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The Best External Battery for the GoPro Hero4 Session

If you haven’t already checked out the GoPro Hero4 Session, you are surely missing out. The Hero4 Session has all the magic of a GoPro, packed away in a bite size, lighter than ever form. Just picture Willy Wonka Placing the GoPro Hero4 into the Wonka-Vision, and Wallah, the Hero4 Session is what came out on the other end. This thing certainly takes the cake… or

Why Staycations are the Best and Worst Ways to Spend Your Vacation

Staycation is another of those annoying new words that won’t go away. Neither will you, as it simply means you vacation in your hometown or at least your local area. While maybe not as exciting as jetting to Europe, think of the money you’ll save. Economics Staycations are cheaper as you don’t have far to travel. You save on airline tickets and car rentals, and

Best Traffic Apps to Get You Up and Down the Mountain

We all know you shouldn’t text and drive but there’s nothing wrong with using an app that helps you get up or down those hills. All these apps, as well as pretty much everything in life these days, are available through ITunes or you can just click on the provided links. Waze Waze is said to be the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app

6 Reasons You Should Never Camp on Weekends

Sure you have to work, don’t we all, but if you can get away during the week, do it. Change your schedule so you work weekends, take vacation time, or call in sick if your boss will buy it because weekday camping is where it’s at. Traffic I-70 west of Denver, CO is packed every weekend during the year now. It used to be just

Korea Kings Challenge – The Hike Up

Hike up your sleeves ladies and gentleman, and get down and dirty with the Hike Up Challenge crew in Korea. This awesome event took place at Korea Kings where some super talented people came out and showcased their snowboarding skills, even though there was no snow involved. Some came to show off their talent, while others just came to show off. Check everyone out. Rain

6 Ways to Make Golf an Extreme Sport

The Drinking Requirement A lot of people drink on the course, but we should step it up a bit. If there were a bar at every tee-box things would get way more exciting. Maybe you should have to buy a round if you bogey. Double bogey and it’s shots for everyone. Let’s Hear Some Chatter Out There Golf is way too polite. Everyone hushes up

5 Signs You’re a New Age Hippie

For years, hippies battled the stereotype of being pot-smoking beach bums with dreadlocks who work at the local organic cafe. Although this notion is true for many, new age hippies are making a comeback while holding onto hip-notic roots. Whether you are a trendy vegan or you birthed your child naturally in a bathtub wearing a pair of geek-sheek glasses, the following seven signs are

The OutDoor Show Friedrichshafen 2015

With Long Beach in the rear view, and Germany on the horizon, we were off once again to trade show heaven. Day 1 of OutDoor Show Friedrichshafen has just come to an end, and we are only just getting started. With two more days to go, we are beyond stoked to see what else is in store for us.  So far, so good. The vibes

6 Signs You’d Probably Suck At Parkour

Anyone can try parkour. Anyone with an ounce of coordination, physical ability and enough stamina to last more than a minute each run, that is. Okay, we take it back—some people suck at parkour. If you’ve been considering testing your free running and/or parkour abilities, here are a few signs it might be best for you to stick to your bonbons and video games. You

Agenda Long Beach 2015

Just as we suspected, Agenda day 1 was a success. People up in the booth, people up in the booze, it was exactly what we pictured. Despite the fact that the Agenda Show has become frighteningly similar to Coachella, and you can clearly see that most everyone has planned their outfit for the event months prior, it only adds to the sights. We will all

6 Recreational Activities James Bond Would Never Do

Okay, I get it, you’re on vacation and anything goes. But there are some things a man just shouldn’t do, or at least allow pictures of him doing it to get out. If James wouldn’t do it, maybe you shouldn’t either. Bird Watching Tours The original James Bond, the one Ian Fleming pilfered the name James Bond from, was an ornithologist and wrote books on

6 (More) Guaranteed Ways To Piss Off Other Campers

All the serenity of camping blows away with the wind when “that guy” comes to the campground. That guy is the loud, obnoxious creature that has no sense of space, privacy or ethics. If you do these things, you might be “that guy”. Set up Camp in the Middle of the Night Many campgrounds have quiet time ranging from 10pm to 7am. You arrive at 3am,

6 Signs You’re About to Have a Bad Concert Experience

You pay your money—probably quite a bit of your money- you anxiously await the date, and then trek to the venue only to have some shmuck ruin your evening. Here are a few warning signs if you’re about to have a bad concert experience. The Parking Lot Tailgating is practically an American tradition. Partying before a sporting or concert event is a great way to

7 Most Epic Parkour and Free Running Videos

Have you been searching for inspiration lately? Nothing encourages you to stretch your stiff lower back more than an epic parkour video. These viral videos spin-kick and flip their way to YouTube fame by compiling the most insane stunts. Within minutes of watching, your mind will transport into a land of the most unimaginable tricks. Inspire yourself and the world to get moving with these videos

Not Showering for 2 Weeks on the Trail

Day 1: I hopped out of the shower this morning smelling of the fresh rainforest pictured on my bottle of shampoo. The day had just begun and my backpack was leaning by the front door waiting to packed into the trunk. After getting quite the scare from the neighbor’s dog snarling behind the fence post, I hit the road ready for two glorious weeks of