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The End

After last night, I imagine we are all feeling a whirlwind of emotions; good or bad, today is still here and there are an infinite number of tomorrows. Let’s take a moment to be grateful for what we have, the beauty in this world that we take for granted, and the awesome people in our lives that aren’t going anywhere. Whomever’s side you are on, let’s make the best of it.


(A beautiful view of Austria to sooth your soul.)

Last but not least, always remember to be kind, and always remember to be grateful. The End.


The Real Debate Tonight is What to Drink

All this political banter is making us more crazy, and more impatient than we appreciate; I am sure you can agree. These days, watching a white sheet dry is frankly more appealing than sitting through hours of a lemon faced, orange and an email scandal. I’ve come to realize at the end of each day, and each debate, I need a drink, and maybe you do too.

The greatest alternative to a boggled mind, is a calming cocktail (or three). Check out these 5 drinks that will put all your political worries at ease; you’re welcome.

  1. AMF – The Adios Mother F*ck3r is kind of a party pack of alcohols if you will, and probably the most intricate drink on our list. For good reasons. With vodka, gin, white rum and some blue curacao, sour mix and 7-Up, this mixed drink will definitely leave you with no worries when you’re done with it. Or thoughts or feelings for that matter.
  2. Chai Fireball Tea – Yea, you read that right. This is one of those weird Pumpkin Spice Latte things where you feel like a teenage girl while you’re drinking it, but its also really damn good so you choose not to care. Fix up a steaming pot of Chai, douse it with whiskey, and let the debate games begin.
  3. Cape Cod – Just like Cape Cod itself, this drink has got a hook. The cranberry juice and lime mixture are sure to reel you in, and the vodka is there to make you stay. and keep coming back. Night night.
  4. Paloma – Simple yet delicious, the Paloma is 3 parts grapefruit soda, 1 part tequila and a lime. Tune out the noise with this sour sipper and use the lime to practice your own DT squish face.
  5. Mai Tai – Saving the best for last, the ultimate mind calming cocktail, the Mai Tai. From the first debates in history to the ones at the end of time, this vacation in a cup will never get old. Tune in, Shake well, serve and repeat.

If one of these doesn’t sound appetizing enough for the big show, then you really should be more open minded. Work on it.

Road Trip USA

Our friend Elan, and his lovely girlfriend, just quit their jobs and decided to embark on a month and a half long road trip through California, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana (to celebrate Elan’s families annual Indian Pow Wow on Rocky Boy reservation – so cool!), up into Alberta Canada, to Vancouver and down through Washington, Oregon and back down to California.

They camped, ate lots of noodles, drank lots of coffee and took tons of photos on the way. We were so inspired by what they were about to embark on, that before they left we hooked them up with some ODT gear to put the cherry on top of their already awesome adventure. Well, here are the results, and we could not be more jealous of the cool places they saw, and the rad experiences they gained. Well done, guys.



If you would like to hear more about their trip around the country, head over to their blog.

Fit4Mom: Grapevine’s 7th Birthday

Party Time!

One of our Fit4Mom’s, Sarah Jenne Foster, had a fabulous time celebrating Fit4Mom Grapevine/Coppell/Colleyville’s seventh birthday! She got to meet some new friends, hangout with some old, and had tons of fun doing it all.

The day started with an inspiring workout that included tough Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre strength exercises, plenty of exhilarating cardio, and lots of laughs. Who knew freeze tag could be even more fun with squats? I definitely wouldn’t have put the two together.

Congratulations to Kara, who won the Buckshot Pro; that thing is awesome and fits on your little ones strollers perfectly. So cool!

Here’s the lucky winner with her awesome Buckshot Pro. You can find one here if you want to be as cool as she is.



If you would like to know more about the Fit4Mom franchise, feel free to visit their site, here.

High Fives: Colorado Charity Golf Tournament

On August 30th, the High Fives Foundation hosted their 2nd Annual Colorado Charity Golf Tournament on the fairways at Copper Creek Golf Course at Copper Resort.

Thirty-six teams of four came out to raise money for High Fives Athletes who are recovering from major life-altering injuries. Between registration fees, silent auctions and open donations, over $50,000 were raised for the foundation! This is an all-time record for High Fives golf tournaments, and we are proud to be apart of such an awesome feat.

Kat Jahnigen, Savannah Pitts & The Lion Heart Project documented the whole thing from beginning to end. Take a peek below.



To learn more about this awesome foundation and everything they do, click here –> http://bit.ly/2caPnY7

5 simple camping mistakes you will want to avoid

Camping, whether it be with your friends, your family, your colleagues, or just yourself can be a great experience for the mind body and soul. There are many simple mistakes that can be made whilst doing it and can ultimately ruin something that was suppose to be great. Follow these simple steps and you should be able to avoid any unnecessary frustration and get through your next camping trip as smooth as possible.

  1. one of the biggest mistakes people make before heading out on their camping trips is forgetting to examine their tent. We will just skip over the fact that you have hopefully already purchased a tent to fit you and whoever you are camping with, as well as one that is easy enough to assemble depending on your camping experience. We’ll head right into that it is so important to make sure that 1. your tent is in good condition (no holes, no rips or tears, zippers working, etc.), and 2. you have all the pieces that go along with it (poles, stakes, etc). The last thing you want is to arrive at your campsite, whether its hiking for 3 hours or driving for 3 hours, and your tent has a giant hole in it, or you’re missing the cover.
  2. another common mistake campers make is counting on their campsite to provide fire wood. Unfortunately, not everything is like the movies and the likelihood of finding perfectly dry, thick pieces of wood to start your campfire are slim. If you are set on their being a fire at your campsite, be sure to think ahead and bring some wood along with you. And no I don’t suggest this if you are hiking to camp.
  3. This brings me to my next point. Bringing too much stuff can quite possibly be the worst thing to do. Space is a luxury when you’re camping, so bringing unnecessary items on the adventure can spoil your comfort real quick. Plus, no one else is going to volunteer to lug around your sh*t, so think about that a couple times before you decide to bring it.
  4. We have all heard that story of the man (or woman) who was in the woods and decided to use some leaves for toilet paper, and we all know that story didn’t end well. One thing you don’t want to do is ignore your surroundings. Treat everything you walk on, in, or around cautiously because just as much as you don’t want a blistering rash or a bad case of the runs, the living things around you don’t want to be in danger either. Think twice before you pick a flower, a berry, or before you decide to hike a trail without socks on.
  5. Which again brings me to my next point; my final point. BE SURE to pack the right clothing. You will need sneakers or hiking boots and maybe some sandals if you’re in a fancy campsite where there are showers. Bring thermals as a just-in-case because you can always remove clothes, but you can’t always make yourself warmer. Trust me. And always prepare for the worst. That way, when you happen to fall into the lake fully clothed, you aren’t sitting by the fire like a mole rat waiting for those damn clothes to dry.

All in all prepare yourself as best as you can. Make lists, check the weather, bring a change of clothes, and plenty of drinking water. Imagine the worst happening so that when it does, you are fully prepared for it.

Why You Should Never Leave Home Without a Buckshot Pro

As the mullet of speakers, this thing truly lives up to its name. Here are 5 reasons why you should never leave home without one.


The greatest thing about the Buckshot Pro is that it can charge almost everything. It’s lithium ion rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of play and talk time. It’s USB output allows for a charge to your phone, GoPro, Camera, and anything else for that matter that has a USB connector. I don’t want to say the Buckshot Pro can save your life but, the Buckshot Pro can save your life.



The Buckshot Pro not only charges your devices, it will play your tunes with great quality. It’s got a passive bass port for bigger sound, and the speaker is placed precisely so that the music is facing you. (Which is surprisingly really hard to find.) With it’s Bluetooth capabilities, the sound potential doesn’t end there. The speaker goes two ways, and as much as you’d rather ignore your moms call when you’re in the middle of an air guitar rift to your favorite song, you can easily pick up the phone and talk to her straight through the speaker. Don’t worry about needing to step away either. Your cinnamon rolls will never burn again, because while you shout at your mom from the kitchen, she can still hear you; your Bluetooth will stay enabled up to 32 feet away.



Whether you’re going on an intense bike ride, you’re going camping in the woods, or you’re just trying to make it home at night without running into your neighbors mailbox, the Buckshot Pro is a must. This triple-light-setting bulb can light the way with its bright flashlight while on a night ride or hike, it can lightly shine over head while reading spooky stories in your tent, or it can act as a strobe light for when you have ventured too far into the woods to find the perfect bathroom, and you need someone to find you. Stat. And in the most desperate of times, you can even use it as a nightlight in your room. For all of you still sleeping with your teddy bear, you can insert the light into your phones USB brick and plug it right into the wall.



This thing not only offers light, sound, and power, it is strong like bull. Its rugged design, and dust, water, and shock proof exterior is key to knowing that if you wanted to bring this everywhere you go, you certainly can. Rain or shine, mountain or mole hill, the Buckshot Pro is more than just a pretty face. This thing is made to be used. and used again.

OT1351_Buckshot_Pro_Bike_Racks (117 of 173)


I’d say the greatest advantage of the Buckshot Pro is its size. Being a little bit bigger than the size of your hand, it is easy to keep with you at all times of the day and night. Girls, this fits in your purse, no questions asked. We already know you have a Mary Poppins bag full of miscellaneous items. Guys, this can fit in your pocket. ‘Nuff said.


Whether you wanted to strap this onto your bike with its bike mounts, or simply keep it in your glove compartment for emergencies, you’ll be happy you did. Here’s where you can find one.

Wetsuits & GoPros & Cruisers, oh my!

I had a little fun this past weekend when I set out to San Clemente beach to shoot some beautiful models, (who just so happen to be my friends) for our current giveaway. Babes on the beach with awesome summer gear, what more could you ask for? really. The shoot was probably more laughs then it was serious moments, but that just makes it that much more fun. So here you go, I present to you a little behind the scenes of what really happens during these ODT photo shoots. Enjoy. (wink face)











And that’s a wrap.