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What is a Power Bank?

power bank splash
Kodiak Plus Ultra – Waterproof Power Bank

A power bank has many different names; a portable charger, backup battery, battery pack, and sometimes they have been called mobile electrical storage receptacle. Okay so maybe you haven’t run into anyone calling a power bank a mobile electrical storage receptacle but you never know, I’ve heard some pretty strange things in my day.

  • What is a power bank? It’s a battery that you can charge your stuff with.
  • What kind of stuff can a backup battery charge? A cell phone, GoPro, and other small electronics.
  • Are power banks rechargeable? Usually, a power bank is rechargeable.
  • What do I do when my portable charger is out of batteries? You can plug it in and charge it up again?
  • How long will a backup battery last? It depends on the capacity (size of the battery). Usually, you can get a few cell phone charges out of a power bank.

It seems like you have a lot of questions about power banks and portable power in general. You should probably take a look at a power bank that we make.

If you are looking for the best portable charger well you are in luck because we actually make some of those. Yeah, I don’t want to brag but our power banks are rugged, waterproof, and don’t look lame. We call them the Kodiaks. They have some pretty rad features. QuickCharge, USB C, Flashlight, and more; just click on that link above to see all the StuffYouProbablyWant.

Or, you can look at this picture of a goat. I call him Mr. Wavy Ice, it suits him.

Mr. Wavy Ice

There is a funny story about Mr. Wavy Ice but due to legal ramifications, I can’t go into it. Let’s just say that Mr Wavy it no longer allowed at Red Robin.

National Margarita Day – Margarita of the Year

It’s National Margarita Day! Do you know what this means?!? Yea, nothing really, but there’s this pretty rad competition that Patron holds every year that coincides with this day and I’m going to tell you all about it.

In honor of National Margarita Day, Patron has launched their annual Margarita of the Year competition, where people from all around the world compete to win… well, Margarita of the year. I know, it probably sounds uneventful, but these heavenly concoctions are far from that. See for yourself:

So, just to recap we’ve got:


    Red Wine & Hibiscus


    Mango & Indian Spices


    Green Peas & Earl Grey Tea


    Mango & Fresh Avocado


    Charred Pineapple & Sage


    Coconut & Jalapeño


    Grapefruit & Tiki Spices

I know which one i’m voting for; if you think you’ve got the winner, you can vote for your choice here.

The Real Debate Tonight is What to Drink

All this political banter is making us more crazy, and more impatient than we appreciate; I am sure you can agree. These days, watching a white sheet dry is frankly more appealing than sitting through hours of a lemon faced, orange and an email scandal. I’ve come to realize at the end of each day, and each debate, I need a drink, and maybe you do too.

The greatest alternative to a boggled mind, is a calming cocktail (or three). Check out these 5 drinks that will put all your political worries at ease; you’re welcome.

  1. AMF – The Adios Mother F*ck3r is kind of a party pack of alcohols if you will, and probably the most intricate drink on our list. For good reasons. With vodka, gin, white rum and some blue curacao, sour mix and 7-Up, this mixed drink will definitely leave you with no worries when you’re done with it. Or thoughts or feelings for that matter.
  2. Chai Fireball Tea – Yea, you read that right. This is one of those weird Pumpkin Spice Latte things where you feel like a teenage girl while you’re drinking it, but its also really damn good so you choose not to care. Fix up a steaming pot of Chai, douse it with whiskey, and let the debate games begin.
  3. Cape Cod – Just like Cape Cod itself, this drink has got a hook. The cranberry juice and lime mixture are sure to reel you in, and the vodka is there to make you stay. and keep coming back. Night night.
  4. Paloma – Simple yet delicious, the Paloma is 3 parts grapefruit soda, 1 part tequila and a lime. Tune out the noise with this sour sipper and use the lime to practice your own DT squish face.
  5. Mai Tai – Saving the best for last, the ultimate mind calming cocktail, the Mai Tai. From the first debates in history to the ones at the end of time, this vacation in a cup will never get old. Tune in, Shake well, serve and repeat.

If one of these doesn’t sound appetizing enough for the big show, then you really should be more open minded. Work on it.

Outdoor Tech: FAQ

I decided to write this blog post due to the vast number of questions we get, on the daily, that are on repeat. If you are wondering who to contact if your product is broken or missing a piece, if you’re curious about our sponsorship program, or you would just like some good ole fashioned Yowie stickers, this is the place to be.

  1. My ODT product is no longer working/will not work/is missing a piece, who do I contact?
    • Please email our customer service department at or call 310-677-0190. We will try our very best to help you in whatever situation you are in.
  2. I emailed/called customer support but have not received a response.
    • We take pride in our customer service, and we try our best to do a damn good job at getting you to where you want to be. Some days are busier than others so if you don’t receive a response, we didn’t forget about you, we will be with you shortly. Also, don’t hesitate to keep bugging us. We WANT to help you.
  3. Are your giveaways real? I never see that anyone wins.
    • Yes, our giveaways are 100% authentic and a winner is picked at random at the end of each one. We announce the winner on our Facebook page every Friday, so if you would like to see who won, please refer to our Facebook page.
  4. How do I enter your giveaway?
    • If you are on your mobile device, you can enter my clicking on the link in our Instagram bio, or by selecting the image associated with the contest post on our Facebook page. If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, you can go straight to the “Free Stuff!” tab on our Facebook page. This tab is located below our cover photo and above our status. You can also see our contests/who the winner is on our ODT Blog.
  5. What is going on with the Exoskeleton?
    • We want the Exoskeleton to be perfect, and if it’s not perfect, we won’t sell it to you. As soon as it is perfect however, it will be on our site for you to purchase.
  6. I am an amazing athlete and would love to be sponsored by you. How do I do that?
    • If you are big time you can email and include an athlete resume and links to current content and social media posts.
  7. I would like to team up with your company for an event/giveaway/donation/etc. Who do I contact?
  8. I took some rad photos of Outdoor Tech stuff and would love if you could share them. Where can I send them?
    • Please feel free to tag us in any of your posts about Outdoor Tech on social, we love to share awesome content from our fans when appropriate. If you’ve taken photos that are just too good that you haven’t posted them on social media, you can email them to and we will share them if appropriate. Just keep in mind, we can’t share everything.
  9. I would love some ODT stickers. How do I get some?
  10. Is it cool to message you guys on social media about any of the above?
    • Go for it, but why would you after reading this blog post?

6 Ways to Piss Off a Mountain Town Local

When you’re heading off for a ski vacation in the mountains, you’re bound to come into contact with varying degrees of locals*.

*The definition of local is a hotly debated topic that will be saved for another time.

Locals will check you into your hotel, tune your skis, pour your beer, and mend your sprained wrist. Get on their good side, and locals will also show you some sweet powder stashes, advise you on what activities are tourist traps, and let you in on the best place in town to grab a breakfast burrito.

And if you get on their bad side? Well, you’ll have to wait and see what that’s like. Here are 6 easy ways to piss off a mountain town local. (Warning: we are not responsible for the consequences of doing the following).

Don’t Tip
Money can’t buy you happiness: that’s the message you want to send to your server/bartender/cab driver/etc. Forget the fact that they’re overeducated and underpaid: they didn’t move to the mountains to make money. So after you’ve enjoyed a multi-course meal, asked for every modification humanly possible, and imbibed in custom-created cocktails, put a big fat zero on that tip line. Sign on the dotted line, give your server a thumb’s up for the great service, and go on your merry way.

Be a Know-It-All
You spent your lunch break scouring TripAdvisor and brushing up on your Wikipedia knowledge. Don’t let those facts go to waste. That guy you’re sharing the gondola with—the one who was born and raised in this very mountain town—doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Correct him about anything and everything, ranging from what time the mountain opens at to where they put the moguls in the summertime.

Be Condescending
“Aren’t your parents disappointed in you?” is a perfectly acceptable opener when talking with a mountain town local. Mountain town locals don’t make as much money as you, their house isn’t as pretty as yours, and their job title is totally lame (they probably don’t even have a business card). Assert your superiority, and don’t hide your smugness.

One Up Them
One of the best ways to piss off a mountain town local is to pull out the old bait-and-switch. Start conversing with them as though you actually care about what they have to say. Be kind, polite, and interested—then sweep the rug out from under their feet. Any time they express happiness or pride in their mountain town, one up them. “Yeah, the terrain here is okay, but it’s nothing compared to Chamonix.” “You think THIS is snow? Have you ever even been to Japan?” “This place is a hell hole. I don’t know how you live here.”

One easy way to rub salt in the wound is to throw in a casual post-remark, “No offense.”

Trash the Place
Being on vacation officially entitles you to throw away every shred of common sense and decency within your being. Don’t waste your time looking for a trash can—toss it on the ground! Drink ‘til you have to puke, and when you do, be sure to puke directly on a store window. Learn some tips from these guys—they know what’s up.

Announce Yourself
“Do you know who I am?” Those six magic words are the key to getting everything you want. Don’t be afraid to name drop the fact that your neighbor’s sister-in-law’s dad is the guy who runs the mountain… even if it isn’t true.

7 Things You Must Have to Survive a Blizzard at Home

I can actually think of about 30 things you really should have, but that’s counting a case of beer as 24 things.

Emergency Supplies

They say in a storm you should have batteries, candles, canned goods, fresh water, and firewood if you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove. This is all in case the power goes out, and they do have a point. My advice covers those storms where the power is on just the desire or ability to get to work seems missing.

Good Neighbors

To some it may be the guy with the snow blower. A good neighbor will clear off your sidewalk and driveway. A great neighbor will stay for a drink or three after he’s done. Good neighbors help one another: push your car when stuck, share food if you’re low, and help shovel snow if that snow blower doesn’t show up.


OT_Blog_Featured_03It’s best to stock up because you never know how long you’ll be stuck at home. Milk, eggs, fresh veggies and fruit disappear first from your grocer’s shelves, and will soon after go bad on yours, so don’t even bother with those. Go for chips, cookies, burgers, and pop, you know: the 4 main food groups.


OT_Blog_Featured_04The second busiest store next to the supermarket before a blizzard is the liquor store. When the flakes start flying, the local liquor store makes the mall on Christmas Eve look like a slow day. Obviously I’m not the only one thinking this way. Beer and wine go first, then, if the warnings are serious, whiskey and vodka go next. Wine coolers never sell out but a run on peppermint schnapps is possible as visions of hot chocolate starts dancing in our heads.


OT_Blog_Featured_05This doesn’t mean just food; you need quality munchies. Just like any other time you’re watching a movie you want munchies; it’s just, this time, you’re watching about 36 hours of movies. That means popcorn, chips, pop, and junior mints, the standard movie fare everywhere.


OT_Blog_Featured_06Used to be, when the forecast was ominous, we would head straight to the video rental store. Now that shows how long I’ve been at this. Nowadays I keep the DVR stocked up with recordings, and that’s just in case the dish goes out. Sure, some of you have streaming capabilities but, believe it or not, the internet can go down, or at least your provider does. I’ve heard people used to just sit around and read or actually talk to one another. Of course they also cooked over the fire and wore loincloths as well.

A Loving (or at least understanding) Partner

OT_Blog_Featured_07Okay, I admit, I’m not the easiest guy to get along with. Being shut-in with me for 2 or 3 days should merit some kind of medal. Actually, being shut in with anyone for an extended period of time can be brutal; they call it stir-crazy or cabin fever. She can only take so many times of me whining, “I’m bored.” That’s where the neighbors, the movies, and the alcohol really come into effect. All three offer her some form of escape.

6 Ways to Survive a Rainy Day on the Mountain

Forecasts of precipitation in your favorite ski town are usually a good thing—after all, the magic equation is precipitation + cold = pow.

But if you remove the cold element from that equation, you’re left with a slightly nastier result: rain.

No matter how you frame it, a rainy day on the mountain kind of sucks. You’ll get soaking wet pretty quickly, and the snow that’s already on the mountain will get heavy and weird (or melty and miserable).

As the old saying goes, when life gives you lemons, whip up a tasty batch of lemonade. Here’s how to make lemonade from soggy mountain conditions.

Gear Up

OT_Blog_Featured_01Continuing with the grandpa sayings, there’s no such thing as bad weather—there’s just bad clothing. In other words, if you’re wearing the right stuff, you can have a good time in just about any condition. So bust out the GoreTex and pack along an extra pair of gloves and go skiing.

If you don’t feel like springing a month (plus) of rent on waterproof snow gear, you could always resort to the old fashioned garbage bag poncho. If it’s good enough for the lifties, it’s good enough for you.

Switch Your Stick(s)

OT_Blog_Featured_02If the rainy conditions limit you to groomers or if you know that it’s unlikely that you’ll last more than a few hours up top, have a little fun with it. Get everyone in your posse to switch their sticks: if they usually snowboard, have them pick up a pair of skis, and vice versa. Laugh at each other as you flail madly down the mountain in unfamiliar gear. Given that you’re learning in horrible conditions, you’ll undoubtedly walk away with full confidence that your initial gear of choice is by far the best.

Get High

OT_Blog_Featured_03Unless you’re experiencing some funky inversion action, the general rule of thumb is that the higher you go, the colder it gets (duh). So if it’s pouring down low, it just might be snowing like crazy up in the alpine. If you get really lucky, you might get the most magical pow day of all time—and the lift lines will be non-existent, since the rain will have scared the masses away.

Just Give ‘Er

OT_Blog_Featured_04Of course, there’s always the option to just suck it up, buttercup. You’ve come this far to go skiing—are you really going to let a little rain scare you off?

Remember what’s waiting for you at the end of the day: a warm shower, a cold brew, and a hot plate of nachos. Keep that in mind as you power through soggy lap after soggy lap, you hardcore snow sporter.

Give Up and Be Lazy

OT_Blog_Featured_05If you can’t stomach the thought of spending your money on a lift ticket to shred in horrible conditions, then give up on the dream and make other plans. Throw on your rattiest pair of sweatpants, invite some friends over (instruct them to bring snacks and pizza), and indulge in a marathon session of ski movie watching. The powder on the screen is definitely better than the non-existent powder outside.

Give Up and Go Crazy

OT_Blog_Featured_06Too much pent up energy to spend the day on the couch? Then get creative and enjoy the other aspect of a ski town: the partying. Plan your own original pub crawl: aim to try every drink on the menu between your crew, or hop from bar to bar and order their signature beverage.

There you have it: the proverbial ski town lemonade.