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The Vanlife

Christina Applegate once said “I want to live in a van down by the river.” Don’t we all? Well, maybe not the river—maybe by the crag or the trailhead, on a beach with perfect swells—regardless of where you park it, vanlife is a nearly universal desire. The rad thing? It’s a totally attainable dream. Here’s

Confessions of a Burrito Junkie

My friends say I have a problem. There are tortillas stashed around the house. There’s a small patch of cilantro growing in the back. I keep a bottle of rooster sauce in my glove box. I’ve been wrapping for years but, recently, things may have gotten a little out of hand. We love you, just

How to Brag About Your Ski Trip on Social Media

In this golden age of social media, we all know that no experience is complete unless it achieves

Snowskater’s Close Call in Colorado Avalanche

It’s been a rough year for avalanches, but this latest clip from Colorado’s Vail Pass adds a new element from some of the others we’ve seen: the guy caught in it wasn’t on skis or a snowboard—he was on a snowskate. For the uninitiated, a snowskate is a sort of hybrid snowboard/skateboard. In other words,

Adventures on the Bunny Slope

Nothing quite beats the humiliation of standing in a pack of 6-year-olds, waiting patiently to board the magic carpet. Their snotty upper lips and rosy cheeks swaddled in inches of fleece and wool and Gortex. My road to being the oldest person in the group ski lesson at my local resort was long and arduous.

Finding the Perfect Riding Buddy

Besides the fact that riding alone is not advised, it’s always more fun to ride with a friend whether you ski or board. Not only could you have an accident like falling in a tree well, or yanking your knee, but who will you drink with on the deck at the end of the day? We

6 Ways to Survive a Rainy Day on the Mountain

Forecasts of precipitation in your favorite ski town are usually a good thing—after all, the magic equation is precipitation + cold = pow. But if you remove the cold element from that equation, you’re left with a slightly nastier result: rain. No matter how you frame it, a rainy day on the mountain kind of

Ski Fashion: You Are What You Wear, You Silly Goose

Fashion seems to run in cycles so that would explain the big, poofy, goose down ski jackets coming back into popularity. I still don’t know what explains the one-piece ski suit. We love you, just remember that.

Packing for a Trip With The Wife

She packs less clothing than me because, let’s face it, she looks better in less clothing than me. With all the baggage fees these days though, both checked and carry-on, packing for a trip has become an art. Unfortunately, The Wife isn’t very artistic. We love you, just remember that.

5 Running Fantasies

Usually, the best compliment a runner can aspire to from the non-running world is either a comment of “Wow, that sounds fast,” “Wow, you ran far,” or “I wish my butt looked like that in running tights.” Although all nice compliments, it’s hardly the only aim runners have. We have dreams too, you know. Big

8 Ways to Enjoy a Winter Without Snow

The flowers in my front yard are already poking out of their buds. And there isn’t enough snow to go skiing yet. Here’s how to make the most of a snowless winter. We love you, just remember that.

A Primer on Awesomeness

We journalists like to believe that everybody has a story worth telling, but it’s just not true. Most

10 Beyond Weird Winter Sports

Most winter sports seem to have been designed by a madman. After all, what rational person would think to strap blades or boards to their feet and careen down an icy slope? But believe it or not, snow sports can get even crazier. Here’s a few winter events that will make you questions the participants’

SIA 2015 in photos

We had a booth at SIA again this year. Good times were had, inside and outside of the Denver convention center. We love you, just remember that.

Ski Slope Rating Symbols: What They Mean and What They Really Mean

At the top of every ski run is a sign with a symbol. A green circle. A blue