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7 Best Food Places in Orange County

The Old Spaghetti Factory – Newport Beach If you’re looking for traditional Italian food to satisfy your craving, then head over to The Old Spaghetti Factory! This space is great to host big parties for special occasions. I highly recommend trying the Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter as your sauce choice! Alessa – Laguna Beach Alessa is another Italian favorite located down the street from

Eight Places the Kodiak Power Line Comes in Handy

Wondering when you could use a Kodiak Powerbank? Here are eight situations where a portable charger will save the day. Beach Day/Pool Party There can’t be a complete beach day or pool party without good music. The Big Turtle Shell is ready for some tune action, but your phone battery must keep up! No worries. A water-resistant Kodiak Powerbank will fuel the party fun and

How to Build the Perfect Backyard Oasis

With Summer approaching, these June Gloom days are no lie. Have you ever noticed that the sun is shining bright at home, yet coastal skies turn grey? We all just want to lounge around on our sandy beaches, but it’s hard to get that perfect tan when the sky is overcast all afternoon. What’s the next best thing? A Perfect, Personal Backyard Oasis. If you

Gift Guide for this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day get your Dad an awesome gift that shows how cool he really is. Sentimental, make-shift cards are appreciated and all, but portable and wireless sound will for sure amp up his life. Outdoor Tech will top all your past Father’s Day presents and will definitely make you the favorite daughter/son. Buckshot Pro – $79.95 Upgrade from the Buckshot 2.0 and get your Dad

Outdoor Tech Releases 2-in-1 Phone Case + Screen Protector

The Only Phone Case that Matters   Avoiding a cracked screen or broken phone seems easy enough, but life doesn’t always go as planned. We’ve all been there, brand new phone in hand, cracked screen, chipped corner, realizing we opted out of the $13 insurance plan. That’s where Outdoor Tech’s Yowie Armour comes in. This multi-unit kit for your phone will not only protect it

Outdoor Tech Releases Two-in-One Car Charger + Power Bank

Addressing the ever-evolving need to stay charged while on the go, rugged consumer electronics company, Outdoor Tech just released your new favorite; The Platypus. This rugged multi-functional car charger plus power bank not only fits into the cigarette lighter socket of your car to charge your phone, but once removed can be taken with you to continually charge whatever device may be accompanying you on

Collegiate Skate Tour: Gainesville, Florida

Although this is the third contest of the season for the Collegiate Skate Tour, we were stoked to be participating for the first time. We donated a few of our products as prizes for the competitors, and it seems to have been a great turnout. The event was held at the Possum Creek Skate park in Gainsville, and students came out from colleges and universities from all

ODT Snow Team Rider Erika Vikander – Freeride World Qualifer

The look of pure satisfaction of getting faceshots in your contest run. The land of the rising sun. A label true to the name, Japan is one of the most amazing spiritually connecting places in the world. To be in Japan is something that every snowboarder dreams about, one experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. To not only be there, but

National Margarita Day – Margarita of the Year

It’s National Margarita Day! Do you know what this means?!? Yea, nothing really, but there’s this pretty rad competition that Patron holds every year that coincides with this day and I’m going to tell you all about it. In honor of National Margarita Day, Patron has launched their annual Margarita of the Year competition, where people from all around the world compete to win… well,

Best Travel Gear: Outdoor Tech Los Cabos

Check out our beloved Los Cabos on Leah’s awesome review website, Best Travel Gear. The Los Cabos are a vacation in themself, so it’s a bit obvious they made it on her site. Peep the article here.

Lady Gaga & Metallica @ The Grammy’s – ODT Reactions

There is nothing more entertaining on a rainy Sunday in February then tuning into the Grammy Awards. I mean, I am actually 100% sure there are multiple people in our office that would way rather be doing anything else, (because I asked) but either way, it’s damn entertaining. As I asked each person here at ODT if they watched the Grammy’s, the answer they gave

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Get the one you love, something they will love this Valentines Day. Roses are nice, cards are okay, but some rugged, wireless and waterproof awesomeness is probably the better choice. If you’re familiar with our brand, then you know very well what is going to make your significant other give you heart eyes; if you’re not, then here is a list of stuff that will

ODT Rhinos on Kickstarter

If you haven’t heard the news already, we just launched the worlds toughest headphones on Kickstarter! They are almost ready to be yours, we just need to do a few more things to make them perfect, and that is only possible with your help. Head over to our Kickstarter page and help us help you get the worlds toughest headphones in your hands and on

Outdoor Tech Launches Co-Lab with Netherlands-Based REHALL Performance Sportswear Brand in US at SIA Snow Show

Laguna Hills, CA – No stranger to making already cool products smarter and more durable for the active winter sports crowd, Outdoor Tech® this week is launching a co-lab tech outerwear project with REHALL in the US, a Dutch-based maker of snow sports performance apparel. Serving as the US partner, designer and distributor, Outdoor Tech will debut the brand to the industry at the SIA

ODT Holiday Gift Guide: Under $60

Feeling a bit stumped on what to get who this year? Well here is a little something to help you out. Here are 12 Outdoor Tech products under $60 that will make whoever receives them love you for all eternity. Plus you will for sure be known as the best gift giver in the family, and that is almost as good as a gold medal. Calamari