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DIY Tips & Tricks to do with Your Old Skateboard

We all know that when it comes time to tossing out your old wooden friend on four wheels, you start to feel this burning guilt inside. Like, “wow, you’ve done so much for me”, or “damn, you were there for me when no one else was”. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; which brings me to my next point. Here are 8 ways you can turn your old skateboard into something really awesome. Throw away the guilt, keep the board.








7 Margarita Recipes to Make Your Cinco De Mayo Great

It’s Cinco De Mayo…in other words your Taco Tuesday came twice this week. You are most likely going to be heading out to your local Mexican restaurant after work to enjoy the benefits of another ridiculous holiday. We also understand that your addiction to Scandal may be holding you back from going out with your friends, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a delicious marg. Go ahead, ditch your friends, shake up some ingredients and hang with the couch. Here are 7 very unique, but also very tasty margarita recipes you can make at home this Cinco De Mayo.

  1. Spicy Jalapeno Margarita
    • For those of you that enjoy the fiery hot flavors that the jalapeno delivers, this margarita is the one for you. with a pinch of salt, a dash of lime and 1/2 of a sliced jalapeno, this margarita will leave your mouth watering for more reasons that one. SpicyMarg
  2. Sweet Grapefruit Margarita
    • This recipe is for those who have a sweet tooth. The Sweet Grapefruit Margarita is not only infused with grapefruit juice, but added into the mix is a tablespoon of honey… and there ain’t nothin’ sweeter than honey. SweetMarg
  3. Fresh Strawberry-Coconut Margarita
    • What is better than a fresh fruity drink on a hot summer day? The Fresh Strawberry-Coconut Margarita. With a blend of salt and sugar around the rim, and some coconut water and silver tequila inside, those are just a few ingredients to give you a taste of what summer feels like. FruityMarg
  4. Kicked-Up Avocado Margarita
    • This recipe is a weird one, so for those who like to experiment, this marg is for you. Although there are more ingredients you would find on top of a taco inside of this recipe, the benefits are endless. The Kicked-Up Avocado Margarita will not only be good for your stomach, but it will leave your skin glowing. That may just be the effects of the good buzz it’ll give you, but either way!  WeirdMarg
  5. Frozen Tropical Pineapple Fusion
    • The Frozen Tropical Pineapple Fusion Margarita is for the people out there that love all the Mixology fluff. This recipe calls for 4 different alcohols and mixes, some lime juice, some sugar, and lots of ice. It’s certainly not your typical margarita but it might just be the most interesting to taste. FusionMarg
  6. Skinny Margaritas
    • If you didn’t already guess from the name, this recipe is for skinny people only. No, I’m just kidding, more like for people that love margaritas, but don’t like all the calories that come along with them. This recipe will surely hit the spot, but won’t totally trigger your alcoholic beverage buyers remorse. SkinnyMarg
  7. Classic Margarita
    • This recipe is pretty self explanatory. If you want a great classic marg, this is your go to. ClassicMarg

Now get all your measuring cups, and mixing bowls out; it’s time to start the margarita party.

Why You Should Never Leave Home Without a Buckshot Pro

As the mullet of speakers, this thing truly lives up to its name. Here are 5 reasons why you should never leave home without one.


The greatest thing about the Buckshot Pro is that it can charge almost everything. It’s lithium ion rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of play and talk time. It’s USB output allows for a charge to your phone, GoPro, Camera, and anything else for that matter that has a USB connector. I don’t want to say the Buckshot Pro can save your life but, the Buckshot Pro can save your life.



The Buckshot Pro not only charges your devices, it will play your tunes with great quality. It’s got a passive bass port for bigger sound, and the speaker is placed precisely so that the music is facing you. (Which is surprisingly really hard to find.) With it’s Bluetooth capabilities, the sound potential doesn’t end there. The speaker goes two ways, and as much as you’d rather ignore your moms call when you’re in the middle of an air guitar rift to your favorite song, you can easily pick up the phone and talk to her straight through the speaker. Don’t worry about needing to step away either. Your cinnamon rolls will never burn again, because while you shout at your mom from the kitchen, she can still hear you; your Bluetooth will stay enabled up to 32 feet away.



Whether you’re going on an intense bike ride, you’re going camping in the woods, or you’re just trying to make it home at night without running into your neighbors mailbox, the Buckshot Pro is a must. This triple-light-setting bulb can light the way with its bright flashlight while on a night ride or hike, it can lightly shine over head while reading spooky stories in your tent, or it can act as a strobe light for when you have ventured too far into the woods to find the perfect bathroom, and you need someone to find you. Stat. And in the most desperate of times, you can even use it as a nightlight in your room. For all of you still sleeping with your teddy bear, you can insert the light into your phones USB brick and plug it right into the wall.



This thing not only offers light, sound, and power, it is strong like bull. Its rugged design, and dust, water, and shock proof exterior is key to knowing that if you wanted to bring this everywhere you go, you certainly can. Rain or shine, mountain or mole hill, the Buckshot Pro is more than just a pretty face. This thing is made to be used. and used again.

OT1351_Buckshot_Pro_Bike_Racks (117 of 173)


I’d say the greatest advantage of the Buckshot Pro is its size. Being a little bit bigger than the size of your hand, it is easy to keep with you at all times of the day and night. Girls, this fits in your purse, no questions asked. We already know you have a Mary Poppins bag full of miscellaneous items. Guys, this can fit in your pocket. ‘Nuff said.


Whether you wanted to strap this onto your bike with its bike mounts, or simply keep it in your glove compartment for emergencies, you’ll be happy you did. Here’s where you can find one.

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $60

Mother’s Day is creeping steadily around the corner, and some of you are still brainstorming what to get your beloved creator. Here is a helpful list of 10 ODT items that all fall under the $60 and below category. This list will not only help your wallet, but will help you gain major points with mom, since she will obviously love anything you decide to choose from it. Hey, even if the favorite child award is held by you for just 24 hours, that’s 24 hours more than usual. 🙂


Los Cabos : $59.95 – “The Chill Mom”OT1900-R-Cabos-Boating-Laying-LifestyleThe Los Cabos are all about attainable luxury with durable, low profile, and lightweight execution. The super slim shape and try folding ability allows Los Cabos to stay under the radar in the office, on the train, or avoiding those important BIG next step conversations with your girlfriend. A built in microphone gives you hands-free calling capability, and external controls means never taking your device from your pocket or backpack. look luxury in the eye and say, I got this, Los Cabos style, baby!

The Adapt : $39.95 – “The On-The-Go Mom”OT6004-Adapt-Jamie-Truckee-Lifestyle-5The Adapt makes anything that plugs into a 3.5 mm audio jack wireless. Listen to music untethered or talk on the phone with your old cans, thanks to the build in microphone. Clip it to the lapel of your sweater vest for a totally hands free experience. Manage the party playlist on your home stereo from your phone. Skip tracks, control volume, and take calls without ever having to touch your Bluetooth device. Your life is getting easier just reading this.

The Buckshot : $29.95 – “The Active Mom”OT1301-B-Buckshot-Backpack-Strapped-LifestyleThe Buckshot is an ultra portable, multi functional, rugged and water resistant, damn-good-looking speaker. It’s the sneakiest little speaker on the block, but it delivers sound like a sawed off 12 gauge and has a rugged, rubberized exterior that can take a good beating. With an included handlebar mount for your ride and a built in speakerphone, the Buckshot can take hands free calls from your therapist whenever, and wherever you may be.

The Kodiak Mini : $24.95 – “The Selfies and Baby Pics Mom”OT1700-Kodiak-Mini-All-Cement-LayingThe Kodiak Mini is a rugged, portable power bank. This is one of your most trusted friends for when you’re in a bind and need your phone charged ASAP. This little guy packs quite the punch for when you need a backup.

The Kodiak : $49.95 – “The Disneyland Mom”Kodiaik_Camping_April2015-8 (1)The Kodiak is the big brother to the Kodiak Mini. This ruggedized, rechargeable, shockproof and waterproof power-bank is a must. It holds hours of stored lightening to power your mobile devices. With 6000mAh of capacity and switchable 1.0 or 2.4-amp output, the Kodiak will charge pretty much any mobile device that plugs into a USB outlet. Yes, that includes tablets. Tap into stored energy and save your good time from a dead battery.

The Wired CHIPS® : $39.95 – “The Action Sports Mom”OT0042-Wired-Chips-Snow-Boreal-Lifestyle-9The Wired CHIPS® are a universal, wired-up helmet audio system for the Bluetooth-averse. Drop them into nearly any helmet or Made for CHIPS® accessory, and subject them to the horrors of the soundtrack. There’s no battery, so the Wired CHIPS® will keep up for as long as you (or your device) can last. One giant button controls all the sound without making you de-glove or pull out your player. These CHIPS® can be dropped in any dip, snow or chew can, and be just as tasty with sound.

The CHIPS® Accessories : $19.95 – For every mom, and every one of her activitiesTahoe-November-2015-CHIPS-Trip-Fullres-149 (2)The CHIPS® accessories, which include the K-ROO pouch, the Wick-fit Headband, Wick-fit Beanie and Cuff Beanie, are made specifically for CHIPS® to be used in whatever activity you’ve decided to do for twenty minutes today. Whether you’re using them for active use or just kickin’ it, we’ve got you covered. For the Wick-fit collection, we use breathable material that works for both warm and cold blooded (like your stepmom) humans. The CHIPS® Cuff Beanie is like the toasty warm sweater that your grandma knitted last winter, and the K-ROO pouch makes almost any helmet (Snow, BMX, skate bike) audio compatible.

CHIPS® Cuff BeanieCHIPS-Beanie-Jamie-7

Wick-fit HeadbandOT3832-WickFit-Headband-Baldy-Lifestyle
Wick-fit Beanie
K-ROO Pouch

Now get to the site and get your mama some stuff she probably wants.

Prince (1958 – 2016)

I’m sure by now you have received the news that one of the worlds most iconic pop artist has died. Prince was a boundary-breaking singer, songwriter and actor who’s had more hits on the charts than most. Very few artists have impacted so many, nor have influenced the music industry in the ways he did. To honor the beloved Prince, here is a top 9 hits list to remember him for exactly what he was; A great artist.

“When Doves Cry” – Prince and the Revolution

“Kiss” – Prince and the Revolution

“Let’s Go Crazy” – Prince and the Revolution

“Cream” – Prince and the N.P.G.

“Purple Rain” – Prince and the Revolution

“The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” – Prince and the Revolution

“Sign ‘O’ the Times” – Prince

“Little Red Corvette” – Prince

“1999” – Prince


The doves are crying today, Prince.


I have never really been more grateful for an electronic device than I was on my latest adventure to Germany. And no I am not just saying this.

Not until the very last minute was I reminded to bring a Kodiak Plus along with me, and damn was I stoked. With weird shaped outlets, slim to no USB ports, and time away from your hotel for hours on end, the Kodiak Plus was a must; and thank god I brought one. From hiking miles up to castles and fortresses, to boating on the Baltic sea, that thing came with me everywhere. Rain or shine, land or ocean, my phone and camera were always fully charged and ready for action.

The trip was nothing short of amazing amazing, but photos speak a thousand words, so i’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Rostock_EasterMarketRostock, GermanyRostock_BalticSea4The Baltic Sea Rostock_BalticSea  Rostock_1200Streets  Rostock_BalticSea3  Rostock_1200Church
Rostock_BalticSea2  Austria_Highline1793Highline 179, Austria Austria_EhrenburgCastle  Austria_EhrenburgCastle2Ehrenberg Castle, Austria Austria_Highline179  Austria_Highline1792  Berline_BerlinderDomeBackSideBerliner Dome, Berlin Berlin_BerlinerDome4  Berline_BerlinerDome2  Berlin_BerlinerDome3  Berline_BerlinerDome  Berlin_ReichstagBuildingReichstag Building, Berlin Berlin_KaiserWilhelm2Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Chruch, Berlin Berlin_KaiserWilhelm  Fussen_HohenschwangauCastleHohenschwangau Castle, Fussen Fussen_NeuschwansteinCastleNeuschwanstein Castle, Fussen Berlin_TrabisTrabi Cars, Berlin Berlin_WhiteBeerWhite Green Beer, Berlin Potsdam_SanssouciPalace  Potsdam_SanssouciPalace2Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam Potsdam_SanssouciPalace3  Garmisch_TurquoiseWaterGarmisch, Germany Garmisch_Village  Rostock_MaritimeRestaurant  Garmisch_AustrianBoarder   Rothenberg_MedievalTown2Rothenberg, Germany Rothenberg_MedievalTown3  Rothenberg_MedievalTown
Das Ende.

The Day There Was No Music and I Fell In Love With the Buckshot Pro

Everyone knows that I teach Stroller Strides classes as part of the wonderful offerings of FIT4MOM Fruita.

These classes are high energy, stroller integrated and generally outdoors. A lot of instructors teach without music but after spending almost 10 years in the fitness industry, I’ve learned that having music keeps people engaged and motivated. Without music, there’s silence and silence can be AWKWARD.

I recently found myself teaching outside on a beautiful, crisp, Colorado spring morning and started digging around in my bag for my usual Bluetooth speaker. My hand felt blindly around in the usual spot and felt nothing but empty space. Horror set in as I realized that I HAD LEFT MY SPEAKER AT HOME. My mind raced…how on earth was I supposed to teach a high energy class without my beloved Stroller Strides playlist!?

I started to think…. I didn’t have time to go home and get the speaker. I couldn’t call my husband to bring it. I have a terrible singing voice and there was NO WAY I could belt out any of the songs on that list. The first cars pulled up, full of moms and their beautiful babies…all expecting to hear some music.

At this point I’m frantically digging in my diaper bag. I pull out a diaper, a pair of socks, and oddly, a tiny plastic aardvark. NONE of these things could play music…

And then it happened, I remembered that I had the most amazing thing of all. A tiny speaker, tucked inside the recesses of my giant bag. A tiny BLUETOOTH speaker that could connect to my phone and play my music. A tiny Bluetooth speaker called the Buckshot Pro from Outdoor Tech. It may as well have been called the Buckshot Pro…Lindsay’s Salvation.

I whip it out and turn it on. As it’s pairing with my phone, I take a minute to look it over and admire it’s cleverness. This little speaker can pair with and play music from pretty much anything.

Visually, the Buckshot Pro is cylindrical, with a textured diamond pattern on the surface of its rubberized frame. It safe from shocks, and is rated for water resistance, which is SUPER handy when the inevitable spill happens in my bag. Playback controls, including track navigation buttons that double as volume controls are located along the outer, cylindrical panel, along with a microphone for phone calls.

It has a super handy flashlight and even more importantly, the Pro doubles as port for charging other devices.

The flashlight accessory is awesome, to say the least. The LED emits a powerful, white light that can illuminate even the darkest crevices of any bag or room. (My son can practically blind the monsters in his closet with this little baby.) Combining this light with the included rubber handlebar mount allows for a secure listening and lighting experience while you stroll around town.

Outdoor Technology rates the speaker’s battery life at roughly 10 hours on a full charge, but your results will vary depending on how loud you play your tunes, and how much you use the flashlight function.

It pairs with my phone and I push play. The sweet sounds of my Stroller Strides playlist start playing with surprisingly awesome clarity, bass and volume considering the size of my speaker. I mount the Buckshot Pro on my stroller and my group and I start our stride.

Thank you Outdoor Tech for making the Buckshot Pro. You saved my day!

Lindsay Maurer

Jean-Marc Johannes: ODT SA Ambassador


As a brief description of myself and what I do. I’m 25 years old and I’m a Professional Skateboarder, from Athlone / Cape Town. I have been skateboarding for over 10 years. I inherited my first skateboard from my mother at the age of 9 and won my first PRO/AM contest at the age of 11; I have never left it alone since then.

As of 2011 I have qualified to compete on the international circuit, competing as the only South African skateboarder.  I made top 50 in Europe and made a top 80 out of 200 in the World chosen to compete in U.S.A Tampa Am 2013. I was then invited to compete and represent South Africa in Paris this year, at the world cup skateboarding event http://www.farnhigh2014.com.

In 2014 I qualified to compete at the World Skateboarding Championship in Kimberley, and upon my first appearance in the PRO open, I achieved a top 20 ranking. Following this, event I was selected as a WILD card in 2015 to compete as the only south African skateboarder in The FISE world series in China Cheng Du where I then qualified the Top 10. I am now looking forward to competing in all other stops in 2016.


Shortly after my return to SA, I was ranked in the Top 3 skateboarders in South Africa and Top 100 action sports Athletes in the World.

I recently had the opportunity to have been debuted as the first South African skateboarder on Tony Hawks Channel (RIDE channel) to end off 2015, introducing me to the rest of the world of skateboarding.

LW Magazine  http://lwmag.co.za/skater-profile-jean-marc-johannes

In 2013 I had an idea I would speak about throughout my high school career that not many believed was possible. To take South African Skateboarding  to a new height ollieing from one shipping container to another with a gap of 4 meters and a height of 3 stories. This made headlines on various News Channels and Newspapers. This was a first of its kind world wide for skateboarding. This was a project called Mind the gap. With the images of this event now on a permanent display in The National Museum of sport in France.


Out side of my competitive career, I am the founder of a charity initiative called FILL THE GAP. It presents skateboarding demos, charitable donations and motivational speeches locally and internationally. I have partnered with numerous other NPO’s in my country to make a bigger difference and to fill the gaps in the lives of children with challenges.

This year, I have been given my 2nd invitation to the World Cup Skateboarding Far N High contest, which takes place in Paris, and I am now eligible to compete in The FISE world series following my result in 2015. I have also been given the opportunity to be the voice behind skateboarding in Cape Town/SA. One thing I do is co-star on Good Hope FM radio on the last Monday of every month, along side DJ Ready D.

JM Shred-1-50

For further information and content reference on Jean-Marc Johannes, you can visit his website.