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Music Makes You A Better Athlete. Science Says So.

Music is a blissful thing, isn’t it? It picks us up when we’re feeling down, adds excitement to our favorite movie scenes, helps us in our bedroom activities…and it turns out music can actually make us better athletes, too. Some professional runners are already aware of this—race organizers have been banning iPods and other musical devices for years in an effort to assuage what many

iPhone Life: iPhone Gear for the Great Outdoors

Take a peak at the iPhone Life article on the best iPhone gear for the great outdoors. The article show cases our Big Turtle Shell, and tells you why the “Big” in Big Turtle Shell has a double meaning; both being equally awesome. We love you, just remember that.

INC. 5000: The 10 Fastest-Growing Companies in Los Angeles

You all know what we’re doing tonight, after making it on this Inc. Magazine list. (Echoing sounds of office brews clanking together.) Like they say, lucky 7. We love you, just remember that.

A Hipster’s Guide to Growing Old, From an Old Hipster

I hate to break it to you but you aren’t going to fit in those skinny jeans much longer and someday soon, you’ll have more hair growing out your ears than on your head. It’s Inevitable Growing older is a fact of life but as the old saying goes, “it sure beats the alternative.” Sure you can fight the ravages of time by staying in

6 Signs You’re Not Cut Out For the Mountains

The mountains can be tough on a guy, and not everyone is cut out for them. That’s okay, though—you can visit but you may not want to stay. The Driving If you don’t know how to drive in the mountains, maybe you should take a bus or shuttle ride. That’s because up here we have things that maybe you aren’t used to at home like:

3 Tips to Get You Started as a Homebrewer

There’s no magic recipe to brewing the perfect beer. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned brewer looking to expand your horizons, there’s one thing to remember: homebrewing is not an exact science and experimenting is key to growing and discovering your own unique style of brewing. That said, there are some basic rules to keep in mind to help brew the best beer in

The Best Earbuds For Each Sport

Choosing a pair of earbuds isn’t as simple as finding the ones that’ll match your hoodie. You’ve got to take into account the size, shape and how they’ll fare in every environment. We’ve done the homework for you. Orcas: For Water Sports (or if you sweat a lot) The Orcas, much like their namesake, can handle getting drenched. They’re the perfect earbuds for people who

The Best External Battery for the GoPro Hero4 Session

If you haven’t already checked out the GoPro Hero4 Session, you are surely missing out. The Hero4 Session has all the magic of a GoPro, packed away in a bite size, lighter than ever form. Just picture Willy Wonka Placing the GoPro Hero4 into the Wonka-Vision, and Wallah, the Hero4 Session is what came out on the other end. This thing certainly takes the cake… or

Why Staycations are the Best and Worst Ways to Spend Your Vacation

Staycation is another of those annoying new words that won’t go away. Neither will you, as it simply means you vacation in your hometown or at least your local area. While maybe not as exciting as jetting to Europe, think of the money you’ll save. Economics Staycations are cheaper as you don’t have far to travel. You save on airline tickets and car rentals, and

Best Traffic Apps to Get You Up and Down the Mountain

We all know you shouldn’t text and drive but there’s nothing wrong with using an app that helps you get up or down those hills. All these apps, as well as pretty much everything in life these days, are available through ITunes or you can just click on the provided links. Waze Waze is said to be the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro: A pocket Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a flashlight/charger

Check out this months CNET review on our “swiss army knife of Bluetooth speakers”: The Buckshot Pro. Who wouldn’t want that? We love you, just remember that.

6 Reasons You Should Never Camp on Weekends

Sure you have to work, don’t we all, but if you can get away during the week, do it. Change your schedule so you work weekends, take vacation time, or call in sick if your boss will buy it because weekday camping is where it’s at. Traffic I-70 west of Denver, CO is packed every weekend during the year now. It used to be just

Korea Kings Challenge – The Hike Up

Hike up your sleeves ladies and gentleman, and get down and dirty with the Hike Up Challenge crew in Korea. This awesome event took place at Korea Kings where some super talented people came out and showcased their snowboarding skills, even though there was no snow involved. Some came to show off their talent, while others just came to show off. Check everyone out. Rain

6 Ways to Make Golf an Extreme Sport

The Drinking Requirement A lot of people drink on the course, but we should step it up a bit. If there were a bar at every tee-box things would get way more exciting. Maybe you should have to buy a round if you bogey. Double bogey and it’s shots for everyone. Let’s Hear Some Chatter Out There Golf is way too polite. Everyone hushes up

USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships

All types of people, from groms to grandparents, ventured out to Mammoth for the weekend to compete in the 2015 USA Mountain Bike National Championships. From July 15th through the 19th, hundreds of mountain bikers from all across the 50 states made their way out to Cali for this special event. Each person who joined the competition competed for titles in cross-country, short track cross-country, downhill,