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Outdoor Talk: Will Wesson

As I am sure you all know, the SnowSports Industries trade show just happened and all the radest athletes were there to support their brands. We had the honor of catching up with one of our athletes – ODT ski member, Will Wesson, who rips harder than anyone. Not only does he kill it in the ski scene, he is the most soft spoken down

5 Steps to Happiness at Tradeshows

Trade shows bring the highs and the lows in the lives of traveling designers, marketing managers, sales managers, product developers, & da bo$$es. I have no sympathy for buyers or athletes… you’re there to have fun get schmoozed around and see all the cool crap (maybe even go home with free crap) that everyone has been working on all year. Now, for the folks who

Outdoor Talk: Zach “Ducky” Kovacs

Zachary Kovacs, Ducky for short, is from  Modesto, California. He’s been skating for about 15 years now and grew up at Ceres Skate Park . His favorite thing to skate, besides everything, are red curbs, and when he’s not skating he’s at Programme Skate & Sound watching skate vids. Skate skate skate.He rips pretty hard and has a Thrasher feature to prove it. Get to know Ducky a

SIA Snow Show: Denver 2016

The SIA Snow Show in Denver was one of the best trade shows I have been to in awhile. The vibes were good, the people were good, the music was good, it was good. The funny thing about trade shows is that most people just show up. They roll in around 10 am the first day of the show, and by the last day, they are

Why the Wireless CHIPS® Are the Best Thing You’ll Purchase All Year

The CHIPS® are the all-in-one wireless headphones that were designed for your prescribed helmets and an ecosystem of accessories to do pretty much anything you’re up to. Here are 5 reasons why they are the best thing you will purchase all year. You can use them in your snow helmet (duh). When the weather is on point, the snow is the perfect consistency, and your

The Coldest Crossing

First off, the expedition did not go as smoothly as expected. On three occasions we were recommended to get ourselves to relative safety by the project safety manager at ICE-SAR (Iceland Search and Rescue); whom we had been in contact with since august, and also every day throughout the expedition. This included three rescue operations along the route, all organized by ICE-SAR. As you can

Ryan’s Workation

Making the transition from mountain boy to surf scum has been fun these last two years, but there comes a time when you are dying to be back in the good ol’ snow. I took a last minute holiday/vacation/content trip back home to Tahoe for 11 days and here’s what I did:               It dumped snow basically the whole time.

CES: Las Vegas 2016

CES started today, and our booth is cooler than most. Fact is fact. If you’re here, come check us out at booth #31674. If you’re not, you can admire the fun from afar. We’re not here for a long time, but we’re here for a good time.       The Yule log was a must. Coffee anyone?      We always come prepared…      

Rad Customer: @tonylevesque

We love when you guys tell us awesome stories about how one of your ODT products has made your day in some way. Check out Tony’s post on how the Big Turtle Shell has done him right. Thanks, Tony. You rule pretty hard too. We love you, just remember that.

That Time the Buckshot Pro Saved My Life

About a week ago…Avoid finishing that with Bobby $hmurda…About a week ago we had our annual ODT Christmas Party. Most of us traveled there by way of Uber, considering the theme of these things is usually Drunk. My Uber ride in particular was quite enjoyable. Our driver was really getting us pumped with the sounds of 88.1 classical jazz…Ha! Once we all arrived at the

Outdoor Talk: Jesse Paul

ODT Snow member Jesse Paul (@jedipauls) sat down with us for an interview this week, even though he has been super busy winning like every rail jam there ever was. We’re stoked. Peep the interview and all the rad photos below. Photos courtesy of Gill Montgomery (@gillmontyphoto).   What’s in the water? You seriously have been murdering these rail jams? Well my girlfriend and I

5 drinks to get you in the holiday spirit

It’s officially the first day of winter, which means it’s time to start up the fire, grab your slippers, and poor yourself a holiday inspired drink. Here are 5 cocktails that are sure to get you in the holiday spirit. And probably a little buzzed too. The first on our list, and most obvious, is the hot toddy. This warm tea like cocktail will make

ODT Holiday Gift Guide: Under $100

Are you feeling like you’re in a bit of a pickle, and you’ve waited until the very last minute to get all your gifts? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Here are 5 Outdoor Tech products under $100 that are sure to make your giftee jump for joy. A fair warning, once these people open their gifts, you will be immediately bombarded with questions

Rahim of Connecticut

Just recently our COO, Charlie was flying Jet Blue to the Big Apple. He noticed just a few seats away from him on the flight was a man sporting some Tuis wireless headphones! He stood out in the crowd for obvious reasons, and Charlie didn’t waste any time making his way over to him. He approached him, gave him his card, and told him to

Outdoor Talk: Mariah Dugan

This weeks Outdoor Talk is with none other than the bad ass chick that is Mariah Dugan (@gnar__marr). From pooch hangs, to rail jams, to downhill mountain biking, and even a love for dirt bikes, this girl is someone you wish you had on your friends list. She is constantly on the go, so we got lucky when she sat down and did this interview