Outdoor Tech® Tapped as Audio and Power Partner to Level 1’s Annual Feature

Level1 Superunknown

DENVER, CO (January 28, 2015) — Level 1 and Outdoor Tech® are proud to announce their exclusive audio and power partnership for the 16th annual Level 1 feature film and SuperUnknown XII.

“Outdoor Tech is leading the charge with progressive audio and power products, and as a brand they couldn’t be a more perfect fit for our approach to marketing, image and design. It’s very clear that they’re doing amazing things and growing in the right direction and I’m excited to have Level 1 on board to help them get where they’re going!” says Level 1 Director Josh Berman. Continue reading

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7 Hilarious Classic Ski Movies

skimoveiMore storylines. Fancier cameras. Steeper lines. Cooler effects.

The world of ski movies is changing a little more every year, and while we applaud innovation and can appreciate a good cutting edge ski film, sometimes you just want the classics.

You know the ones: they’re part dumb, part cheesy, but entirely funny. There’s no better anecdote to a rainy day/coming-down-with-the-flu feeling/hangover recovery session than to watch a few of these oldies but goodies back-to-back. Continue reading

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Want to Ski Better? Watch a Pro

We all know the first step to getting better at something is watching lots of videos on YouTube. Duh. How else are you going to land those lift ramp jumps or ski in and out of a cave with enough speed to do a backflip?

Three time X Games gold medalist Candide Thovex filmed “One of those days 2,” at his home resort in Val Blanc, France. While he probably pissed off the liftie at 4:17, as well as a line of folks waiting to ride the gondola, he did make a lot of internet watchers, including us, pretty stoked.

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Smith and Outdoor Tech® Announce Audio System Partnership

Los Angeles, CA (January 21, 2015) – Blending innovation and performance, Outdoor Tech® and Smith announced this week its new partnership for co-branded drop-in audio systems for all Smith adult snowsports helmets. Sold separately, the rugged and minimal design of the audio kits quickly and easily install into the earpad liners for Hi-Fi sound and easy phone access while on the hill.

Smith and Outdoor Tech

The new Smith x Outdoor Tech® Wireless Audio CHIPS® (MSRP $130) are loaded with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 chipset providing voice prompts that replace tones for incoming calls and volume controls, as well as a new battery gauge so users won’t have to worry about losing power unexpectedly. They boast the patented glove and mitten-friendly button controls directly on the earpiece for adjusting volume levels, answering calls, controlling track selections and even activating Siri or voice commands. Wireless CHIPS® have a rechargeable battery that lasts for 10 hours of continuous playtime or about three days of real world on-mountain use while providing endless freedom from wires and the fear of dropping your phone off a lift.

Wired Audio CHIPS® (MSRP $40) are also loaded with a glove-friendly on device button and an in-line volume control with a built-in microphone.

Both CHIPS® are equipped with full range 40mm drivers set solidly in the disk shaped casing. This housing allows for better in-helmet acoustics creating the best Hi-Fi experience in the business. Tested to work perfect at -20°C/-4°F, CHIPS® are also IPX-4 sweat and water-resistant.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for the legacy that Smith has built over 50 years. We are excited, honored and humbled to be the official audio partner for the brand and look forward to working hard together to deliver the ultimate customer experience.” said Outdoor Tech® CEO, Caro Krissman.

“As leaders in technology innovation, we could not be more stoked to be working with Outdoor Tech® as our helmet audio partner. They are constantly pushing new ideas in the market, and we look forward to a long-term collaboration in helmet audio solutions.” commented Graham Sours, Helmet Category Manager at Smith.

The Smith x Outdoor Tech® CHIPS® will be available at select retailers and online at smithoptics.com in Fall 2015.

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10 Tunes for Your Road Trip to Trailhead Playlist

Tent: ✔   Sleeping bag: ✔   Food: ✔   Extra Water: ✔   Boots: ✔   GPS: ✔   Headphones: ✔

Now, all you need is some road music to keep you grooving on your way out to the trailhead.

As you’re putting together your playlist, the best approach is a mix of happy music (think Pharrell) and restorative music (OK, not quite George Winston but something contemplative for those long, lonesome stretches), something old and new, and, of course, something to sing-along with (and no, no not Ride the Pony) when you’ve got the windows down and need to release all that pent up energy, but not quite give it away.

Here’s 10 road-tripping songs, to add to your play list and get you closer to your destination:

Around the World—Daft Punk
This fun zone-out tune with its addictive punchy syntho beat will get you out of the driveway and onto the freeway at the crack of dawn.

Born to be Wild—Steppenwolf
Getcha moto running…head out on the highway. Often described as the first heavy metal song, or as AllMusic’s Hal Horowitz described as “a roaring anthem of turbo-charged riff rock.” Yep, it’s the unparalleled tribute to road tripping.

Seasons (Waiting on You)—Future Islands
This song’s synthetic pop band beat will carry you far down any road.

Long Days Hot Nights—Sirens of Lesbos
Deep, transitive vocals with a soulful undertone, on top disco-ish piano chords, emotional strings, and a haunting bassline from a band with a sound well steeped in the deep house / electronic music scene. This song will carry you well down on long lonely roads to your trailhead.

Put aside the crazy tripping lyrics and you get an easy grooving drive song with an aspirational hip hop beat.

I and Love and You—The Avett Brothers
This band defies labels but if you require a distillation, their sound is somewhere in the spectrum of country, folk, folk-rock, alternative-country, American roots, roots-rock or indie. The simply perfect roadworthy lyrics will not only have you singing along but feeling along. To whit: “Load the car and write the note; Grab your bags and grab your coat; Tell the ones that need to know; We are headed north.”

Sun Medallion—King Tuff
This kaleidoscopic stoner tune is best described by music critic Eric Goldberg as “a lost 60s garage pop gem based around an acoustic guitar,” extremely catchy and melodic.

Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches—Son Little
This soulful anthem to unrequited love and lost direction will “blow you away.” It’ll make you feel like a runaway on the road to redemption.

Back in the Saddle—Aerosmith
An irresistible open road tune that will inspire you to throw down the proverbial hardtop and put the pedal to the tarmac.

We love you, just remember that.