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Best Traffic Apps to Get You Up and Down the Mountain

We all know you shouldn’t text and drive but there’s nothing wrong with using an app that helps you get up or down those hills. All these apps, as well as pretty much everything in life these days, are available through ITunes or you can just click on the provided links.

Waze is said to be the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app and is free. I was first turned on to this app by my daughter who is slowly, very slowly, teaching me how to use my new IPhone 6. Users input info such as traffic slowdowns, potholes, vehicles pulled over on the side of the road and most importantly, where the cops are. It shows you how many other users are on the road with you and allows you to update whether that cop is still sitting on the side of the road. It also operates as a navigation guide for when you bail on traffic. You can see all this info onscreen or have a voice warning you if you aren’t married and driving with the wife. This one is my personal favorites and would be perfect if they would just add info on bathrooms for when I’m stuck on I-70 coming home from skiing with two females who have to pee.

Sigalert is also free and claims to be the foremost provider of accurate, up-to-date traffic maps. It won’t tell you where the cops are but their info is concurrent with state highway patrols’ data and also uses road sensors and cameras for accurate readings. They also include construction info which is easier than it sounds since there is construction everywhere. Sigalert’s maps are zoom-able and clickable and though they do offer a premium version for a fee, the free app works just fine.

Beat The Traffic
Another freebie, Beat the Traffic allows to you to set up your own alerts to warn you of the specific traffic problems you are concerned with. They have real-time updates on traffic, accidents and congestion. You can also save up to three routes you have decided are quicker; a great feature for those of us who know the service roads down the mountain.


By using the free INRIX app you can find the best route for your travels because they take into account many traffic factors like: traffic congestion, road construction, accidents, police activity and historical traffic patterns. Using their information will help you decide what route to take and when to take it. They welcome user feedback to improve their product and offer 24/7 customer support.

Map Quest and Google Maps
The old standbys MapQuest and Google Maps have both upped their game somewhat to become more than just mapping services. Gone are the days when you used one or the other to find your location, then printed it out and took it with you. They have both added traffic warnings with MapQuest’s Live Traffic Displays getting updated every 5 minutes. Unfortunately you will deal with popup ads that can be quite annoying.

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6 Reasons You Should Never Camp on Weekends

Sure you have to work, don’t we all, but if you can get away during the week, do it. Change your schedule so you work weekends, take vacation time, or call in sick if your boss will buy it because weekday camping is where it’s at.

I-70 west of Denver, CO is packed every weekend during the year now. It used to be just in ski season, but since the ski resorts have learned ways to attract visitors all summer, the traffic never ends. Whether you’re driving in the Alps, the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada’s traffic is now year round. Leaving the big cities on Friday and returning on Sunday causes massive tie-ups that can and will ruin you weekend. Monday thru Thursday: no problem.

No traffic should translate to no crowds. If you are staying in an established campground, it can get as crowded as your own neighborhood street. Kids riding bikes, crying and screaming, along with idiots blasting their music (which is never the kind you want to hear), and folks walking back and forth in front of and sometimes through your campsite. Heck, I can get that at home. During the week, with hardly anyone there you’ll get the peace and quiet you were searching for even in that popular spot.

Pick Your Spot
Campsites are way more abundant on weekdays with you getting your choice. Leaving town on a Sunday puts you at your spot not long after everyone else has just left to return home. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping in an established campground or out in the National Forest or Wilderness area, you get the pick of the litter.

The Noise Factor
The weekend warriors bring their toys along with them. That means that quiet mountain lake will be buzzing with jet-skis and power boats. That lonely mountain trail will be full of motorcycles and ATVs. Sure, you may have any or all of these as well, but that doesn’t mean you want a dirt bike whining past your campsite at 7 AM.

Firewood for the Taking
Lots of campsites whether in established campgrounds or out in the Forest have been picked clean of desirable firewood. We usually have to drop off all our stuff and while one person sets up camp, the rest take off in search of wood. I’ve found the glory hole to be established campgrounds. If you arrive right after most folks leave you get to snag all the wood they left. Most people overstock firewood on a campout and most peoples’ cars and trucks are too full of gear to take the wood home. Not only are you not supposed to transport firewood from one region to another, but this affords us weekday campers an already chopped up supply of wood. Thanks by the way.

Howl at the Moon
Not only is there no one to bug you, you aren’t going to bother anyone else. Howl at the moon, dance naked around the campfire, and stay up all night if you like. Or as usually happens on our campouts, do all three.

We love you, just remember that.

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Korea Kings Challenge – The Hike Up

Hike up your sleeves ladies and gentleman, and get down and dirty with the Hike Up Challenge crew in Korea. This awesome event took place at Korea Kings where some super talented people came out and showcased their snowboarding skills, even though there was no snow involved. Some came to show off their talent, while others just came to show off. Check everyone out.


Rain or shine, the show went on. 7



All the ODT essentials in action. 8  2 17  6

Represent!3  16

They came, they did tricks, and they conquered. Here are the winners of the whole thing. (Below)


13  15

11  10   14

Shout out to OT Korea for sponsoring this rad event, and for giving out some epic prizes. If you’re not talented enough to win anything with your own skills, but you want some of our stuff, you might just want to check it out here.

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6 Ways to Make Golf an Extreme Sport

The Drinking Requirement
A lot of people drink on the course, but we should step it up a bit. If there were a bar at every tee-box things would get way more exciting. Maybe you should have to buy a round if you bogey. Double bogey and it’s shots for everyone.

Let’s Hear Some Chatter Out There
Golf is way too polite. Everyone hushes up when the golfer is shooting; heck even the announcers on TV speak in hushed tones and they’re a mile away in a broadcast booth. How about a little chatter like we were encouraged to do on the baseball diamond in Little League. I can see the crowd around the putting green yelling “Hey Golfer Golfer.” Or how about waving those foam tubes like NBA fans do when the opposing team is shooting a free-throw, but we’ll do it when the golfer is on the tee-box?

The Hazards are Lame
A hazard in golf is a sand trap; really? They should at least fill them with quick sand like you see in the movies. Or better yet, stock crocodiles in the lakes. Sure some courses down south have crocs or gators here and there, but stock ’em and starve ’em. Then make the players retrieve their balls instead of just adding a stroke or two.

Rush the Driver
With a little practice, anyone can hit a decent drive off the tee box. How about doing it while a 300 pound linebacker is rushing towards you with bad intent? If Peyton Manning can sit in the box and calmly let the ball go under pressure, then why can’t Tiger Woods?

Juice up Those Carts
Golf carts are lame. They have governors on them and auto brakes so you can’t really have much fun with them. Hop those things up, give them four-wheel drive and then make the courses more fun to ride on. Heck, let’s go for it and drive ATVs, make the golf path a moto-cross track and add some jumps.

The Old Ladies Have to Go
How can you call it a sport when a little old lady can kick your ass? It’s bad for the sport and wreaks havoc on my ego. The women’s tees have to go. There’s nothing more deflating in sports than hearing a bunch of old women giggling in the clubhouse about their low score; especially when it’s lower than mine. Everybody shoots from the same spot and if you can’t get it on the fairway, you’re out of here; or buying drinks at the next tee.

We love you, just remember that.

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5 Signs You’re a New Age Hippie

For years, hippies battled the stereotype of being pot-smoking beach bums with dreadlocks who work at the local organic cafe. Although this notion is true for many, new age hippies are making a comeback while holding onto hip-notic roots. Whether you are a trendy vegan or you birthed your child naturally in a bathtub wearing a pair of geek-sheek glasses, the following seven signs are clear indicators that you are a modern, new age hippie.

A Burrito Wrapper is Your Resume Paper
Reduce, reuse, recycle. Why kill another tree when your perfectly non-slopped burrito wrapper is the most creative method of landing your dream job at the organic smoothie shack. Did your macrobiotic guacamole leak onto the wrapper? No problem. You head to Chipotle and demand a fresh, clean wrapper. All those corporate, one-percent greedy businesses need to contribute to the system. #screwthesystem

You Know Life is an Illusion
You are completely aware that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Your mission on planet earth is to expand your soul’s existence while rocking your space suit, the human body. You are more concerned about the planet earth jammin’ through the solar system and Mayan predictions rather than contributing to the false realities of the system.

Solstice is a Public Holiday
Back to the sun topic, you know the sun rules human life.  Naked bike rides, spirit circles and gong meditations are essential to kick-start the summer season’s energy. You know without the sun humans and life cannot exist.

You Vacation in Energetic Zones
You are an authentic New-Age person if you vacation in energy-producing zones such as the vortex thumping, Sedona, Arizona or the psychic town, Lilydale, New York. Burning Man balances, rather than burns, you out. Tulum, Mexico is the best place on earth because the Mayans grounded countless swirls of energy from Chichen Itza to the cenote. You cleanse your soul in Ibiza with electronic music, remote shorelines and Spanish sphalerite-gemstone earrings purchased from a starving artist at the hippie market. The “soul” purpose of traveling is to rebalance your chakras and express your true, Bohemian identity.

Processed Food is the Devil
The devil isn’t some invisible creature running around in a red cape with bullhorns and a trident. The true devil is the FDA, Big Pharma and the processed food industry. Hippies are health conscious beings and you know your body is a temple. Processed food is not only a cancer-causing substance, but this chemical-laced food is the rich man’s greedy method to make people ill. You imagine a life of backyard-grown vegetables and farmer’s market-fresh fruit. Oh what the hell, why not piss off the grid and create a communal farm somewhere on the mountainside. Someone has to change the planet, right?

We love you, just remember that.

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The OutDoor Show Friedrichshafen 2015

With Long Beach in the rear view, and Germany on the horizon, we were off once again to trade show heaven. Day 1 of OutDoor Show Friedrichshafen has just come to an end, and we are only just getting started. With two more days to go, we are beyond stoked to see what else is in store for us.  So far, so good.


The vibes are on point this year at our OutDoor Show booth


image6Don’t ask.


Just some of the rad #stuffyouprobablywant





Thus far, we know the people of Germany are very friendly, very funny, and very much into faux taxidermy, which we obviously specialize in…totally kidding. If you so happen to currently be wandering the streets of Friedrichshafen, stop by booth B1-110.  Auf Wiedersehen, for now.

We love you, just remember that.

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6 Signs You’d Probably Suck At Parkour

Anyone can try parkour. Anyone with an ounce of coordination, physical ability and enough stamina to last more than a minute each run, that is. Okay, we take it back—some people suck at parkour.

If you’ve been considering testing your free running and/or parkour abilities, here are a few signs it might be best for you to stick to your bonbons and video games.

You Think Exercise is A Suggestion, Not a Necessity
When’s the last time you walked more than a mile or, God forbid, actually finished one in under ten minutes? If you find yourself getting winded walking up a flight of stairs you’re not going to cut it training for parkour. The sport is all about speed and efficiency. On second thought, parkour might be just what you need to help you get off your lazy ass.

Benches Break Beneath Your Behemoth Weight
We’ve got nothing against the pleasantly plump—they make up half the country after all—but if the burden of your hefty load is enough to crack a park bench when you sit on it we can’t imagine how you’re going to loft yourself over one. Maybe try just running like a normal person for a bit instead? Work your way up.

You’re Proof That People Really Can Trip Over Their Own Feet
Putting one foot in front of the other is just tougher for some people than others. We get it. If you find yourself face planting after toe tussling with an imaginary turtle on a regular basis we really can’t recommend trying to leap over rails and rolling. You need to have the balance of a cat—or at a least a slightly less coordinately-challenged human.

You’re Afraid of Flying, Heights, or Just Air In General
If you’re going to try parkour, eventually your feet are going to leave the ground. Efficiency means hopping over obstacles in your way, not always looking for ways around them. Not only do you have to have the strength to propel yourself over great heights occasionally, but you need to keep your lunch in while doing it. Nobody wants to see your regurgitated California burrito while you’re buoying yourself over a bench.

You’re Afraid of a Few Scratches
Dude, you’re going to fall on your face. Happens to the best of us. If you find yourself fainting at the sight of a little blood, take your Prima Donna self back home. You’re leaping over concrete, stone, wood and whatever the hell else you can find—you expect to never knick yourself or scuff a knee? Come on now.

You Wear Armani and Gucci
Someone running through the city leaping over inanimate objects looks weird to most people passing by—there’s no denying that. But screw those people. This isn’t a world for jackass mama’s boys in fancy clothes driving around in their daddy’s beamer.

If you’re worried what everyone else thinks about you, or spend hours each morning strapping on bowties and mascara, just find another sport now. We hear cricket is nice.

There are exceptions to the rule—parkour is actually pretty good for helping some people get in shape—but if you call into any of the categories about you probably won’t cut it. You don’t have to be a parkour master right out of the gate—it takes training and time to master—but try and be honest with yourself before you jump in on our sport.

We love you, just remember that.

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Agenda Long Beach 2015

Just as we suspected, Agenda day 1 was a success. People up in the booth, people up in the booze, it was exactly what we pictured. Despite the fact that the Agenda Show has become frighteningly similar to Coachella, and you can clearly see that most everyone has planned their outfit for the event months prior, it only adds to the sights. We will all just have yet another thing to look forward to each Agenda Show to come. Anyway, our booth was definitely the most fun, seeing as being serious comes second to the majority of us. Take a peek if you’d like.


Once you see this sign, you immediately hear the angels singing. You made it.




Working hard // Hardly working









You can’t eat them, but you can use them while you’re eating.





Hot heads.





There is always a good time to lock-it-up.







The beer was gone, but the fun was just beginning.





At the end of it all, we were tired, excited, and eager for day 2. What you don’t see is us, and everyone else who is cool in this world, heading to Panama Joes for some open bar and playful boxing…you had to be there.


We love you, just remember that.

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6 Recreational Activities James Bond Would Never Do

Okay, I get it, you’re on vacation and anything goes. But there are some things a man just shouldn’t do, or at least allow pictures of him doing it to get out. If James wouldn’t do it, maybe you shouldn’t either.

Bird Watching Tours
The original James Bond, the one Ian Fleming pilfered the name James Bond from, was an ornithologist and wrote books on birds. That doesn’t mean James Bond, our man named Bond, would ever go on a bird watching tour though. Actually, I don’t know anyone who would, but someone must because they are offered all over. I’ve done river cruises in Jamaica and Costa Rica where the guides point out all the birds we see, but that’s just because they’re waiting for something really exciting like a lizard to come around. Most of us are there for the monkeys and crocodiles anyway and could care less about the rare yellow-billed whatever-you-call-it.

Water Trikes
You know those big-wheeled, tricycle-like contraptions that beach resorts have which you pedal out into the water, looking like a geek and feeling like one too? You know: the ones James would never be seen on. You could actually swim or even float out quicker than these things go and probably relax more while doing it. Well, some may say I’ve been seen on one but I will deny, deny, deny; mainly because I destroyed all the pictures, so there.

Ice Fishing
If James ever ice fished, he’d probably catch a sexy, topless mermaid. The rest of us just catch a cold. Sitting on a giant ice-cube, drinking beer or whiskey or whatever you drink in an old wooden shack while waiting patiently for a nibble is not James’ style. Actually, waiting patiently for anything is not James’s nor my style so that’s why you won’t see either of us doing it.

Swimming With the Dolphins
J.B. has probably swum many times with the dolphins but I’m sure it was on the open seas like when he swims to Dr. No’s island in Jamaica. He would never be caught dead in a water park, wearing a life jacket and floating with the kiddies while Flipper rubs up against him. It’s not very glamorous or adventurous to float in a sea of Kibbles n Bits which I later discovered was dolphin poop.

Hot Air Ballooning
Now, I’ve seen hot air balloons in James Bond movies but it’s usually the bad guy or girl making a fatal mistake in thinking this will provide an escape. There is hardly any control except up and down and it’s the down part that gets me worried. The takeoff is probably fun but once you’re up, you’re at the mercy of the winds on where it’s going to take you. Not knowing where I’m going is maybe standard operating procedure on my vacation, but it’s against everything James Bond stands for.

Segway Tours
I’ve seen many of these groups, or “Pods” as I call them, of tourists on Segways putting slowly along everywhere from downtown Denver to the beaches of St. Maarten. If James, or I for that matter, want motorized transportation we would prefer an Aston Martin, a BMW motorcycle, or a Lotus Esprit car/submarine. There was that one time in Mexico when I vaguely remember renting a moped—something else James would never be seen on—but I’m sure there was Tequila involved and there are no pictures to confirm it.

We love you, just remember that.

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6 (More) Guaranteed Ways To Piss Off Other Campers

All the serenity of camping blows away with the wind when “that guy” comes to the campground. That guy is the loud, obnoxious creature that has no sense of space, privacy or ethics. If you do these things, you might be “that guy”.

Set up Camp in the Middle of the Night
Many campgrounds have quiet time ranging from 10pm to 7am. You arrive at 3am, pitching an entertainment tent equipped with a foosball table and battery-operated ice cream machine while yelling at your friend to hammer the stake in the ground. You bring a portable generator and fill up a three-foot high air mattress waking everyone up from his or her sleep. And to top it off, you shine headlights on the grounds because you never heard of a flashlight. You do this because you refuse the easy-pitch tents and can’t live away from your toys for longer than a day.

Build a Lazy Bonfire
Nature provides fire materials, right? The not-so-awesome camper arrives on site already looking around for firewood. Gasoline, kerosene, and moonshine are used to trigger a three-day bonfire, smoking out neighbors and the trees. You walk through nature and grab pine needles, leaves, wood, and maybe a neighbor’s spare log to keep the fire blazing. And for the hell of it, decide to throw in used Dorito bags and beer cans to keep the fire going. You create fires that make Smokey the Bear cringe and Al Gore cry in his sleep.

Peeing Wherever You Please
Some campgrounds do not have designated toilets. When nature is your bathroom, you let your instincts decide where’s best. Next to your tent, next to your neighbor’s tent or, in the nearby lake? Eh, it don’t matter! You drop your drawers anywhere without a care in the world.

Getting High in Nature
Normal people get high with nature’s energy and presence. You can easily piss off campers while igniting the campground’s scent with pot smoke. It gets even more entertaining when parents have to explain to their children that sometimes nature’s grass and pine trees smell funny at night. Stoned out of your mind you decide to have a “Mardi-Grass” party. You cat call the ladies and say, “Hey babe, I’ll give you a pearl necklace for some potato chips.” Glued to a chair with laughter you scream, “Does Pizza Hut deliver out here?” When you run out of lighter fluid, your creative brainpower lights the next joint from the bonfire, near singeing your eyebrows. Nearly hallucinating, all you can think about is food. So you grab grub, leave your trash behind and start practicing your bear calls—because bears know where food is, right?

Slog Hogging the BBQ
Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs are a quintessential camping experience. Not-so-awesome campers eat, sleep, pee and repeat while vacationing in front of the BBQ pit. Pitch a lounge chair and crack open a Budweiser while enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner at the fire pit. Don’t forget about dessert, no camping experience is complete without smores. You light endless marshmallows on fire and throw the blazing ball of sugar to your friend who’s too drunk to catch it. You stick around the fire until your bladder explodes or until its too cold outside. But, if the fire keeps you warm, and lazy legs can’t walk 300 feet back to the tent, you rough it until the AM and repeat.

Exiting the Same Way You Entered
Nothing pisses off campers more than to exit with the same chaotic tune as you entered. If you really want to push buttons, pull an all nighter shrieking AC/DC  and slurring provocative jokes throughout the grounds. Once the first sign of sunrise touches the sky, break down camp during “quiet time” and load the truck while yelling at the wife and kids. Don’t forget the grand finale. Rev the engines a few times and peel out, windows down, firing off a hunting rifle. Oh, and don’t forget to throw your last beer can out of the window. Campsites love litterbugs.

If these aren’t enough ways to completely ruin someone’s weekend, we have six more you should check out!

We love you, just remember that.

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