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High Fives: Colorado Charity Golf Tournament

On August 30th, the High Fives Foundation hosted their 2nd Annual Colorado Charity Golf Tournament on the fairways at Copper Creek Golf Course at Copper Resort.

Thirty-six teams of four came out to raise money for High Fives Athletes who are recovering from major life-altering injuries. Between registration fees, silent auctions and open donations, over $50,000 were raised for the foundation! This is an all-time record for High Fives golf tournaments, and we are proud to be apart of such an awesome feat.

Kat Jahnigen, Savannah Pitts & The Lion Heart Project documented the whole thing from beginning to end. Take a peek below.



To learn more about this awesome foundation and everything they do, click here –> http://bit.ly/2caPnY7

5 simple camping mistakes you will want to avoid

Camping, whether it be with your friends, your family, your colleagues, or just yourself can be a great experience for the mind body and soul. There are many simple mistakes that can be made whilst doing it and can ultimately ruin something that was suppose to be great. Follow these simple steps and you should be able to avoid any unnecessary frustration and get through your next camping trip as smooth as possible.

  1. one of the biggest mistakes people make before heading out on their camping trips is forgetting to examine their tent. We will just skip over the fact that you have hopefully already purchased a tent to fit you and whoever you are camping with, as well as one that is easy enough to assemble depending on your camping experience. We’ll head right into that it is so important to make sure that 1. your tent is in good condition (no holes, no rips or tears, zippers working, etc.), and 2. you have all the pieces that go along with it (poles, stakes, etc). The last thing you want is to arrive at your campsite, whether its hiking for 3 hours or driving for 3 hours, and your tent has a giant hole in it, or you’re missing the cover.
  2. another common mistake campers make is counting on their campsite to provide fire wood. Unfortunately, not everything is like the movies and the likelihood of finding perfectly dry, thick pieces of wood to start your campfire are slim. If you are set on their being a fire at your campsite, be sure to think ahead and bring some wood along with you. And no I don’t suggest this if you are hiking to camp.
  3. This brings me to my next point. Bringing too much stuff can quite possibly be the worst thing to do. Space is a luxury when you’re camping, so bringing unnecessary items on the adventure can spoil your comfort real quick. Plus, no one else is going to volunteer to lug around your sh*t, so think about that a couple times before you decide to bring it.
  4. We have all heard that story of the man (or woman) who was in the woods and decided to use some leaves for toilet paper, and we all know that story didn’t end well. One thing you don’t want to do is ignore your surroundings. Treat everything you walk on, in, or around cautiously because just as much as you don’t want a blistering rash or a bad case of the runs, the living things around you don’t want to be in danger either. Think twice before you pick a flower, a berry, or before you decide to hike a trail without socks on.
  5. Which again brings me to my next point; my final point. BE SURE to pack the right clothing. You will need sneakers or hiking boots and maybe some sandals if you’re in a fancy campsite where there are showers. Bring thermals as a just-in-case because you can always remove clothes, but you can’t always make yourself warmer. Trust me. And always prepare for the worst. That way, when you happen to fall into the lake fully clothed, you aren’t sitting by the fire like a mole rat waiting for those damn clothes to dry.

All in all prepare yourself as best as you can. Make lists, check the weather, bring a change of clothes, and plenty of drinking water. Imagine the worst happening so that when it does, you are fully prepared for it.

Why You Should Never Leave Home Without a Buckshot Pro

As the mullet of speakers, this thing truly lives up to its name. Here are 5 reasons why you should never leave home without one.


The greatest thing about the Buckshot Pro is that it can charge almost everything. It’s lithium ion rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of play and talk time. It’s USB output allows for a charge to your phone, GoPro, Camera, and anything else for that matter that has a USB connector. I don’t want to say the Buckshot Pro can save your life but, the Buckshot Pro can save your life.



The Buckshot Pro not only charges your devices, it will play your tunes with great quality. It’s got a passive bass port for bigger sound, and the speaker is placed precisely so that the music is facing you. (Which is surprisingly really hard to find.) With it’s Bluetooth capabilities, the sound potential doesn’t end there. The speaker goes two ways, and as much as you’d rather ignore your moms call when you’re in the middle of an air guitar rift to your favorite song, you can easily pick up the phone and talk to her straight through the speaker. Don’t worry about needing to step away either. Your cinnamon rolls will never burn again, because while you shout at your mom from the kitchen, she can still hear you; your Bluetooth will stay enabled up to 32 feet away.



Whether you’re going on an intense bike ride, you’re going camping in the woods, or you’re just trying to make it home at night without running into your neighbors mailbox, the Buckshot Pro is a must. This triple-light-setting bulb can light the way with its bright flashlight while on a night ride or hike, it can lightly shine over head while reading spooky stories in your tent, or it can act as a strobe light for when you have ventured too far into the woods to find the perfect bathroom, and you need someone to find you. Stat. And in the most desperate of times, you can even use it as a nightlight in your room. For all of you still sleeping with your teddy bear, you can insert the light into your phones USB brick and plug it right into the wall.



This thing not only offers light, sound, and power, it is strong like bull. Its rugged design, and dust, water, and shock proof exterior is key to knowing that if you wanted to bring this everywhere you go, you certainly can. Rain or shine, mountain or mole hill, the Buckshot Pro is more than just a pretty face. This thing is made to be used. and used again.

OT1351_Buckshot_Pro_Bike_Racks (117 of 173)


I’d say the greatest advantage of the Buckshot Pro is its size. Being a little bit bigger than the size of your hand, it is easy to keep with you at all times of the day and night. Girls, this fits in your purse, no questions asked. We already know you have a Mary Poppins bag full of miscellaneous items. Guys, this can fit in your pocket. ‘Nuff said.


Whether you wanted to strap this onto your bike with its bike mounts, or simply keep it in your glove compartment for emergencies, you’ll be happy you did. Here’s where you can find one.

Wetsuits & GoPros & Cruisers, oh my!

I had a little fun this past weekend when I set out to San Clemente beach to shoot some beautiful models, (who just so happen to be my friends) for our current giveaway. Babes on the beach with awesome summer gear, what more could you ask for? really. The shoot was probably more laughs then it was serious moments, but that just makes it that much more fun. So here you go, I present to you a little behind the scenes of what really happens during these ODT photo shoots. Enjoy. (wink face)











And that’s a wrap.


High Fives Foundation: Fives Fish Day 1&2

Day 1 was a success for the High Fives Foundation with getting everyone to the Big C4 Lodge in Twin Falls, MT. They headed out for a full day on the water and managed to get some awesome footage. Check it out below.

Check back in tomorrow for some more updates on the #fivesFish successes.


Photo & Video: Chris Barktowski / Generikal) for both video and photo

Pokemon Go and the Kodiak Mini

There are plenty of you out there that have joined the Pokemon Go revolution, and who have, I am sure, experienced a moment of tragedy when you noticed your phone was about to die. Going back home to recharge for a half hour or so is not only going to make you miss that battle you were just preparing for, but also miss all those Pokemon you could have caught that surely won’t be there when you get back. What if I told you that I had a solution? Well, read on and be forever grateful you did. Here are 5 reasons why you should get a Kodiak Mini for your Pokemon Go addiction.

The Kodiak Mini is the smallest power bank of the power bank family, but its got enough life in it to keep your phone charged to Pokemon Go battle completion. You wont have to worry about your battery getting low right when you come across a lure, or your phone going completely kaput when you finally catch the 3rd Eevee to complete your collection.

The Kodiak Mini also comes in many different colors. Including, but not limited to, red and blue. For all you red teamers and blue teamers out there, these are the perfect addition to your already color coded collection.

Another great thing about the Kodiak Mini is the size and shape. There are plenty of power banks out there but not all of them can fit in your pocket, or be held in your hand without it getting extremely annoying. There is nothing worse then walking all around town with your phone in one hand and a plastic cheeseburger in the other. The Kodiak Mini’s smooth outside layer and its thin shape are perfect for when you’re on the go.

The Mini is  also equipped with 2600mAh, which is enough to charge your phone fully more than once. With that said, keep it plugged into your phone as you roam the city, and you’ll be good to go for the entire day.

The very greatest thing about this little device is that it can charge more than just your phone. When you are taking a break from your Gotta Catch Em All mindset, you can use the Kodiak Mini to charge your iPad, tablet, camera, and pretty much anything else with a micro USB port. All for just$24.95. Nope, that’s no typo.

Alright, Pokemongers, click here if you want the Kodiak Mini. After reading this I can’t imagine you don’t.

Summer Must Haves

We are just about midway through summer and I am sure you are beginning to notice a few things you wish you had right about now; to enjoy it just that much more. You see, summer can be the best time of year; there is no school, no schedule (for some), and certainly no limits on what you can do. Unless cold weather is your thing, then there are limits. But I am not referencing you people right now. Here is a list of 8 summer must haves to guarantee you are the coolest one on the beach, in the pool, at the grocery store, and just about everywhere else.

  • FEEL THE BURN: The most important summer essential is something we cant stress enough to apply. Sunscreen should be the first thing you grab before heading out in the summer sun. Put it on! It’s MOY IMPORTANTE! Sun Bum’s 50 SPF moisturizing sunscreen lotion is the bomb.com. You can get some here.SunBum
  • MY EYES!: The next most important summer essential is sunglasses. Don’t ruin your eyes while you’re young, or old for that matter. Keep them covered, and with some good quality shades of course. Kinda like the super rad Polarized Elmore’s from VonZipper. donavon_frankenreiter_vonzipper_sin_elmore_sunglasses
  • FLOAT ON: Summer would not be complete without the new Turtle Shell 3.0. Although this might not be available until summer is technically over, if you are where we are, it’s still hot for some months to come. Jump in the water, blast your tunes, and let the music float on. Literally. OT2800-R-TurtleShell3-WetFront (1)
  • DRY OFF: There is nothing worse than a towel that doesn’t absorb water. When its time for you to hit the beach, pool, or take a picnic in the dew filled park, a Pendleton towel is what you’ll want to keep you dry. Also because they’re trendy right now. LOLZ Pendelton
  • FILL ‘ER UP!: Keep all your devices charged this summer with the Kodiak Plus. With enough juice to fill up your phone battery a few times over, or to charge two devices at once, this is definitely a must.OT1650-R-Kodiak-Plus-Sailboat-Gopro-iphone-Charging-Lifestyle
  • CAST AWAY: Don’t get stuck being the noodle floater at the pool party. WAH Wah wah. Get one of these lux floaties from Floatie Kings to fully enjoy the summer sun. Nothing can go wrong when you’ve got a giant donut supporting you. (or pizza, or swan, or pineapple, w/e)turtle3-productshot-rh-7
  • DEEP DIVE: Be sure to grab a Life Proof phone case before your watery adventures take place. We all know how important it is to show everyone on Instagram how much fun you’re having this summer. Don’t let a little water hinder your ability to take a good #selfie.LifeProof
  • SHADY BUSINESS: Sometimes an umbrella can spoil the idea of a day at the beach. Lugging this giant thing down, and up, 1000 steps is not the most appealing, trust me. Sometimes a hat will have to suffice. Check out Hemlock Hats for this problem. I stumbled across their Instagram the other day and they just so happen to be killing the sunhat game. #bringbackthepineappleexpressHemlockHats

Welp, that’s all I can think of for now. Until next summer I guess. Peace.



Dave Bachinsky: Prague Line

For the last 7 years I heard about both of these contests, and I was so hyped to finally get my ticket to the Czech Republic for the annual Grand Prix Beroun & Mystic Sk8cup event. 5,000 miles from home, I found a cobblestone-built paradise of a city to adventure through. We skated buildings that are from the 1400’s and then drove into the heart of the back country to the town of Beroun. We fished with sticks and saw bears on top of the peaks. It was wild.