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7 Margarita Recipes to Make Your Cinco De Mayo Great

It’s Cinco De Mayo…in other words your Taco Tuesday came twice this week. You are most likely going to be heading out to your local Mexican restaurant after work to enjoy the benefits of another ridiculous holiday. We also understand that your addiction to Scandal may be holding you back from going out with your friends, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a

Why You Should Never Leave Home Without a Buckshot Pro

As the mullet of speakers, this thing truly lives up to its name. Here are 5 reasons why you should never leave home without one. CHARGING The greatest thing about the Buckshot Pro is that it can charge almost everything. It’s lithium ion rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of play and talk time. It’s USB output allows for a charge to your phone, GoPro, Camera, and

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $60

Mother’s Day is creeping steadily around the corner, and some of you are still brainstorming what to get your beloved creator. Here is a helpful list of 10 ODT items that all fall under the $60 and below category. This list will not only help your wallet, but will help you gain major points with mom, since she will obviously love anything you decide to

Prince (1958 – 2016)

I’m sure by now you have received the news that one of the worlds most iconic pop artist has died. Prince was a boundary-breaking singer, songwriter and actor who’s had more hits on the charts than most. Very few artists have impacted so many, nor have influenced the music industry in the ways he did. To honor the beloved Prince, here is a top 9 hits list


I have never really been more grateful for an electronic device than I was on my latest adventure to Germany. And no I am not just saying this. Not until the very last minute was I reminded to bring a Kodiak Plus along with me, and damn was I stoked. With weird shaped outlets, slim to no USB ports, and time away from your hotel

ODT Giveaway: Win 2 Pick 2

It’s a 2 for 2 special on the contest wave this week. Enter now for a chance to win a ‪‎Turtle Shell‬ 2.0, a pair of ‪Los Cabos‬ AND 2 items of your choice! Jaw-dropping, we know. Don’t miss out on this one; enter now!   WINNER:

The Day There Was No Music and I Fell In Love With the Buckshot Pro

Everyone knows that I teach Stroller Strides classes as part of the wonderful offerings of FIT4MOM Fruita. These classes are high energy, stroller integrated and generally outdoors. A lot of instructors teach without music but after spending almost 10 years in the fitness industry, I’ve learned that having music keeps people engaged and motivated. Without music, there’s silence and silence can be AWKWARD. I recently

Jean-Marc Johannes: ODT SA Ambassador

As a brief description of myself and what I do. I’m 25 years old and I’m a Professional Skateboarder, from Athlone / Cape Town. I have been skateboarding for over 10 years. I inherited my first skateboard from my mother at the age of 9 and won my first PRO/AM contest at the age of 11; I have never left it alone since then. As

ODT Giveaway: Mystery Bundle

Solve this ODT mystery and enter now for a chance to win an ODT ‪‎Mystery Bundle! Get it done, or regret it forever.   WINNER:

ODT Giveaway: $250 Towards ODT

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ODT Giveaway: Kodiak Power Line

Feeling a little lonely lately? A little down in the dumps and in need of a recharge? This weeks ‪giveaway is perfect for you! Enter to win the 3 amigos; The Kodiak Mini, Kodiak and Kodiak Plus! Enter now for a chance to be in good company, and charged up for eternity! Contest ends Friday.

ODT Giveaway: We Wish It Was Summer

Been dreaming of summertime? yea…us too. Cure those summer feels and enter this weeks giveaway for a chance to win a pair of ‪Los Cabos‬ & a Turtle Shell‬ 2.0. Gear up for the awesome sunshine to come! Hurry, this bright and shiny giveaway ends on Friday!

Outdoor Talk: Dave Bachinsky

If you’ve ever met Dave, you know that he’s one of the most approachable and humble dudes in the game.  He’s been in this up and down skate industry for quite some time and has always managed a great mindset through and through. I’m telling you now, no matter where he is, what he’s skating or doing, he’s always having the best time.  We’re stoked

High Fives Foundation: Fat Ski-A-Thon

Words cannot be formed for just how amazing the FAT Ski-a-Thon turned out. The High Fives Foundation reached their goal of $150,000 and had a blast doing it. Check out the Facebook albums below for all the great captures at the event. Credit || Weston Walker Credit || Eugene Krylov

ODT Giveaway: Pi Day

It’s ‪Pi Day‬, and what better way to celebrate than with an ‪ODT Giveaway‬! Hit the 3.14 jackpot and enter to win 3 ODT apparel items, 1 ‪Buckshot Pro‬ and 4 Buckshot straps! Get to it, entry closes on Friday!   WINNER: