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Outdoor Talk: Will Wesson

As I am sure you all know, the SnowSports Industries trade show just happened and all the radest athletes were there to support their brands. We had the honor of catching up with one of our athletes – ODT ski member, Will Wesson, who rips harder than anyone. Not only does he kill it in the ski scene, he is the most soft spoken down to earth guy, which makes you want to root for him even more. Will’s been with us since all we were selling were Yowies, and that is a true testament to his personality. Thanks for bein’ so cool, Will.  Check out his interview below.

Will is also in the running for the X-Games Real Ski 2016.  Watch his clip and vote for him here.

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5 Steps to Happiness at Tradeshows

Trade shows bring the highs and the lows in the lives of traveling designers, marketing managers, sales managers, product developers, & da bo$$es. I have no sympathy for buyers or athletes… you’re there to have fun get schmoozed around and see all the cool crap (maybe even go home with free crap) that everyone has been working on all year. Now, for the folks who actually have to work at the trade shows… Man, I feel sorry for y’all.. Mostly because I always feel sorry for myself. However, on my 12th trade show, I’ve finally seen the light on what you need to do to stay sane.


Step 1: Packing Your Bag

Most people think that you should travel as light as you can to avoid checking your bag, losing your bag, and all the stress to over packing… If you’re going to a show for more than 3 days… Pack and check your crap. You’ll totally regret not having all the options at your disposal. You also need to pack three different shoes because you need to have comfortable walking shoes but also make people think that you’re changing every day. If you’re a girl… Just pack all of your toiletries, hair mumbo jumbo, your girlie part necessities, a candle, a picture of your dog, your own pillow, and lip balm. DON’T FORGET YOUR LIP BALM. Cracked lips are an instant cause for distress and tears.


Step 2: Airport Stress

First of all.. If you’re traveling more than 3 times a year, you should definitely go get TSA Pre-check or Global Entry. It’s worth it; especially when you’re in a rush. Or have a coworker who has those options buy your tix and check you in because then you’ll get the free pass too. Don’t mess with security… You’ll make your neck sweat and strip in front of strangers.


Step 3: Home Life Away From Home

Where you’re spending all of your free time away from the convention makes the difference between a good and a bad experience. Whether it’s having your own room.. just make sure you have the space you need to recuperate. Don’t be afraid to stay in instead of going out if you need your time… No shame in being a homebody! Nobody will love you more than you. Besides, you need to be able to meditate to forget how bad that skater smelled when he asked for five free koozies and man that was a doozie! Stuff like that!


Step 4: Food

Every smart person knows that food makes people happy. So make sure that you have UberEats, Yelp, Eat24, Papermates, a servant of some sort, and plan out your meals. Sushi, Thai, Ramen, Pho, Sandwiches… Make sure to know where the things to happiness are located in the city that you’re in. Don’t be afraid for pick up or delivery options… Watch TV and make love to a Spicy Tuna Roll? What’s better than that?


Step 5: Plan

Key to success for all tradeshows is having the ability to plan every detail and plan for things that are unplanned. Also it REALLY helps when you’ve got a team of helpful planners or quick response peeps. Especially if you’re in the setup/breakdown of the booth or with a buyer who’s giving you s***. Life is better with a good team behind ya.

So that’s my 5 step process to having a chance to enjoying a trade show while dealing with all the pressures that come with it. I guess to sum it up… Food & good company make the difference between life and death. And coffee. Don’t forget coffee. Good luck.

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Outdoor Talk: Zach “Ducky” Kovacs

Zachary Kovacs, Ducky for short, is from  Modesto, California. He’s been skating for about 15 years now and grew up at Ceres Skate Park . His favorite thing to skate, besides everything, are red curbs, and when he’s not skating he’s at Programme Skate & Sound watching skate vids. Skate skate skate.He rips pretty hard and has a Thrasher feature to prove it. Get to know Ducky a bit better and check out his interview below.

First and foremost congratulations on your Thrasher feature, how stoked were you when that happened?

Thanks, I was real hyped! Even now it doesn’t even seem real.


What was the process of getting this exposure?

Me and some friends had been filming sometime for a skate video ( Jordan Faulk’s Stand By Fire ) and with the video winding down everyone handling their Enders , Bigspin front board down Hollywood had been on my mind for a while and After going back a few times it worked out with the security guard letting us skate the sixteen. My good friend Jacob Remero shot a sequence and Geno from PIZZA skateboards saw the photo and made the ad happen. It couldn’t have worked out any better and am so stoked how our video as a whole came out! Everyone killed it!! (Shameless plug http://www.standbyfire.bigcartel.com )

How did you find out about ODT? Why do you love us?

Taylor came into the shop and talked about the company and I made a point to talk to Ryan at Agenda LB . He liked the stuff I sent him and things just worked out from there. I love ODT because the products are loud and durable, and everyone I’ve met apart of ODT are rad (especially Ryan and Taylor <3)

What initially got you into skating?

When I was three my cousins were skating in front of my house and I would take there old boards and push around on one knee until I learned to stand up.


Who’s your skate hero?

Right now I’d have to say Cam Sedlick. He’s one of the nicest skaters I’ve ever met, has a crazy bag of tricks, and just turned 16. He comes out with a new part Jan 25th that I’m really looking forward to, especially after seeing his part in SBF.

What’s the best skate trip you’ve gone on thus far?

Phx Am trip last year was so far the best, we got to skate a handful of Arizona spots and my good friend Jamie Foy took second in the contest and left with 2G’s!!

Tell us about Programme

Programme is sick , Chris runs a good balance of music and skating with live shows in the shop and skate events , and it’s pretty rad riding for a shop that sells vinyl and skate goods .

Which ODT product would you hope you had with you on a deserted island?

Buckshot Pro for sure! Music, flashlight, and a USB charger!!!


Any trips coming up?


Tell us a little about your crew of hooligans. 

Four LOKOS, loud music, and skating

Thanks ; Mom,  Dad, Max,  Geno at Pizza and Lurk hard , Jordan Faulk , EVERYONE APART OF TEAMHALFASS SBF,  Chris at Programme , Ryan and Taylor at ODT , Jacob Remero , Dan Stolling , and everyone else who helped me out these past years !

Thank YOU, Zach. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you.


All PC: @jacob.photo

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SIA Snow Show: Denver 2016

The SIA Snow Show in Denver was one of the best trade shows I have been to in awhile. The vibes were good, the people were good, the music was good, it was good. The funny thing about trade shows is that most people just show up. They roll in around 10 am the first day of the show, and by the last day, they are rolling in closer to noon because of all the partying that goes on. While we did a little partying too, the majority of our stay in Denver was work. Hard work. Alex, our creative director, and I arrived on Monday night. We got to our place around 9 pm, had some dinner and went straight to bed knowing we would be up at 7 am to start building up our booth the next morning. We got sweaty, got a few cuts, a few splinters and two full days later the booth was alive. Alex + Breanna = Get sh*t done. (artwork courtesy of Marc)

Everyone began  filtering in on Thursday, the first day of the show, and our hard work was now being complimented and praised. Thankfully. There is no good in working hard if no one is ever going to tell you “good job”, right? Luckily we have some pretty cool people we work with that don’t mind handing out well deserved compliments. Thank you, thank you very much. Most of the credit goes to Alex, who built the booth to completion, both in design and construction.


Each day the trade show began at 7 am and ended at 6 pm, and each day we were there from start to finish, sore bodies and all. As soon as the show came to a final end, it was just the beginning of breakdown for us, and another two days in Colorado to clean up the beautiful mess we made. Luckily, I am an expert in tetrising and, on day seven, we loaded everything up perfectly and precisely, just in time to finish early enough to go back to bed…3 hour breakdown time? I’d say that’s a trade show record. Meanwhile our flights home were canceled because it was snowing so hard, but we eventually made it home safely, and thank goodness for that. We had major Z’s in our eyes.


The moral of this story is that I never really appreciated the work that goes into these extravagant booths at these trade shows, and now I have 1000% appreciation for every little detail. In fact, i’m happy to be on this side of things. Like i’m apart of this secret society that gets the inside look at these trade show secrets. Dramatic? Yes. But I can be after this experience.

Check out the show through our eyes, and enjoy a snip-it of the behind the scenes stuff too.


Does your Big Turtle Shell hang low, does it wobble too and fro?
SIA-2016-Booth-79  SIA-2016-Booth-62


munchin’ down on the best treat at the show.








Oh hey there.





Hype girls with the BTS



“Give me your best dad pose” – Ryan













Groms reppin’ the ODT




and Will Wesson to end this photo reel. Keep an eye out for something good, featuring this dude, coming soon.


And that’s a wrap for SIA 2016. Until next time, Denver.

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Why the Wireless CHIPS® Are the Best Thing You’ll Purchase All Year

The CHIPS® are the all-in-one wireless headphones that were designed for your prescribed helmets and an ecosystem of accessories to do pretty much anything you’re up to. Here are 5 reasons why they are the best thing you will purchase all year.

  1. You can use them in your snow helmet (duh). When the weather is on point, the snow is the perfect consistency, and your CHIPS® are fully charged, but your girlfriend won’t stop complaining about her hair, you can pop these babies in and LA LA LA all the way down the mountain.OT0032-Chips-Snow-2015-Lifestyle-29
  2. You can use them in your bike helmet too! Place them into the K-Roo pouch attached to your helmet, jump on your bike, and the rest is history. Just be careful, you never know when the silent sneak attack of the neighbors tiny evil rat dog will happen when you’re blasting those tunes in your ears.OT3830-Chips-Kroo-Commuter-Bike-Stoked-Lifestyle-2
  3. You can use your CHIPS® without a helmet!… Huh?… Yep, the CHIPS® cuff beanie allows for you too be casually wearing a beanie all while secretly listening to your favorite Selena Gomez songs in your homeroom class. It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone your secret.CHIPS-Beanie-Jamie-7
  4. Speaking of no helmet, you can also place the CHIPS® inside your wick-fit beanie or wick-fit headband and go for a light jog, or intense run. No worrying about your iPhone earbuds falling out of your ears, or those headphones you can pick up at the gas station skipping your track every time your feet hit the ground. Your dreams are slowly coming true.OT3831-WickFit-Beanie-Baldy-Lifestyle-CU OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-Car-Lifestyle OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-3quarter-Lifestyle
  5. The CHIPS® can play and pause, raise and lower volume, answer calls, skip tracks, and activate voice commands all without having to take your hands off the handlebars/remove your mittens/take your hands out of your pockets. Yea, that’s pretty cool.OT3830-Chips-Kroo-Nick-Bern-Lifestyle-4

Okay, well here’s the link those CHIPS® that you’re now asking your mom to buy you. Glad we can help convince you in doing the right thing.

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The Coldest Crossing

First off, the expedition did not go as smoothly as expected. On three occasions we were recommended to get ourselves to relative safety by the project safety manager at ICE-SAR (Iceland Search and Rescue); whom we had been in contact with since august, and also every day throughout the expedition. This included three rescue operations along the route, all organized by ICE-SAR. As you can imagine, this was a huge blow to us to give up the expedition within 4 days of starting. We didn’t let this get to us though, and that is why we kept pushing forwards through the incredible bad luck that we had. In the end, we were evacuated for the last time, after having started out on our last day of the expedition, just before storm Frank hit Iceland (the first recorded storm to ever raise temperatures above melting point in the north pole!).

Despite all of this, the expedition aim for me had always been to help inspire and motivate people to enjoy the outdoors, because we thought that not enough people around our age are doing this. On top of this, we are also trying to push people our age to get out and chase their dreams a bit more, just like we did by rising enough support from great companies such as you to fulfill our dream of attempting to cross Iceland, unsupported, in winter!

Walking through an eleven hour blizzard in sub zero temperatures with a 80kg (170lbs) pulk dragging behind you in the middle of winter in Iceland takes a lot of motivation. Music usually gets me through days like that better than anything else, but when you’re talking about having to get through a months worth of conditions like this, not many mp3 players or power packs are going to last one day, let alone thirty!


My go-to piece of kit when I need some musical magic is one of the older, 3rd Gen iPod shuffles, which is about half the size of a pack of gum. Keeping that thing alive in the cold though is a struggle, and after testing a bunch of other options, I found that the only power pack that kept my iPod rolling in temperatures that dipped down to -30C (-22F) was the Kodiak Plus, plugged in with a neat Calamari cable to charge my phone juice at the same time. Not only did it hold its charge exceedingly well for the conditions, but the fact that it is snow/sleet proof made it hands down, the best charger I’ve ever (ab)used!


For the more communal tent time feel, the Buckshot Pro is a faultless speaker/tent light to keep morale high in the dark Icelandic winter nights. The dim light function is simple, yet so dam useful when cooking! We kept this in one of the boys backpacks the whole time (exposing it to the cold temperatures) and it didn’t let us down.


This is not the last feat. I also have plans to carry on adventure hunting and exploring, and at the moment have road trips to the Soca valleys in Slovenia and rural depths of Russia.

Dang, we can’t wait, Stefan!

Follow The Coldest Crossing, and Stefan of course,  for the latest adventures. 


Photo Credit: @renan_ozturk and @taylorfreesolo

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Ryan’s Workation

Making the transition from mountain boy to surf scum has been fun these last two years, but there comes a time when you are dying to be back in the good ol’ snow. I took a last minute holiday/vacation/content trip back home to Tahoe for 11 days and here’s what I did:

CHIPS-Beanie-Jamie-7  OT0042-Wired-Chips-Squaw-Lifestyle-4    OT1351-GLO-Buckshot-Pro-FatBike-Lifestyle-7  OT1900-B-Cabos-SnowCamp-Lifestyle-3  OT3830-Chips-Kroo-Nick-Bern-Lifestyle-4  OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-3quarter-Lifestyle  OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-Car-Lifestyle

It dumped snow basically the whole time.  El Nino is still real just like last time you heard from me.  I was able to ski part of the days, and shoot every day as well.  I managed to shoot the entire catalog throughout the week with some great friends of mine.  It means a lot that we didn’t just hire random models to look “adventurey, and campy” instead, I have real friends that really live this lifestyle when they get off from work and have the time.  When you look at our winter catalog, just know that these are real people having real fun.

OT4200-R-Big-Turtle-Shell-FrenchPress-Lifestyle-10  OT4200-R-Big-Turtle-Shell-StrappedTree-Lifestyle-5  OT5200-W-Orcas-Jamie-Truckee-Lifestyle-5    OT6004-Adapt-Jamie-Truckee-Lifestyle-5  OT4200-R-Big-Turtle-Shell-FrenchPress-Lifestyle-12  Walkie_talkie_snowcamping-4  Walkie_talkie_snowcat-5 #stuffyouprobablywant.

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CES: Las Vegas 2016

CES started today, and our booth is cooler than most. Fact is fact. If you’re here, come check us out at booth #31674. If you’re not, you can admire the fun from afar.

CES - AlcoholWe’re not here for a long time, but we’re here for a good time.

CES16  CES14  CES12  CES11 The Yule log was a must. CES10Coffee anyone?      CES7We always come prepared…   CES3    CES23  CES22  CES20  CES19  CES6“Angels singing”  CES18  CES21  CES2


Come stop by for some eye candy and a good time. We’ve got some awesome stuff.

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That Time the Buckshot Pro Saved My Life

About a week ago…Avoid finishing that with Bobby $hmurda…About a week ago we had our annual ODT Christmas Party. Most of us traveled there by way of Uber, considering the theme of these things is usually Drunk. My Uber ride in particular was quite enjoyable. Our driver was really getting us pumped with the sounds of 88.1 classical jazz…Ha! Once we all arrived at the restaurant, I was practically yawning my way to the table. Thanks Uber. But, of course, in seconds that was turned around by rowdy co-workers, trays of Mai Tai’s, and tumblers of vodka. Immediately, and obviously, the phones started making an appearance. Instagram, Snapchat, Boomerang and the like were in full force. Slowly, but mostly surely, our phones were beginning their steady demise. The night rolled on, the duck tacos came and went, our chopsticks turned into walrus tusks, our Stories were getting longer, and our batteries were being drained. Before any of us knew it, it was time to head out. (The club does not go up on a Tuesday when you have to be in the office 8 am.) So I requested my Uber, gracefully walked outside, and just as the Uber driver was arriving, the death of my phone arrived first. SHIT, was my first thought. Then, in the most melodramatic way, I remembered I had my Buckshot Pro in my bag. lightbulb

In a serious flash, I pulled that sucker out, plugged my phone in, and good ole Johnson the Uber driver pulled up curbside. Sadly, the death of my phone cancelled the ride, but we jumped in anyway and figured the rest out later. What is the moral of this story you ask? That the Buckshot Pro has been said to save lives… and it definitely saved mine.


Shout out to Johnson the Uber driver, and my Buckshot Pro for coming through. Much love.IMG_7819

#DontDrinkandDrive #ParkandParty #Uber

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