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6 Guaranteed Ways to Piss off The Lady Friend

+-*First off, just by referring to them as THE Wife or THE Girlfriend, you’re off to a great start. You Don’t Understand What it’s Like to Get Up in the Middle… Blah, Blah, Blah Let’s head off the age-old argument between men and women about the toilet seat; it’s time to get a little pro-active here. Suck it up boys and tell her now—you are sick

How to Spot a Hipster in the Wild

+-*You’re out camping with your friends, enjoying a beer in the great outdoors when you spot it: the elusive hipster. What is such a creature doing out of its natural environment of dank, dimly lit areas serving coffee and craft beer? In case you’ve managed to never encounter these annoying creatures, here’s what to look for and a few ways to drive them off. They’re

10 Excuses You’ll Hear When Trying to Get People to Go Camping (And How to Respond)

+-*Alright, we’ve all been there, we’ve all been on the throwing and receiving end of some really great excuses. The classic, “let me get back to you,” or “sure, maybe”, and then when those fail, the really good excuses come out. It happens, and now for the next time it does, here for you today is a hot and ready guide to not only the

6 Dumb Places to Camp

+-*It’s really not hard to find a campground. You can drive to any National Forest and find free spots all over the place. You can hike in most any wilderness area and plop down wherever you like. Why then do people choose these spots? Your Backyard Okay, if you have young kids who have never slept outside, we can maybe understand doing it once. This

To Use a Running App…or Not?

+-*Once upon a time, the only thing I needed to go for a run was a pair of running shoes. Those were simpler times. These days, I find myself using awkward contraptions—bouncy running belts or homemade Ziploc bag carriers—so that I can bring my phone along with me on my run. It’s not that I think I’ll actually need my phone to make calls or

Summer Music, Art, and Beer Festivals for Picking Up Hotties and Being Awesome

+-*There’s nothing better in the sweet, sweet summertime than being ridiculously lazy, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, listening to some live tunes, and meeting really, really good-looking people (#zoolanderreference). That being said, check out these killer summer (and extended summer a.k.a “fall) festivals. Let the partying, commence! Great American Beer Festival Held in the hipster capitol of the world, Denver, Co., the GABF allows for

Sex in a Tent: 5 Tips for Roughing it in the Buff

+-*Do you want to get naughty in nature? Let’s face it, sex in a tent is not easy and nothing is worse than getting the wrong stick in the butt. But, when it comes to getting down and dirty outdoors there are a few tricks to the “birds and the bees” trade. Keep reading to find out how to let your inner-buck go wild and

6 Critters That Are Smarter Than You Think

+-*We humans love to think that we’re the sharpest tools in the shed, having invented indispensable items like Chia Pets, turducken, and 8-track cassettes. But there are also some serious brains in the animal kingdom. Some otherwise spineless blobs and our most unassuming neighbors back some pretty serious mental ability. Here are some of the MENSAs of the animal world. OctopusPeter Godfrey Smith, a diver

OC Marathon 2015

+-*We partnered with our friends at Wahoo’s Fish Taco for the OC Marathon this year and it was rad time. Who wouldn’t want to wake up super early, run for a while and then pound some beers and eat some tacos? Well we didn’t so we just hung out at the finish line and handed out our stuff. All the runners were coming by and

Must Have Gear for Casual Camping

+-*Casual camping, for the uninitiated is not Man vs Wild style camping. This is not Survivor and no, Bear Grylls won’t be joining us to show us how to eat bugs and grubs for lunch. Transportation First you have to have a car because, since this is casual, we aren’t hiking anywhere. Casual camping is also called car camping because we pull right up to

What To Do If You Meet a Cougar

+-*Not all predators are found in the wild. Some lurk in the urban jungle and are just as dangerous. They are older (over 40) and yes, they prey on our young. Urban Cougars The accepted definition of an Urban Cougar is an over 40 year’s old woman who tries and sometimes succeeds in dating younger men. They see themselves as young-at-heart and younger than their

Taking a Californication Vacation

+-*You may not be a bestselling author and boozy sex-addict (we can’t all be perfect) but you can still access your inner Hank Moody by taking a Californication Vacation! All you need is your favorite writing device, your preferred creative lubricant, and a ticket to Venice Beach! *Bringing your own sexy nun is optional, but highly recommended. Here are a few locations from the hit Showtime series to

The Lost Art of Pooping in the Woods

+-*It’s recently come to my attention that some citified pansies may be uncomfortable dropping a deuce outside. We have to fix that before you blow a gasket—or worse, drive back to town in search of a toilet. From the dawn of man, we’ve tried to make pooping more comfortable—cleaning up with leaves instead of sticks, then paper, two-ply, and bidets. We’ve moved from squatting by

How to Not Piss Off Riverside Landowners

+-*When paddlers, floaters, fishermen and women, and other river lovers spend time on rivers, we inevitably interact with riverside landowners. Those interactions range from friendly to strained. The law about what’s public access and what isn’t is unclear on many rivers in the US. But doing these things will help At the end of the day, we all have something in common: we love the

Ian Rural Compton Video

+-*Ian always makes videos that are fun to watch and this one is no exception. “The first seedlings have started and I reflect on the winter. I do not enjoy city’s nor do I travel often to them, instead I stay hidden in the trees. The smile never leaves when skiing within these trees.” – Ian Compton You can’t have a video without filmers: Pail