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The Humblebrag in a Digital Age

+-*Thanks to social media, we see it at least daily—a friend who has truly awesome stuff happening but they’re complaining about the little things—the hardships of adjusting to their new Subi (the cup holders are in weird places) or less-than-epic swell at Seven Sisters (while we’re stuck at the office). Regardless of how close the

I Punched a Bobcat

+-*I’m not known for making reasonable life choices. That’s why nobody outside was at all shocked when I entered a small, weathered barn one autumn morning to manually evict a bobcat. It all started as we sat around a pile of Fourth Meal wrappers, engaged in the sort of philosophical discussion that only occurs when a group of undergrads stays out too late. After the

Winter Driving; What Are They Putting on Our Roads?

+-*Have you ever noticed, especially when driving on snow or ice: if someone passes you he’s an idiot and if they’re going too slow and holding you up, they’re an a**hole? While most of us have to deal with snow and ice and that guy who slows you down, at least our road crews are trying to help. Differing Opinions Opinions are just like… the

There’s an App For That

+-*I’ve long been an advocate of off-the-grid adventures—getting as far from cell signal as possible, leaving that irritating thing in the Jeep for good measure. I’m also a gear and tech junkie that lives with a non-stop, social media mainline coming through a pile of iDevices. It’s a duplicitous life but, so far, I’ve managed to balance the two sides of my existence. Lately, however, I’ve heard that blasted little *ding* on high mountain ridges,

6 Ways to Piss Off a Mountain Town Local

+-*When you’re heading off for a ski vacation in the mountains, you’re bound to come into contact with varying degrees of locals*. *The definition of local is a hotly debated topic that will be saved for another time. Locals will check you into your hotel, tune your skis, pour your beer, and mend your sprained wrist. Get on their good side, and locals will also show you some sweet powder stashes, advise you on what

10 Irish Songs for Shredding the Slopes on St. Patrick’s Day

+-*As St. Patrick’s Day arrives, many prefer to hit the slopes rather than the local pub. Or at least get some skiing and boarding in before they too throw some back at the lodge. You can start the celebration early by adding a healthy dose of hard-driving Irish songs to your run. Here’s 10 of the most shamrock n’ roll beats to get the most authentically Irish ski trip that’s ever been. Young Dubliners, Waxies Dargle

Spring Skiing: A Whole Different Animal

+-*It’s sunny and warm but the snow is slushy and heavy. On the other hand, chances are good you’ll probably spot Elvis on the slopes. The Weather Nothing beats skiing in shorts and a t-shirt. Instead of wearing gear designed for the Arctic, spring skiing affords the chance to pitch the parka and gloves, the hat and hand warmers and the gaiter around your neck and

6 Gnarly Colorado Mogul Runs

+-*Some have trees, some don’t. Some are Double Black, some single. The one thing they all have in common is that UH OH factor. Highline, Vail Highline is on the east side of the front of Vail Mountain. It runs right below and beside its namesake lift and is long and Double Black. Only part of the run is visible from the lift which is

7 Concerts You Won’t Want to Miss on St. Patrick’s Day

+-*Instead of spending another St. Patrick’s Day at some bar with foil shamrocks taped to the wall, you could grab a concert ticket and make it a night you’ll remember regardless of the whiskey. If you need a push in the right direction, here are our top picks for St. Patty’s Day entertainment: The Street Dogs at House of Blues (Anaheim, CA) Mike McColgan, the original lead singer for Dropkick Murphys, did a stint fighting

7 Things You Must Have to Survive a Blizzard at Home

+-*I can actually think of about 30 things you really should have, but that’s counting a case of beer as 24 things. Emergency Supplies They say in a storm you should have batteries, candles, canned goods, fresh water, and firewood if you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove. This is all in case the power goes out, and they do have a point. My advice covers those storms where the power is on just the

The Vanlife

+-*Christina Applegate once said “I want to live in a van down by the river.” Don’t we all? Well, maybe not the river—maybe by the crag or the trailhead, on a beach with perfect swells—regardless of where you park it, vanlife is a nearly universal desire. The rad thing? It’s a totally attainable dream. Here’s how to make it happen. Buy a Van It seems

Confessions of a Burrito Junkie

+-*My friends say I have a problem. There are tortillas stashed around the house. There’s a small patch of cilantro growing in the back. I keep a bottle of rooster sauce in my glove box. I’ve been wrapping for years but, recently, things may have gotten a little out of hand. It started innocently enough—bean

How to Brag About Your Ski Trip on Social Media

+-*In this golden age of social media, we all know that no experience is complete unless it achieves X number of likes from your herd of dedicated followers. Like, what good is a ski trip if you don’t successfully make 25% of your friends jealous along the way? Make sure that you don’t run out of power by grabbing a Kodiak portable power bank. We know that it’s not easy to navigate the world of

Snowskater’s Close Call in Colorado Avalanche

+-*It’s been a rough year for avalanches, but this latest clip from Colorado’s Vail Pass adds a new element from some of the others we’ve seen: the guy caught in it wasn’t on skis or a snowboard—he was on a snowskate. For the uninitiated, a snowskate is a sort of hybrid snowboard/skateboard. In other words,

Adventures on the Bunny Slope

+-*Nothing quite beats the humiliation of standing in a pack of 6-year-olds, waiting patiently to board the magic carpet. Their snotty upper lips and rosy cheeks swaddled in inches of fleece and wool and Gortex. My road to being the oldest person in the group ski lesson at my local resort was long and arduous.