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Outdoor Tech Releases 2-in-1 Phone Case + Screen Protector

The Only Phone Case that Matters


Avoiding a cracked screen or broken phone seems easy enough, but life doesn’t always go as planned. We’ve all been there, brand new phone in hand, cracked screen, chipped corner, realizing we opted out of the $13 insurance plan. That’s where Outdoor Tech’s Yowie Armour comes in. This multi-unit kit for your phone will not only protect it from scrapes and scratches, it will guard your beloved screen from getting cracked.

“We carefully studied this crowded market before making a determination to enter it. Our research showed that consumers that purchased a protective case were overwhelmingly likely to also purchase a screen protector. We noticed that very few companies have attempted to service this need by coupling both items in a single offering. Always trying to innovate, and offer our loyal customers true value, Yowie Armour intuitively seemed like a great product idea. We are excited to be one of the first to bring this to market.” – Charlie Gugliuzza, CEO

The Yowie Armour is a two in one phone case and screen protector for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The Shockproof, TPU bumper, rugged case will keep your phone safe from drops, while the glass screen protector will defend the face of your phone from those dreadful spider web cracks. Protect your phone from life’s accidents; don’t use a regular phone case and screen protector when you’ve got the Yowie Armour.

Yowie Armour Includes

  • Phone Case
  • Screen Protector
  • Wet Cleaning Wipes
  • Instructional Manual
  • Two Outdoor Tech Stickers


Founded in 2010, Outdoor Tech® is an outdoor designer brand that makes rugged Bluetooth audio accessories built for reveling in the open air, proving there is a way to stay connected but not tethered to modern technology during active lifestyle pursuits. For more on Outdoor Tech® and the rest of its lineup of audio accessories, portable power and apparel, go to OutdoorTechnology.com.


Collegiate Skate Tour: Gainesville, Florida

Although this is the third contest of the season for the Collegiate Skate Tour, we were stoked to be participating for the first time. We donated a few of our products as prizes for the competitors, and it seems to have been a great turnout.

The event was held at the Possum Creek Skate park in Gainsville, and students came out from colleges and universities from all across the state. Non-student rippers are also allowed to enter into the competition (under a different division), and many came out and showed everyone what they had to offer.

Here’s who ended up on top:

College Division:

1. Haze Miller – student at Pasco-Hernando State College

2. Jordi Zapata – student at University of Florida

3. Marlee Miller – student at University of South Florida

Non-College Division:

1. John Belote – Gainesville, FL

2. Tommy Walsh – Gainesville, FL

3. Landy Collada – Miami, FL

regular+winners2 bowl bowl+double college+winners_

Shout Out to the Gainesville Sun for running a local story on the event: http://www.gainesville.com/news/20170225/skateboarders-showcase-skills-at-possum-creek-park-competition


All PHOTOS were taken by Sean Devlin (@soggypita).

VIDEO was filmed and edited by Alex Baucom (@alex.baucom).

ODT Snow Team Rider Erika Vikander – Freeride World Qualifer

The look of pure satisfaction of getting faceshots in your contest run.

The land of the rising sun. A label true to the name, Japan is one of the most amazing spiritually connecting places in the world. To be in Japan is something that every snowboarder dreams about, one experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. To not only be there, but get 6 days in a row of the best days I’ve ever had on my snowboard in addition to the most fun contest there could be, felt like an absolute dream come true.

After hours of travel a makeshift office in the airport.
The ride into Hakuba Valley, enjoying my PHGB trailmix!

After hours of travel, planes, trains, and automobiles I was happy to get out of the big city and start making our way up into the “Japanese Alps” a.k.a the Hakuba Valley, a landscape which is sincerely remarkable.

The “Japanese Alps”


Happy Ladies!

Upon arriving in Japan we heard they were having a bad year, but since the Freeride World Tour Qualifier was making its debut in Asia, regardless of the conditions we were fired up. These events take an enormous amount of planning and coordination from everyone, from the Hakuba tourism department to the FWT organizers, to the volunteers, and the athletes. Everyone has to come together, be understanding that we do a winter sport, and the conditions and safety take priority over how badly we all want to compete. That being said, luckily someone had the foresight that we might need a lot of extra weather days, and did we ever!

The contest was supposed to happen within the first 3-4 days we were in the Hakuba Valley, but with heavy snow continually falling through the week making the venue unsafe for competition, the event
organizers had to do some crafty thinking and rethink a venue with very short notice. They did
everything in their absolute power to keep the contest and spirit alive, keeping us updated with constant emails and meetings throughout the week. Thanks Alicia for being so on top of that 🙂

I don’t think anyone was complaining about having to wait for the contest because every single competitor got to go ride at multiple resorts around Hakuba Valley and have literally, the BEST days of our lives. We rode chest deep powder all day, soaked in the natural hot springs (onsens) with a view after riding, then ate the most incredible fish every night, this was paradise.

One of my favorite buildings in Hakuba

A few days later the weather and snowpack was finally stable enough to have the contest in the backcountry of Hakuba Happo One Ski Resort. By this point I think half the field forgot we were there for a contest, because we were all grinning ear to ear all day every day with the meters fresh snow accumulating.

Possibly one of the best days of my life. Hakuba 47

The morning of the competition the sun greeted us for a little while, just enough time to give us the vitamin D we were missing from the huge storm that we were submersed in for the last week. By the time we were at the lodge to get our avalanche equipment checked, the storm moved back in, and made visibility a little bit more difficult.

Since they had to move the venue last minute they ended up giving us a snowmobile ride up a couple miles almost to the top of the venue. Lucky for us or we would have had to boot pack nearly an hour and half to the top of the venue. I’m amazed how efficiently it all went given the number of competitors and limited snowmobile usage,  not a single person missed their start.

Women snowboarders were the third group to drop, I was the third person to drop and I ended up in 3rd place on the podium! It was difficult to find my line after getting a faceshot first turn into the unbelievably steep venue.  I lost my line I inspected the day before nearly immediately, and just went for a soul inspired run, nearly blind. Congrats to all of the athletes and especially the ladies battling challenging near white-out conditions, and persevering with smiles on your faces. It was amazing to watch all of the competitors in their elements and especially watch the ladies absolutely SEND IT! Special shoutout to my friend Michaela Davis Meehan for her aggressive line that put her in 2nd place and the Russian sensation Anna Orlova for charging her way to the top spot!

Pure stoke with my girl Michaela Davis Meehan!

Another highlight for everyone was the fact that not only Travis Rice decided to show up to compete and absolutely dominate, but he was one the nicest people at the contest, kudos to him for being a humble human being and inspiring so many to do what we do.

The legend himself


Girls just wanna have fun!

A big thank you again to the FWT organizers, Hakuba Tourism, and the Japanese people. Without whom this contest would not have made history the way it did. I am so honored to be a part of this event, and to stand atop the podium with some of the world best athletes is just a bonus! Thank you to DISCRETE HEADWEAR for helping me to get to Japan as well as PlayHardGive back for your support and keeping me fueled up and ready to ride. Another huge shoutout to NICHE SNOWBOARDS for shipping me a board suitable for these conditions all the way to Japan. As well as Aura Optics, XS Unified, Outdoor Tech, Polar Pro, and Shred Betties.


I can’t wait to hit the next stop of the Freeride World Qualifier at Crested Butte February 10-12th. Stay Tuned!


I love JAPAN!


A burning cleanse before entering the temple


Big city lights. Tokyo, Japan.


Near the famous Tokyo Scramble


Sake Barrels in Tokyo

Lady Gaga & Metallica @ The Grammy’s – ODT Reactions

There is nothing more entertaining on a rainy Sunday in February then tuning into the Grammy Awards. I mean, I am actually 100% sure there are multiple people in our office that would way rather be doing anything else, (because I asked) but either way, it’s damn entertaining. As I asked each person here at ODT if they watched the Grammy’s, the answer they gave me, and the tone in which it was in, really hinted at how they would react to the next question I had, or rather task. I told them to watch the video below so I could see how they would react to it. My reaction, on Sunday night when I watched it live, was “are you f*cking kidding me?!”. Watch for yourself and see why.

Here is what our employees thought:

“My eyes… they’re burning” – Chayne

“I bet Lady Gaga has a bigger… than James Hetfield.” – Andy

“I don’t like the Grammy’s, I don’t like Lady Gaga, and Metallica just dropped points in my book.” – Eric (who refused to watch it)


“If I was on stage right now, I would get 1000 miles away from those flames. If they can’t get the microphone to work then there is no way I am trusting them with fire.” – Taylor

“So glad i’m not there” – Gabriela

Eric finally decided to watch the video due to some serious FOMO… Here’s what he said:

“Wow, I will never get these few minutes back. Why am I watching this? Where’s my emo-gency?”

Wow, Eric, you’re funny.

“Not sure what I just watched, but I liked it!” – Justin

“Oh no.” – Jeff


The sound guy was asleep, Lady Googs was clearly off her medication, and James Hetfield was PISSED. It was an unplanned, outrageous, complete train-wreck of a performance and I loved every second of it. Now let’s hear what you think…

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Get the one you love, something they will love this Valentines Day. Roses are nice, cards are okay, but some rugged, wireless and waterproof awesomeness is probably the better choice. If you’re familiar with our brand, then you know very well what is going to make your significant other give you heart eyes; if you’re not, then here is a list of stuff that will be sure to put you on the best BF/GF list.

Turtle Shell 3.0 – 2 Pack Bundle: $179.95V-Day-01

Just in time for this loving holiday, we have released the Turtle Shell 3.0 bundle pack, and for a great price. Buy this awesome bundle of love and save $20 bucks! That’s right, when you buy two Turtle Shell 3.0’s in the bundle pack you save $20 dollars. Single or taken, two Turtle Shells are better than one.

Kodiak Power Line: $24.95 – $79.95ot2650-b-kodiakplus2-charging-2

The Kodiak Power Line is a must in this digital age. Whether you’re cruising through the isles of the grocery store, or trekking through the rocky trails of Big Sur, power can be everything. From your phone to your iPad, to your GoPro or your Sony action cam, these power banks will keep you charged up for all your life moments.

Calamari 2.0: $24.95DSC008742

Next on the list comes the ultimate power cord for all your life moments. Which just happens to pair very well with the Kodiak Power line, and, well just about anything else we sell that houses a power bank. This 3-in-1 USB charging/data transfer cable can do way more than just charge your phone. With an Apple MFI certified lightning cable, USB C, and USB Micro Connectors, you’re all set to charge up just about everything you own. No more wire problems with this baby, once you’ve got one of these, it’s smooth sailing.

Buckshot 2.0: $39.95ot2301-chr-buckshot2-bike-speakerThis next one on our list is for all those people out there that like to have fun. The Buckshot 2.0 is an ultra portable, extremely tough, and super tiny speaker that packs a ton of sound. Did I mention it’s also waterproof? Yea, this thing rules. It has multiple mounting options for every adventure you can think of, 60 feet of Bluetooth range, 20 hours of battery life and it is A LOT LOUDER THAN IT LOOKS. Okay, i’m done yelling. But you’ll want to yell at the top of your lungs when you get this thing because it’s that damn exciting.

Los Cabos: $59.95OT1900-R-B-Cabos-Beach-Couple-Lifestyle (2)Last, but most certainly not least, we’ve got the vacation in a box; the Los Cabos. The Los Cabos are Bluetooth headphones that not only sound awesome, but they look super cool too. Wear them to the gym, wear them on the plane, or take a walk to the beach and tune out. No matter what, these things are your gateway to temporary paradise.


If none of this stuff interested you, then check out some other rad gear that just might. We both know you can’t wait to bye some stuff you probably want.

ODT Rhinos on Kickstarter

If you haven’t heard the news already, we just launched the worlds toughest headphones on Kickstarter! They are almost ready to be yours, we just need to do a few more things to make them perfect, and that is only possible with your help. Head over to our Kickstarter page and help us help you get the worlds toughest headphones in your hands and on your head. And before anyone else. #ODTRhinos


Outdoor Tech Launches Co-Lab with Netherlands-Based REHALL Performance Sportswear Brand in US at SIA Snow Show

Laguna Hills, CA – No stranger to making already cool products smarter and more durable for the active winter sports crowd, Outdoor Tech® this week is launching a co-lab tech outerwear project with REHALL in the US, a Dutch-based maker of snow sports performance apparel. Serving as the US partner, designer and distributor, Outdoor Tech will debut the brand to the industry at the SIA Snow Show in Denver, January 26-29. The collection of men’s, women’s and junior’s product will be available through specialty retailers in Fall 2017 and includes technical snow jackets, pants and accessories.

REHALL, founded in 1999 by Ronald Smits, an avid surfer, windsurfer and snowboarder, has grown to become one of Europe’s most lively winter sports brands with a wide range of fully-featured freeride jackets, pants, mid layers and casual apparel designed to perform but with one-of-a-kind looks and prices that are approachable for any rider.

“I delivered my first REHALL collection in 2000 with the mission to make great looking products that work well in the environment and won’t cost skiers and snowboarders a fortune,” Smits said. “Our design features and brand are unique and will bring something different to the US Market.”

The men’s FREAK-R and women’s CILA-R jackets, like all REHALL outerwear, features RETECH waterproof-breathable fabrics with flexible taped seams, adjustable hoods, multiple function-specific pockets and snow cuffs.


Outdoor Tech, the standard-bearer for rugged wireless audio devices and accessories in the winter sports and active lifestyle markets, including the ubiquitous CHIPS 2.0 helmet audio system, recognized a fit with their brand and determined it’s an ideal time to launch REHALL in America.

“Outdoor Tech already brings rugged, quality, well-priced products to the market and we have a lot of fun in the unorthodox way we present the brand,” said Charlie Gugliuzza, CEO. “REHALL has the same character and will reinvigorate a tired outerwear market that needs a shot of adrenaline. REHALL apparel fits great, looks incredible and is fully featured. It’s a brand that dealers and riders are going to love.”


REHALL is an active sportswear brand from The Netherlands with its roots deep in snowboarding and surfing. REHALL designs functional snow and street wear for those who love to ride. The company started around two decades ago, designing and building surfboards and snowboards for friends and personal use. Staying true to their origins for the last 17 years, REHALL has been designing sports and lifestyle clothes to match. In order to ensure the quality of their goods, the design team concentrates on achieving the perfect fit in combination with the right fabrics.

About Outdoor Tech
Founded in 2010, Outdoor Tech® is an outdoor designer brand creating accessories for an action-filled lifestyle. Packing the world’s most complete line of Bluetooth audio and power built for reveling in the open air and on the road, Outdoor Tech proves there is a way to stay connected but not tethered. For more on Outdoor Tech and the rest of its line including rugged portable power and the potentially iconic Yowie® Logo apparel collection, go to OutdoorTechnology.com.


Media Contact:

Ryan Hayter



ODT Holiday Gift Guide: Under $60

Feeling a bit stumped on what to get who this year? Well here is a little something to help you out. Here are 12 Outdoor Tech products under $60 that will make whoever receives them love you for all eternity. Plus you will for sure be known as the best gift giver in the family, and that is almost as good as a gold medal.

  1. Calamari 2.0 – $24.95ot3150-w-calamari-2-laptop-handIt’s time to come clean about your wire problem and we’re here to help. The Calamari 2.0 is a 3-in-1 USB charging/data transfer cable. With an Apple MFI certified lightning connector, USB C, and Micro USB connectors, there is no stopping you with this thing. Hell yes.
  2. Los Cabos – $59.95OT1900-B-Los-Cabos-Airplane-InHand-LifestyleThe Los Cabos are all about attainable luxury with durable, low profile, and lightweight execution. The super slim shape and try folding ability allows Los Cabos to stay under the radar in the office, on the train, or avoiding those important BIG next step conversations with your girlfriend. A built in microphone gives you hands-free calling capability, and external controls means never taking your device from your pocket or backpack. look luxury in the eye and say, I got this, Los Cabos style, baby!
  3. The Makos – $29.95ot1150-r-makos-beach-4The Makos are minimalist earbuds sporting a secure finback retention design and Comply Foam ear tips for a snug fit and superior sounds. The sweat and elements-proof housing helps resist everything short of the apocolypse. Listen to music, skip tracks, control volume, and talk on the phone, all without taking your phone out of its special hiding place.
  4. The Adapt – $39.95OT6001-Adapt-Flannel-LifestyleThe Adapt makes anything that plugs into a 3.5 mm audio jack wireless. Listen to music untethered or talk on the phone with your old cans, thanks to the build in microphone. Clip it to the lapel of your sweater vest for a totally hands free experience. Manage the party playlist on your home stereo from your phone. Skip tracks, control volume, and take calls without ever having to touch your Bluetooth device. Your life is getting easier just reading this.
  5. The Buckshot 2.0ot2301-chr-buckshot2-bike-speakerThe Buckshot 2.0 is an ultra portable, multi functional, rugged, wireless, waterproof, damn-good-looking speaker. Secure multi-way mounting, 60-foot Bluetooth range, 20-hour battery life, and A LOT LOUDER THAN IT LOOKS. With an included handlebar mount for your ride and a built in speakerphone, the Buckshot can take hands free calls from your therapist whenever, and wherever you may be.
  6. The Kodiak Mini 2.0  – $24.95ot2700-r-kodiakmini2-handThe Kodiak Mini is a rugged, waterproof portable power bank, offering life saving (or just status updating) portable charging power, and a bright 100 lumen light you can hide in your hand. Because battery cases suck, but a dying phone sucks worse.
  7. The Kodiak 2.0 – $49.95ot2650-b-kodiakplus2-charging-2The Kodiak 2.0 is the big brother to the Kodiak Mini 2.0. This ruggedized, rechargeable, shockproof and waterproof power-bank is a must. It puts out some serious charging power and 100 lumens of bright light in your jacket, pocket or bag. With 6000mAh of capacity and switchable 1.0 or 2.4-amp output, the Kodiak will charge pretty much any mobile device that plugs into a USB outlet. Yes, that includes tablets. Tap into stored energy and save your good time from a dead battery.
  8. The Wired CHIPS® – $39.95OT3830-Pouch-With-WiredChips2-Baldy-Lifestyle-2The Wired CHIPS® are a universal, wired-up helmet audio system for the Bluetooth-averse. Drop them into nearly any helmet or Made for CHIPS® accessory, and subject them to the horrors of the soundtrack. There’s no battery, so the Wired CHIPS® will keep up for as long as you (or your device) can last. One giant button controls all the sound without making you de-glove or pull out your player. These CHIPS® can be dropped in any dip, snow or chew can, and be just as tasty with sound.
  9. The CHIPS® Accessories – $19.95 (Below:CHIPS® Cuff Beanie)
    OT0042-Wired-Chips-Snow-Boreal-Lifestyle-9The CHIPS® accessories, which include the K-ROO pouch, the Wick-fit Headband, Wick-fit Beanie and Cuff Beanie, are made specifically for CHIPS® to be used in whatever activity you’ve decided to do for twenty minutes today. Whether you’re using them for active use or just kickin’ it, we’ve got you covered. For the Wick-fit collection, we use breathable material that works for both warm and cold blooded (like your stepmom) humans. The CHIPS® Cuff Beanie is like the toasty warm sweater that your grandma knitted last winter, and the K-ROO pouch makes almost any helmet (Snow, BMX, skate bike) audio compatible. OT3832-WickFit-Headband-Baldy-Lifestyle  Wick-fit HeadbandOT3831-WickFit-Beanie-Baldy-Lifestyle-CU Wick-fit BeanieOT3830-Chips-Kroo-Commuter-Phone-Busstop-LifestyleK-ROO Pouch


Now get to the site and start marking off those names on your Holiday checklist.

The End

After last night, I imagine we are all feeling a whirlwind of emotions; good or bad, today is still here and there are an infinite number of tomorrows. Let’s take a moment to be grateful for what we have, the beauty in this world that we take for granted, and the awesome people in our lives that aren’t going anywhere. Whomever’s side you are on, let’s make the best of it.


(A beautiful view of Austria to sooth your soul.)

Last but not least, always remember to be kind, and always remember to be grateful. The End.


The Real Debate Tonight is What to Drink

All this political banter is making us more crazy, and more impatient than we appreciate; I am sure you can agree. These days, watching a white sheet dry is frankly more appealing than sitting through hours of a lemon faced, orange and an email scandal. I’ve come to realize at the end of each day, and each debate, I need a drink, and maybe you do too.

The greatest alternative to a boggled mind, is a calming cocktail (or three). Check out these 5 drinks that will put all your political worries at ease; you’re welcome.

  1. AMF – The Adios Mother F*ck3r is kind of a party pack of alcohols if you will, and probably the most intricate drink on our list. For good reasons. With vodka, gin, white rum and some blue curacao, sour mix and 7-Up, this mixed drink will definitely leave you with no worries when you’re done with it. Or thoughts or feelings for that matter.
  2. Chai Fireball Tea – Yea, you read that right. This is one of those weird Pumpkin Spice Latte things where you feel like a teenage girl while you’re drinking it, but its also really damn good so you choose not to care. Fix up a steaming pot of Chai, douse it with whiskey, and let the debate games begin.
  3. Cape Cod – Just like Cape Cod itself, this drink has got a hook. The cranberry juice and lime mixture are sure to reel you in, and the vodka is there to make you stay. and keep coming back. Night night.
  4. Paloma – Simple yet delicious, the Paloma is 3 parts grapefruit soda, 1 part tequila and a lime. Tune out the noise with this sour sipper and use the lime to practice your own DT squish face.
  5. Mai Tai – Saving the best for last, the ultimate mind calming cocktail, the Mai Tai. From the first debates in history to the ones at the end of time, this vacation in a cup will never get old. Tune in, Shake well, serve and repeat.

If one of these doesn’t sound appetizing enough for the big show, then you really should be more open minded. Work on it.