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ODT Holiday Gift Guide: Under $60

Feeling a bit stumped on what to get who this year? Well here is a little something to help you out. Here are 11 Outdoor Tech products under $60 that will make whoever receives them love you for all eternity. Plus you will for sure be known as the best gift giver in the family, and that is almost as good as a gold medal. Los

8 Outdoor Office-Job Alternatives

If you’re tired of the desk-jockeying, 9-5 grind and find yourself longingly looking out the window (you know, the one that’s probably not near your desk), listen up. You have options! The call of the wild shouldn’t only have to be adhered to on weekends. Here are 8 jobs that’ll get you outside the office and back into nature while still earning you a paycheck.

These 4 Ladies Just Made History by Crushing the SLS Comp

We were totally stoked to hear that Street League Skateboarding announced the first ever women’s world championship last month. It was about time, because these ladies have been shredding for a while now and were long overdue for some big time comp recognition (not to mention a shot at $30k). If you missed the championship on October 4, here are the top four women skaters

Get Outside!

Getting outside is definitely important, especially when you work a desk job. It’s so essential to break away from the routine and find your way to the nearest trail, or on a road trip to somewhere awesome. Take time to find the beauty in what the earth has naturally made so beautiful. Here are some images of my favorite place to get outside; Big Sur. Limekiln State Park  

Five Four|Club

We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with our friends at Five Four|Club to make some magic happen. This company is rad on so many levels, but mostly just for being there when you need them to be. Five Four is a subscription based fashion site, that creates contemporary fashion for the modern man. (If Arcade Fire just popped into your head, don’t feel alone.)

5 Jobs That Are Too Extreme For You

You may be the king of dark sliding and bull-flipping on the neighborhood half pipe or a weekend warrior queen on the waves, but for some, extreme is a 9 to 5 reality. From storm chasing to venom milking, if you think you’re extreme, these five occupations may make you rethink your definition of “living on the edge.” Storm Chaser Popularized by the Discovery Channel’s

6 Telling Signs That You’re A Skateboarder

Whatever your skateboarding story may be, there is one common thread among the pros and amateurs: passion. Here are the six beloved symptoms that you’re a skateboarder. Wardrobe fails occur weekly. You’re part of the bloody brigade, dirt titans, and team grass stains from not landing certain tricks. Fortunately, you know the difference between your good pair of Dickies and the ones that are fair

Spicy Guacamole Day!

In honor of spicy guacamole day, here is the tastiest guac recipe, from my kitchen to yours. I will warn you, my spicy tolerance is much higher than yours, I guarantee it. So if your taste buds are shy, lessen the ingredients as needed.   Here’s what you’ll need: 3 Large Avocados 2 firm medium tomatoes 1/2 red onion 1 cup of cilantro 1/4 Jalapeno pepper

6 Ways Skateboarding Gives Back To The Community

The ethos of skateboarding has always been one of comradery. It’s more than landing a trick, skate jams, X Games, and the other novelties associated with the sport. Along with the aforementioned, charities are also an integral part of skateboard culture. The world of skateboarding offers much good in the form of charitable foundations. This list of foundations only scratches the surfaces of the many

Happy Hour Day!

It’s National Happy Hour Day! What’s another excuse to make yourself a drink? Here are 5 awesomely good drinks you can make at home. Cheers! For all you men out there that think cocktails are just for girls, they aren’t. Especially the first one that made it on this list; the Whisky Sour. If whisky doesn’t put hair on your chest, I don’t know what will.

7 Reasons You Should Try a Finless Board

The idea that there’s been a finless surfing revolution over the past 10 years is a bit of a misnomer. Before the early 1900s, finless boards were the only type of boards available, and Hawaiians were surfing Alaia boards for hundreds of years. For those unfamiliar, an Alaia is a thin, round-nosed, square-tailed board made of wood and tends to be between 7 and 12

Hump Day = 2 More Days ’til the Weekend

It’s hump day and you know what that means. You’ve successfully accomplished 2 full days of work, and once this one is over, you’ll have 2 more to go until the freakin’ weekend. But what to do? That’s where I come in. Check out these 6 awesome things to do this weekend. Anaheim Packing House (The restored Citrus Packing House) With good eats and sweet treats,

The 6 Most Extreme Business Executives

We all need ways to unwind after a long day at work, and depending on your definition of relaxation, this could mean anything from going for a run to curling up on the couch with bae to watch a movie. Yet for those in more demanding, high-stress work environments, this often equates to an equally high-octane stress reliever. It’s like the old saying goes, “after

What to do With a Free Snowboard

Woohoo! I won a free snowboard. The problem is, I’m a skier. So now what do I do? How You Win a Free Snowboard Well, it helps if you drink a lot. Let me explain: I was at the Red Lion, a popular après ski bar in Vail, on the last weekend of the ski season this past April. After consuming a couple (okay, quite

Top 5 wackiest Places to Stay in the US ( & Canada too)

Want to make your next trip more interesting than the last? Check out these wacky hotels you might want to stay in. Jules Undersea Hotel: I’m sure you have heard people say they would like to sleep under the stars. Well, what about sleeping underwater? At the Jules hotel this is definitely an option.  20 feet underwater lies two rooms that are only accessible by dive.