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6 Recreational Activities James Bond Would Never Do

Okay, I get it, you’re on vacation and anything goes. But there are some things a man just shouldn’t do, or at least allow pictures of him doing it to get out. If James wouldn’t do it, maybe you shouldn’t either.

Bird Watching Tours
The original James Bond, the one Ian Fleming pilfered the name James Bond from, was an ornithologist and wrote books on birds. That doesn’t mean James Bond, our man named Bond, would ever go on a bird watching tour though. Actually, I don’t know anyone who would, but someone must because they are offered all over. I’ve done river cruises in Jamaica and Costa Rica where the guides point out all the birds we see, but that’s just because they’re waiting for something really exciting like a lizard to come around. Most of us are there for the monkeys and crocodiles anyway and could care less about the rare yellow-billed whatever-you-call-it.

Water Trikes
You know those big-wheeled, tricycle-like contraptions that beach resorts have which you pedal out into the water, looking like a geek and feeling like one too? You know: the ones James would never be seen on. You could actually swim or even float out quicker than these things go and probably relax more while doing it. Well, some may say I’ve been seen on one but I will deny, deny, deny; mainly because I destroyed all the pictures, so there.

Ice Fishing
If James ever ice fished, he’d probably catch a sexy, topless mermaid. The rest of us just catch a cold. Sitting on a giant ice-cube, drinking beer or whiskey or whatever you drink in an old wooden shack while waiting patiently for a nibble is not James’ style. Actually, waiting patiently for anything is not James’s nor my style so that’s why you won’t see either of us doing it.

Swimming With the Dolphins
J.B. has probably swum many times with the dolphins but I’m sure it was on the open seas like when he swims to Dr. No’s island in Jamaica. He would never be caught dead in a water park, wearing a life jacket and floating with the kiddies while Flipper rubs up against him. It’s not very glamorous or adventurous to float in a sea of Kibbles n Bits which I later discovered was dolphin poop.

Hot Air Ballooning
Now, I’ve seen hot air balloons in James Bond movies but it’s usually the bad guy or girl making a fatal mistake in thinking this will provide an escape. There is hardly any control except up and down and it’s the down part that gets me worried. The takeoff is probably fun but once you’re up, you’re at the mercy of the winds on where it’s going to take you. Not knowing where I’m going is maybe standard operating procedure on my vacation, but it’s against everything James Bond stands for.

Segway Tours
I’ve seen many of these groups, or “Pods” as I call them, of tourists on Segways putting slowly along everywhere from downtown Denver to the beaches of St. Maarten. If James, or I for that matter, want motorized transportation we would prefer an Aston Martin, a BMW motorcycle, or a Lotus Esprit car/submarine. There was that one time in Mexico when I vaguely remember renting a moped—something else James would never be seen on—but I’m sure there was Tequila involved and there are no pictures to confirm it.

We love you, just remember that.

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6 (More) Guaranteed Ways To Piss Off Other Campers

All the serenity of camping blows away with the wind when “that guy” comes to the campground. That guy is the loud, obnoxious creature that has no sense of space, privacy or ethics. If you do these things, you might be “that guy”.

Set up Camp in the Middle of the Night
Many campgrounds have quiet time ranging from 10pm to 7am. You arrive at 3am, pitching an entertainment tent equipped with a foosball table and battery-operated ice cream machine while yelling at your friend to hammer the stake in the ground. You bring a portable generator and fill up a three-foot high air mattress waking everyone up from his or her sleep. And to top it off, you shine headlights on the grounds because you never heard of a flashlight. You do this because you refuse the easy-pitch tents and can’t live away from your toys for longer than a day.

Build a Lazy Bonfire
Nature provides fire materials, right? The not-so-awesome camper arrives on site already looking around for firewood. Gasoline, kerosene, and moonshine are used to trigger a three-day bonfire, smoking out neighbors and the trees. You walk through nature and grab pine needles, leaves, wood, and maybe a neighbor’s spare log to keep the fire blazing. And for the hell of it, decide to throw in used Dorito bags and beer cans to keep the fire going. You create fires that make Smokey the Bear cringe and Al Gore cry in his sleep.

Peeing Wherever You Please
Some campgrounds do not have designated toilets. When nature is your bathroom, you let your instincts decide where’s best. Next to your tent, next to your neighbor’s tent or, in the nearby lake? Eh, it don’t matter! You drop your drawers anywhere without a care in the world.

Getting High in Nature
Normal people get high with nature’s energy and presence. You can easily piss off campers while igniting the campground’s scent with pot smoke. It gets even more entertaining when parents have to explain to their children that sometimes nature’s grass and pine trees smell funny at night. Stoned out of your mind you decide to have a “Mardi-Grass” party. You cat call the ladies and say, “Hey babe, I’ll give you a pearl necklace for some potato chips.” Glued to a chair with laughter you scream, “Does Pizza Hut deliver out here?” When you run out of lighter fluid, your creative brainpower lights the next joint from the bonfire, near singeing your eyebrows. Nearly hallucinating, all you can think about is food. So you grab grub, leave your trash behind and start practicing your bear calls—because bears know where food is, right?

Slog Hogging the BBQ
Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs are a quintessential camping experience. Not-so-awesome campers eat, sleep, pee and repeat while vacationing in front of the BBQ pit. Pitch a lounge chair and crack open a Budweiser while enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner at the fire pit. Don’t forget about dessert, no camping experience is complete without smores. You light endless marshmallows on fire and throw the blazing ball of sugar to your friend who’s too drunk to catch it. You stick around the fire until your bladder explodes or until its too cold outside. But, if the fire keeps you warm, and lazy legs can’t walk 300 feet back to the tent, you rough it until the AM and repeat.

Exiting the Same Way You Entered
Nothing pisses off campers more than to exit with the same chaotic tune as you entered. If you really want to push buttons, pull an all nighter shrieking AC/DC  and slurring provocative jokes throughout the grounds. Once the first sign of sunrise touches the sky, break down camp during “quiet time” and load the truck while yelling at the wife and kids. Don’t forget the grand finale. Rev the engines a few times and peel out, windows down, firing off a hunting rifle. Oh, and don’t forget to throw your last beer can out of the window. Campsites love litterbugs.

If these aren’t enough ways to completely ruin someone’s weekend, we have six more you should check out!

We love you, just remember that.

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6 Signs You’re About to Have a Bad Concert Experience

You pay your money—probably quite a bit of your money- you anxiously await the date, and then trek to the venue only to have some shmuck ruin your evening. Here are a few warning signs if you’re about to have a bad concert experience.

The Parking Lot
Tailgating is practically an American tradition. Partying before a sporting or concert event is a great way to kick off a fun night. Starting at noon for an 8 pm concert is maybe not a good idea though. When you pull in early and the lot is already full and has been for hours, you may have quite a few wasted people to deal with. As the old saying goes: it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, then it’s hilarious. That is, unless it’s you or your companion who gets spilled on, puked on, or knocked down.

Judging a Book by Its Cover
What’s worse than having a 12 year old kid wearing a Star Wars t-shirt sitting next to you at a concert? Having a forty year old guy wearing a Star Wars T-shirt sitting next to you at a concert. Whoever sits next to you can ruin the night in many ways: talking to you too much, moving in on your space, or especially if he’s one of those in the parking lot since noon.

I Thought This Was a Concert, Not a Dance Recital?
When the couple in front of is dancing away, this could be a bad sign, especially if there isn’t even any music playing. It’s one thing to enjoy the show and, sure if she’s hot the dancing may be entertaining, but all night long? You paid a lot of money for that seat and it would be nice to get a glimpse of the stage once in a while.

Who Sings This Song?
We all are happy you are the Karaoke champ of Ogallala, Nebraska but do you have to sing along to every song? Most rock bands will have at least one or two songs that are sing-a-longs and the lead singer will usually prompt you when that time has come. Otherwise, I paid a lot of money to hear a professional sing his or her songs, so please let him or her do his or her job if your face is right by my ear.

Couldn’t Stand the Weather
Outdoor venues have learned a lesson from losses due to canceled shows and now have covers on their stages that will protect the artist from inclement weather. Unfortunately, in order to be an outdoor venue, the crowd has to sit outdoors. If the clouds are forming, the tornado sirens wailing, and the raindrops start falling, fear not: the show must go on. You are going to get soaked and to add insult to injury, some venues don’t allow umbrellas. Of course they don’t allow you to bring in drugs or alcohol either and that has never stopped us has it?

Gender Inequality
I once took The Wife to a Stevie Nicks/Chris Isaack concert; it was the best ever. Not that I’m a big fan of either artist but the crowd consisted of me and 7,999 women. Needless to say I spent as much time watching the crowd as I did the stage. Conversely I’ve been to Frank Zappa shows that had exactly zero women in the crowd. If you are uncomfortable being the only women there, maybe you should avoid Rush concerts. If you are uncomfortable being the only man in a crowd, stay away from Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaack shows. Besides, you’re moving in on my action.

We love you, just remember that.

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7 Most Epic Parkour and Free Running Videos

Have you been searching for inspiration lately? Nothing encourages you to stretch your stiff lower back more than an epic parkour video. These viral videos spin-kick and flip their way to YouTube fame by compiling the most insane stunts. Within minutes of watching, your mind will transport into a land of the most unimaginable tricks. Inspire yourself and the world to get moving with these videos below.

The World’s Best Parkour and Free Running

If you dream of becoming a real life monkey climbing and hanging around concrete jungles, you must watch this video. With over 66 million views, you’ll soon discover why this is one of the most epic online videos.

Insane Parkour and Freerunning 2014

Insane is an understatement. Never in your life will you see upper-body strength and control like these dudes show in this four-minute video.

The World’s Best Parkour and Free Running 2014

Are you afraid of heights? Release your fear of free falling with this eight-minute video demonstrating the most outrageous stunts at dangerously high elevation.

Epic Parkour and Freerunning 2015

Nothing enhances the spirit more than man flipping off nature’s rockiest land. From buildings to boulders, explore death-defying stunts with this video.

The World’s Best Parkour and Freerunnng 2015

Have you ever questioned the deeper qualities of life, wondering how a cat can fit into a box half its size? Sometimes life doesn’t always have an answer, but somehow things are possible. If you want to see a man dolphin diving through a ladder, check out this video.

Parkour and Freeruninng 2015 – No Fear

Let’s face the facts. Parkour people are fearless creatures who think fear is for pussycats. Get jacked on adrenaline with this fearless video.

Parkour and Freerunning 2015 – The Beauty of Movement

Oh, the amazing human body, and how it graciously watches this video while slugging down a can of pop. Explore the grace of human movement as these dudes perform the coolest tricks in town. Try not to flip out the first forty seconds of this video.

We love you, just remember that.

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Not Showering for 2 Weeks on the Trail

Day 1: I hopped out of the shower this morning smelling of the fresh rainforest pictured on my bottle of shampoo. The day had just begun and my backpack was leaning by the front door waiting to packed into the trunk. After getting quite the scare from the neighbor’s dog snarling behind the fence post, I hit the road ready for two glorious weeks of backcountry camping. I was leaving behind the necessities of life including all my social media machines, nightlights, and Speed-Stick deodorant.

Upon arriving at the trail, I was pleasantly welcomed with a cloudless sky, although by the time I really started making my way down the dirt path, the glaring afternoon sun caused the pit stains on my shirt to nearly double in size, and slowly I smelled my rainforest shampoo being washed away by damper conditions on my forehead.


Day 3: The trip has been going well so far, and I have found my time spent in the wilderness pleasant. It has been 3 days since I last showered, although I did dip my face into the stream the other day. I would never go three days without showering in the “civilized” world, but upon passing a few other hikers going the other way, and walking through the cloud that followed them, I realized that I have yet to reach my true stink potential.


Day 5: As I was bending over this morning to un-stake my tent from the ground, my nostrils caught a full whiff of my open armpits. My nose hairs curled up and I had to check to make sure some hideous bug hadn’t found its death inside my t-shirt. Upon the next whiff though, I could detect the fair aromas of campfire, perspiration, and the hot afternoon sun. And after looking around to make sure no one had seen me smelling my own armpits like a Sommelier smells his wine, I continued down the trail and away from the stench of my own shadow.


Day 7: I had to stop in a small mountain town to re-supply my camping food. As I was perusing the deli meats for an afternoon sandwich, I could see the butcher frantically looking for something amongst his piles of meats and cheeses. He picked up the pastrami and looked inquisitively between its layered sheets. Finally, without finding what he was looking for, he turned to a fellow butcher and exclaimed that one of the cheeses must have spoiled.


Day 7: As I was perusing the limited selection of granola bars in the small mountain town for my re-supply, a young mother pushed her stroller pasts me as she was heading for the baby formula. The moment she passed, the young mother stopped only for an instant, as if her stroller had hit a crack in the linoleum floor, and in that moment the young baby let out a loud cry. The tears continued as the women quickened her pace, forgetting the formula she was looking for.


Day 7: A break of good luck at the register, the small line that had formed in front of the cashier suddenly vanished as soon as I took my place behind them, and some customers even left their groceries on the counter as they quickly left the store. When it was suddenly my turn to pay for my groceries, the cashier must have had a personal issues going on because she had tears in her eyes, but I thought it better to not ask. As she counted out my change, I took off my hat, only to realize that the lack of my usual rainforest shampoo had created a bit of a dandruff emergency on my scalp. As my flakes coated the counter and even the hand of the cashier who timidly held out my change, we both made eye contact for a short moment. Sorry was all I could say as I took my change and groceries, eager to get back on the trail where my odor belonged.


Day 9: Mosquitos have quit biting at my neck as I move along. I saw one land on my upper thigh as I was eating lunch in the late afternoon, and after eating a quick lunch itself, the mosquito was unable to fly out of the hazy atmosphere it found itself in. I felt bad for the little guy, and if it wasn’t for the red bump now swelling on my leg, I would have maybe considered not flicking it out of the air and into oblivion, but my leg was really starting to itch. I think it might have worked as a message to all those other pesky mosquitos.


Day 11: It rained pretty hard the night before and much of the morning. It’s sunny now, but just before noon I was hiking with all my rain gear on keeping the precipitation out and trapping my stench within. If I turned my neck a certain way, what seem like a gas bubble escaped from my jacket and puffed right into my face. I wondered at these times if this is what other people smelled when they encountered me, but quickly decided it was just a more concentrated version. After the rain let up, my clothes and body dried pretty quickly, and for a while it felt fairly refreshing, but now mildew has emerged into the smell mixture. I am currently in the process of checking for mold on my body and clothes.


Day 13: I have seen an amazing amount of wildlife in the past couple of days. It began with a colony of rabbits that all just sat and flopped their ears as I passed them on the trailside. Then I came across a deer, or rather, a deer came across me. I was walking to the sounds of my own footsteps when suddenly a young doe passed me on the trail. It startled me for sure, getting passed by a deer like I was in the slow lane of the interstate, but the deer didn’t even seem to notice me. And then finally and perhaps most amazingly of all, as I was searching for the perfect spot to dig a hole and take care of some “business”, I heard some twigs breaking to my right and saw an enormous Grizzly Bear. I was taken aback of course, and I couldn’t help but have the feeling that the bear was trying to take care of the same business as me. The bear raised his snout to the air and took a couple quick whiffs, and then he looked right at me, we connected eyes, and he simply nodded as if to say “occupied.”


Day 13: Upon further investigation and thought, I believe that without showering for nearly two weeks I have now assimilated into nature, I have found my spot back in the animal kingdom. I am considering ways and options to bottle this wilderness scent and sell it at a high-end boutique. Ode de Animál is what I think I will call it. I have begun the process of empting my spice container and trying to capture the seed scent.


Day 14: The container that was to hold my cologne scent has melted, which renders it nearly useless. But luckily I didn’t have to lug around the garbage much longer because I had reached the end of my wilderness loop and found myself back at my car.

When I sat down behind the wheel, the palm tree air freshener I had hanging from my mirror shriveled and turned black, which is something I didn’t know they did. I drove home with the windows open and once, when I was stopped a red light, the car next to me must have been in a hurry because after they stopped, the accelerated through a red light narrowly missing other turning vehicles.

As a pleasant surprise when I got home, the neighbor’s dog must have just gotten back from obedience school because instead of his usual barking tyrant from the other side of the fence, all I heard was a soft whimper as he ran back onto the porch and scratched at the door. And after taking off my boots with a definite slosh of sweat, after stripping away the clothes I had worn for the past 14 days, I stood in front of the shower, towel in hand, wondering, “why’d I ever shower every day in the first place?”

We love you, just remember that.

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Amazing 4K Video of the BSR Superslide

The BSR, a cable park in Waco, Texas, has more than just cable skiing—it also has a huge water slide. But the water slide isn’t even the real star of the show in this video. That would be the beautiful 4K slow-mo video work (and the people riding the slide). As one Youtube commenter put it, they’re all happier and better looking than we’ll ever be.

We love you, just remember that.

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6 Guaranteed Ways to Piss Off Other Campers

You finally got away from it all: camp is set up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything is good in the world. Then, that one jerk shows up and ruins everything. Here are 6 ways a jerk can ruin a campout. Don’t be this jerk.

Asking “Mind if I Camp Here?”
I don’t care if you are afraid of bears, Sasquatch, the boogie man or your wife, you are not setting your tent anywhere near mine. I don’t want to hear you snore, cough, converse or roll over. The sound of a tent zipper in the middle of the night when you go pee is like an alarm clock. I don’t even want to hear if a bear attacks; hopefully he’s no longer hungry after feasting on you anyway. I know I love jerk chicken and jerk pork so hopefully bears love just plain jerk.

Skimping on Food
Some people call camping “pretending to be homeless” which makes it rough enough anyway—but not having any food? Really? Have you ever had a friend show up for a three-day campout packing a pack of hotdogs and a six-pack? I have; once and only once because I’ll never camp with that cheapskate again. Oh and by the way, showing up with just a fishing rod because you’re going to catch your supper is not only overly optimistic—it proves you’re not just an idiot, but soon to be a hungry one.

Blaring that Music
There’s nothing wrong with a little music, especially when having a few drinks, but blasting your tunes for Bambi and everyone else is over the top. I’m real happy you got that new Turtle Shell wireless speaker from Outdoor Tech, it is awesome but, enough is enough. Keep it turned down so just the folks who want to hear it do or better yet, try out those awesome Orcas Active Wireless earbuds you just got.

The Pyromaniac
Why is the one guy who doesn’t bring any wood, doesn’t go find any wood, and doesn’t chop any wood always ends up being the one who is constantly throwing wood on the fire until the blaze could melt iron? Bringing, gathering or chopping wood is a team sport. This also is directed at the guy in the next paragraph who gets up early and burns all the wood because, “it gets chilly before the sun comes up.”

Early to Bed, Early to Rise
I don’t care which of these you do, you’re going to piss someone off. It’s fine and dandy to party late but what is your definition of late? As the Talking Heads once sang: “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco…” If you must drink late, you can do it without waking up the whole Sherwood Forest. This complaint covers those of you who rise with the sun and start clanging pot and pans, yelling or worse of all: that infernal sound of your tent zipper zipping up and down, then up and down…

Leaving Your Mess for Me
The old adage goes something like, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.” This goes for you too, pal. I know you’re gone and probably already back at that trash heap you call a home, but now I have to clean up your campsite. I have cleaned beer cans, bean cans, toilet paper rolls, and on my last camp out, dirty diapers left lying all around. And while we’re on the subject of garbage, unless you have a fire burning at about million degrees Fahrenheit, those beer bottles you threw in the fire ring are now just blackened trash that I have to pick up and throw out.

We love you, just remember that.

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6 Reasons You Might Need a Power Bank

If you don’t own a portable power bank, what exactly have you been waiting for? They’re an on-the-go energy outlet that allows you to keep moving when your phone is running low without having to stop and look for an outlet to plug it into. If that’s not enough, here are more ways they come in handy in a pinch.

They Keep You Jammin’ While You’re Campin’
The Kodiak series of power banks are small enough you can easily pack them for a weekend camping trip. You’re going to need some tunes while you’re lounging around the campfire and are tired of hearing your girlfriend nag you about mosquitos. Power banks can recharge your iPod for up to two or three separate times, so you can keep cranking up the volume to tune out your girl’s voice.

They’ll Keep You Feeling Good
Your recreational activities aren’t our place to judge, so if you feel the need to toke up every once in awhile we say go for it! If your preferred method of “entertainment” is through a little vapor inhalation, a power bank can keep you lit up for hours on end. They plug right into a vape pen and will give you a full charge in moments.

You’ll Never Get Lost
We’re not sure about you, but our sense of direction sucks. If you’re the type who constantly refers to a GPS to find your way around, you’ve got to have a power bank to keep from turning into a character in the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You know how it ended for those guys. The Kodiak power bank offers 6,000 milliamps of energy into your GPS or tablet.


So Light You’ll Forget They’re There
You can slip a Kodiak Mini into your back pocket and never notice it’s there. That’s great for those times you want to take a charge with you on your next cycling trip. If you find yourself at a lake and decide to dive in, don’t worry, these things are water-resistant too. Hell, you might even be able to take them snorkeling and charge your GoPro – actually, we don’t recommend that one. But you can try. You paid for it.

Your Friend Might Be a Moron
How many times has your buddy asked to borrow your charger when you’re on a trip? Now, you don’t have to give it to him and forsake you own charging capabilities. The shockproof Kodiak Plus adds a 2nd USB port so you can share your power with your buddy. Or use it to charge your phone and your laptop and tell him tough luck. Dude should’ve bought his own.

They Charge—Well—Everything
Most technology comes with a USB port to plug a charger into these days – smartphones, GPS, computers, headphones, probably vibrators. We’re not sure on that last one, but we’re guessing they do. That means you can use your power bank in every situation. Take it to the beach, camping, on a plane, skating or in the backseat of your car. If your device doesn’t have a USB, there’s also a cable that’ll probably plug into whatever weird port it does contain.

We love you, just remember that.

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New Slang for the Adventurous Smartass in You

Whether you’re at the skate park, in the mountains, or grabbing a beer in town, you’re sure to hear these new-but-catching-on words being dropped by 20- and 30-somethings alike. Whether using them makes you look cool or just plain idiotic is debatable, but hey, it never hurts to expand your vocab.

To biff is to “bite it”, “face plant”, or generally just fall in such a spectacularly epic way that your face, and ass, make contact with the earth.

For example,
“I totally biffed off that rail while I was riding.”

Coined just last year, this term is a spinoff of heterosexual and metrosexual, typically denoting a bearded, flannel wearing urban man, who may or may not possess any real wilderness skills but, nonetheless, sips microbrews, wears hiking boots downtown, and probably uses a significant amount of product in his face hair.

Love the lumbersexual or hate it, this look is here to stay as long as hipsters survive.

On Fleek
Think of “that’s so fetch” in Mean Girls. Now apply that to “on fleek”, except that “fleek” is totally happening. Used when referencing something that is perfect, awesome, or mindblowing; on fleek is popular in the music community and being used more and more in social media.

If you’re a part of the outdoor community, or perhaps just live in a more liberal area where Wholefoods make their home on every corner and Kombucha is a thing, you may have heard the term “granola.” This is typically used to refer to someone who is “earthy”, “ environmentally conscious, or just a dirty hippie. A slight dig, though not too mean to be used endearingly.

“Dude, did you see that chick with the hair legs? She’s so granola but I’d still bang her.”

(You would. Don’t lie.)

Sobo and Nobo
If you’re a city dweller, you’ll often hear hipsters and complete douche bags having conversations like this:
“I do say, Fredward, we should hop the Sobo train and hit up that new coffee shop on 104th. “

Sobo and Nobo are short for South Bound and North Bound. Furthermore, just because hipsters drop these terms, doesn’t mean they aren’t useful, particularly when biking, hiking, or skiing in the backcountry.

For example,
“Let’s drop over this cornice, bomb some trees and rendezvous in that glade. Just head Sobo, skier’s right.”

Chances are you haven’t heard this complete gem of a word. Defined as either a man or woman who needs some bushwhacking in their nether-regions, this term is glorious because it invokes the wild and untamed hairiness of a Sasquatch paired with, well, a person’s junk.

Ok, so unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2-plus years, you’ve probably heard or seen (assuming you can read) the word “stoked”. At its very core, the word essentially means, “excited”, “amped up”, and anticipatory (look it up) of something EPIC!

How to use it:
“I’m so stoked for the new Warren Miller Film, I could fart glitter.”


“Jenny was so stoked when Tyler asked her to be his Friend With Benefits.” (Because no one actually dates dudes named ‘Tyler’.)

We love you, just remember that.

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100 Places of Dance – Video

Remember Where the Hell is Matt, the video of a guy dancing in locations all over the world that was one of the first viral videos back in the early days of YouTube? Well now forget it because 100 Places of Dance is way better.

Matt Bray (different Matt) did the same dance in 100 different places and seamlessly cut the videos together to look like one continuous dance.

Sure, he’s not the globetrotter that the other Matt is, since all of the places in this video are in Chicagoland. But who needs videos of a guy dancing in a small village in Africa and on the streets of Bangkok when you can watch this guy dance by remote and unexplored locations such as the Bean and the Sears Tower?

We love you, just remember that.

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