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Turtle Shell 3.0: Why you should have one.

If you haven’t heard already, we just launched our Kickstarter for the brand new, best sounding, rugged and waterproof, Turtle Shell 3.0. We have been working on this for a long time, and although combining these features was not an easy task, we did it, and we did it well. We just need one more thing before it is complete, and that is you. Help us take that last step, and be the first to have the amazingly loud, super portable, and aesthetically pleasing Turtle Shell 3.0.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should get one now:

The Turtle Shell 3.0 is our loudest and best sounding speaker ever. It’s a waterproof wireless speaker. It floats and can even be dunked underwater. A built in power bank and the ability to link multiple speakers together for wireless stereo sound makes this the raddest speaker ever.4170823a93609db0d55ba2436b54407d_original

Wirelessly connect 2 speakers together using Bluetooth v4.2. It’s really easy. First you pair one speaker with your device (phone, table, computer, etc.) then you pair that speaker with another Turtle Shell 3.0. You can have the first speaker up to 30 feet from your device and the second speaker up to 15 feet from the first speaker!167fe5ac5fa323134ddbfb8d0351e80e_original

The Turtle Shell 3.0 is completely waterproof and dust-proof. This means you can have the speaker up to 3 feet underwater and its still going to work perfectly. We aren’t sure why you would want to listen to music underwater but hey, that’s a feature.fad7dc1d376ea72fdd936e3c69761406_original

What if you drop the speaker in the lake or pool? Don’t worry, the speaker floats. It can’t be used as a life preserver or water-wings but you wont have to go diving down to fetch it from the bottom.

It can also get dirty, muddy or sandy and work just fine. You can wash it off to return it to it’s handsome good looks.d4bab15378e570baf6016bf398444196_original

A waterproof speaker is cool sure, but this thing is also loud. Like really loud. It’s pretty difficult to have a conversation when the speaker is at full volume and when there are 2 at full volume, your ears start bleeding. Just kidding, that’s not cool, they are just really loud. You can adjust the speaker volume from 0 (mute) to 15 (full volume). 03cb1c58704d73e1a6b699370b319cf3_original

Alright, I don’t want to give too much away. You’re going to have to go to our Kickstarter page to get more info… and then buy one to figure out if we are telling the truth. Get there.

Fit4Mom: Mother’s Day Event

We support some awesome moms in Fit4Mom events across the country. From OC to NY and back again, we love hearing how the events turn out and how our products help these moms out day to day. Moms can, and have been taken for granted, but are probably some of the most important people on this planet. Which is why we are happy to be working with them. If you are not familiar with Fit4Mom, Here’s a little background.

Lisa Druxman created Stroller Strides in 2001 after the birth of her baby, to offer moms an opportunity to get in shape, meet other moms and have a little fun. Since then, they have released many other programs and classes to give women the “Strength for Motherhood”, and together they create FIT4MOM. Helping the moms of the world makes strides in fitness, motherhood and life.

Their most recent event was for Mother’s day and the turnout was great. Over 100 mothers attended and word continued to spread even after our event. We provided one of many prizes for their raffle, and the winner was thrilled. Check it out below. fit4mom4





If you would like to join the rad mom army, click here.

Sumas Smackdown

The Sumas Smackdown, an Enduro bike race, took place a couple weeks back and one of our awesome sales reps was able to attend and document the fun. The bike race starts with 80 competitors that race around some super fun single track trails at Sumas Mountain, in Abbotsford BC. The pros compete for prizes, while the rest of the people are just in it for the good time. Among the 80 competitors, are family, friends and foodies of course, because when there are food trucks, the people will come. Food aside, the race was a grand ole time and here are some pictures to show for it. Take a peek.


Oh hey, buckshot.


WTF (Where’s The Food)


And there you have it, a small window into the Sumas Smackdown. If you want to join the fun, click here.

ODT Father’s Day Gift Guide: Under $100

Father’s Day is coming in hot, and some of you are still racking your brain on what to get your awesome dad. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Here are 5 ODT products, under $100, that will guarantee your placement in the “favorite child” category. A fair warning, once your family sees your pop open his gift, you will be immediately bombarded with questions like “where did you get that?”, and “Can you get me one?!”, so make sure to bookmark these pages.


1.Buckshot Pro – $79.95


This crazy 3-in-1 combo will rescue you in all your bad decisions. With a built in power bank , the Buckshot Pro can give your phone a full charge, give you enough light to avoid going through the neighbors mailbox, and still have power to play “My Heart Will Go On.” This rugged piece of artillery is meant for your clumsy hands after a few too many beers. And don’t worry, it’s splash resistant and shock proof too. Perfect for college, and those without jobs who just need a friend. Or even those with jobs, who don’t need a friend. So pretty much everyone.

2. Kodiak Plus – $79.95

OT1650-CAM-Charging-GoPros-Indoor-Lifestyle (1)

The Kodiak Plus is for the tech dad. With a slim and sleek form factor, two USB ports so you can share your power (if that’s your thing), and shockproof and waterproof features that have come to be the envy of every bar-goer and outdoors-man, this is for the dad that does it all, with all his devices.

3. Orcas – $79.95

orcas_nick_venice_film_4982x3131 (1)

The Orcas are for the on-the-go dad. The super light weight, sweat-proof Bluetooth wireless earbud is customized to fit your ears and your active life. With three sizes of fins and form-fitting Comply™ tips, we guarantee more security than TSA post 2001. At under half an ounce for the pair, they’re practically invisible, and by invisible we mean weightless. sweat-, rain-, dust-, shock-, and idiot-proof, the only thing you really can’t do with them is go swimming.

4. Privates – $79.95


The Privates are for the cool dad. These wireless Bluetooth headphones feature a touch pad interface on the right earpiece that allows you to change tracks and control volume with the swipe of a finger. It’s so easy, in fact, you might begin to hate anything that doesn’t have a touch pad interface. Add built in call functionality and a tough canvas wrap around the headband, and the Privates are looking better than a salted margarita being served to you by a sweaty ex-mariachi band member who also sells oregano on the beach.

5. Turtle Shell 2.0 – $79.95

IMG_1196 JM ODT © Ryan Janssens

The Turtle Shell is for the Rock ‘N’ Roll dad. Pioneers blaze new trails, develop new ground, and settle stuff (just check Wikipedia). ODT is kinda like them, except for the settling. There is no settling for anything in the ODT lab. After pioneering the space of rugged Bluetooth audio with the Turtle Shell in 2012, ODT has been on a quest for perfection and the goods just keep getting better. The music continuously sounds clearer, louder and deeper, and the Turtle Shell keeps on blazing trails. Cheers to that!


Now stop procrastinating and click the shop button on the top left hand side of your screen!


10 Best Music Festivals in the US

Rain or shine, sandstorms or stagnant air, these festivals are a must, no matter what the circumstances. Whether you like country, electronic, rock ‘n’ roll, or you just like to have a good time, these top 10 music festivals are something you have got to experience before it’s too late. Take a look.


If you’re thinking this seems like an obvious choice, you’d be correct.  Obvious or not, even if you hate music you know you have had moments where you wished you were scantily clad frolicking among movie stars and pop singers, whilst not giving a single f*ck. This top notch festival in the desert just gives you the start-of-summer feels. Everyone wants to go to Coachella at least once, as you should.


This one is close to home for us, as the Yowie is our great friend. and that’s about the only reason, ha. This Awesome music festival is almost a replica of Coachella, except for the fact its in Washington state leaning against an insane cliff overlooking a quite majestic view.  The desert sands aint got nothin’ on this place. Indie rockers, and hipsters alike, get your scarves and your leather boots because Sasquatch is waiting for you.

Outside LandsOutsideLands

Outside Lands is one for the books when it comes to music festivals in SF. This 3 day event has got some of the best bands playing with the most unpredictable weather accompanying them. You’re guaranteed to have a good time while you’re here, but bring layers; one minute you might be stripping them off, and then next you might be adding them on. SF, man, so incalculable.


F yeah Fest is a unique festival based out of LA. Some dude who started out as a music promoter ended up deciding to create a festival for his peeps in LA and…well he was successful. FYF is now one of the main festivals to attend in LA for the hip hop heads and the independent music guys. How LA of you, FYF.


Bonnaroo girls at the 11th annual Bonnaroo Music Festival held June 7-10, 2012 in Manchester, Tennessee - Bonnaro Festival crowd photos - © 2012 David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions Concert Photography Archives

Bonnaroo girls at the 11th annual Bonnaroo Music Festival held June 7-10, 2012 in Manchester, Tennessee – Bonnaro Festival crowd photos – © 2012 David Oppenheimer – Performance Impressions Concert Photography Archives

Bonnaroo is one of the greatest camping experiences at any festival in the world, and Bonnaroo organizers constantly deliver a fantastic lineup. Once you survive four days sleeping outside and watching awesome bands in the intense Tennessee heat, no one will doubt your festival experience.


This festival is the best in the world for uncovering new raw talent. SXSW means hopping around bars and venues in Austin, mingling with a mixed group of music fans and music industry people and watching future stars earn their stripes. Don’t get me wrong, there are big names too, but half the fun is stumbling across a brand new act, loving them and then bragging about how you saw them when they were no one. ya know.


lolapalooza has a great reputation as one of the most organized festivals in the country. Organization helps when you’ve got hundreds of bands playing and thousands of people. We saw in 2012 when a gnarly storm shut things down for part of the weekend. Sets were rescheduled and the show went on. The greatest part about this festival is that it allows for you to explore the city by day.

Treasure IslandTreasureIsland

The Treasure Island music festival, like Outside Lands, is in San Francisco. This small scale concert takes place on well, Treasure Island, and last for two days. It’s just over the bay bridge so it’s easily accessible. If you’re just not feelin’ it or you prefer bands later in the day, you can hang out in the city and cross the bridge when you’re ready to go.

Stage CoachStagecoach

For all you country music lovers, this one is for you. Stage coach takes place in the same location as Coachella, and as a matter of fact, I don’t think they take anything down when Coachella is over because Stage Coach follows the weekend after its over. For not being the biggest fan of country, this music festival is pretty damn fun. Lots of cowboy boot wearin’, whisky drinkin’ hard asses that are just there for a good time. Sounds good to me.

Warped TourWarpedTour

And lastly, we have Warped Tour. This music festival will bring you every kind of person under the sun. From young girls in band tees, moms, dads and babies, to the most dedicated of fans of their underground lovers, if nothing else, attending will give you a good people watch. If you’re looking for one full, action-packed day of watching bands, Warped is a great place to go and probably not too far from you.

And those are the top 10 music festivals in the USA. See ya at the next one!

National Donut Day

In honor of National Donut day, we deemed it absolutely necessary to share our favorite donut shop here at ODT, Sidecar Doughnuts, and the donuts we think are the very best. Here are our top 5.

  1. The Maple BaconMapleBacon Raised doughnut topped with pure Vermont maple syrup glaze and crisp Niman Ranch bacon
  2. The HuckleberryHuckleberryDonut Oregon huckleberry cake doughnut with huckleberry glaze
  3. The Saigon Cinnamon CrumbSaigoncinnamoncrumbDonut Slightly sweet, slightly spicy Saigon cinnamon cake doughnut, topped with sweet glaze and a house made cinnamon crumble
  4. The Country Ham & EggCountryHamnEggDonut A savory treat… raised and filled with poached egg, Benton’s ham, and a house made basil hollandaise sauce. *Only served until 11:30am.
  5. The Buttermilk DropsbuttermilkdropsDonuts Buttermilk and nutmeg cake doughnut drops, dipped in vanilla bean glaze

If none of these sound appealing to you, (you’re crazy if that’s the case) check out their monthly flavors for June.

Brands to Follow

Working for a large company can sometimes make you forget about where it all began. ya know, you forget the ‘started from the bottom now we here’, because, well you’ve just always been here. Most people don’t see it at the bottom. There are some rad companies out there, just getting started, that you may not know about, but that are just as great if not better than the bigger known companies currently in existence. This is where I come in. I present to you, the 4 most awesome brands to follow. (In no particular order.)

Helm St. HelmStreet

Land. Sea. Garage., is one of the first things you’ll see when you enter their site. This nature inspired, skateboarding fueled, American tradition, metal and leather company is something you will want to see, as well as get your hands on. They make products ranging from metal rings and combs, to leather wallets and lighter jackets. Their stuff is pretty much the sh*t, so take a big whiff.


I’m sure at some point in your life you have wished to have some sort of talent, that comes easy to you, that you can make a living off of. Well this next company is just that. Arkaid Supply is a bunch of rad doodles, placed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, paper, stickers, and even on peoples skin. Yea, people love this art so much they make it permanent…Which is a wonderful segue into my next pick.

Permanent VacationPermanetVacation

Alright, I bet you’re already intrigued because, lets face it, who doesn’t want a permanent vacation? This is a brand new, up and coming skateboard company that has a lot to offer considering the massive competition in the skateboarding world. Their bright board graphics and chill vibes have got everyone hyped. These guys are so new to the game, they don’t even have a website yet; Check them out here if you’re interested.

ATR ChoppersATRChoppers

ATR (At the Risers) Choppers is a company started by a rad dude who builds choppers in his spare time. In between winning awards and showcasing his bikes around the world, he’s slangin’ his rad T’s and other novelty goods. His small, limited runs of hats, shirts, pins etc. are something you’ve gotta check out…before their gone forever! (evil laugh)


Welp, those are my 4 picks for awesome brands to follow. Take it or leave it.

Go Fest

Well, another year of GO Fest Whistler’s Great Outdoors Festival has come and gone. We’re sad to see it go, but with the activity filled weekend, we will have enough awesome memories to last us another year. Check out our booth we had set up, and see all the fun we had while listening to some rad bands, The Big Turtle Shell, and slangin’ our gear of course.

gofest schedule  odt flag and mini ramp

We setup a table in front of the local ODT retailer, Provisoner, and performed product demos.

tentsetup  infront of store setup  table setup
We ran some games for consumers, to showcase how awesome our ODT products are…obviously.

buckshot pro and waterguns

Race to see who fills the shot glasses first – winner gets a Yowie!

These were our soon-to-be-married super heroes. They had a blast participating before their nuptials.

The Provisioner Shop ran a fun contest inside their store involving a map of Whistler. Customers got to place a pin on the map, guessing where there might be a buried treasure. At the end of the day, the shop staff picked a random location out of a hat, and the winner received an ODT item of their choice.

contest map

Across the walkway, in the village square, Vans had a mini ramp where kids were skating the day away. It was all positive vibes and fun to be had.

mini ramp

All in all it was a great time. Canada can do no wrong. Until next year, Go Fest.