and if they’re going too slow and holding you up, they’re an a**hole? While most of us have to deal with snow and ice and that guy who slows you down, at least our road crews are trying to help. Differing Opinions Opinions are just like… the guy slowing you down, everybody has one. People complain if

There’s an App For That

+-*I’ve long been an advocate of off-the-grid adventures—getting as far from cell signal as possible, leaving that irritating thing in the Jeep for good measure. I’m also a gear and tech junkie that lives with a non-stop, social media mainline coming through a pile of iDevices. It’s a duplicitous life but, so far, I’ve managed

6 Ways to Piss Off a Mountain Town Local

+-*When you’re heading off for a ski vacation in the mountains, you’re bound to come into contact with varying degrees of locals*. *The definition of local is a hotly debated topic that will be saved for another time. Locals will check you into your hotel, tune your skis, pour your beer, and mend your sprained wrist. Get on their good side, and locals will also show you some sweet powder stashes, advise you on what