6 New Ski Movies You Need to Watch This Winter

Here’s an idea for inducing ski season stoke: throw on some sweatpants, round up a couple of ski-fanatic buddies, and spend a few hours taking in the freshest crop of ski movies. There’s no better way to get pumped on the season ahead.

In recent years, ski movies have evolved in a major way. Though Alaska still reigns supreme, ski films are starting to showcase off-the-beaten path and unconventional locales. The athletes themselves – their words, their personalities – are coming into the spotlight, while segments are weaved together using a plot or some kind of storyline instead of random pow shots. The days of pure snow porn seem to be numbered.

The ski films of 2014/2015 do a great job of blending old styles with new. Here are few standouts well worth checking out.

Pretty Faces
For far too long, women have taken the back burner in the ski film industry – really, in the ski industry as a whole. Pro skier Lynsey Dyer decided that the awesome female skiers deserved a little more screen time, and Unicorn Picnic’s Pretty Faces was born to address this problem. The film celebrates women in the sport in a fun, non-preachy way, yet the message comes across loud and clear.

The Little Things
As with Pretty Faces, The Little Things is a snowboard movie with a cause. Spearheaded by pro snowboarder Marie-France Roy, The Little Things takes a look at how some of the industry’s top athletes – think Jeremy Jones and Gretchen Bleiler – are addressing their environmental concerns through the sport. This film is heavy on the interviews, but also heavy on the powder.

The third film of Jeremy Jones’ trilogy takes a raw behind-the-scenes look of the life of a pro snowboarder. Higher showcases the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of being a professional athlete, including the risks that come along with the job – and the rewards, too.

Almost Ablaze
If you’re eager for a film that’s heavy on the skiing but light on the mood, check out TGR’s Almost Ablaze. This is the one to watch the night before an epic day on the mountains – it’ll get you pumped in a big way. The steeps are insane and the powder is perfection. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have an entire resort to yourself after an unprecedented snowfall… well, you’ll have to watch to find out.

Sweetgrass Productions’ Valhalla was a surprise star of the 2013/2014 season, and their follow up number Afterglow is just as impressive – though only a fraction of the length. Afterglow clocks in at about ten minutes, making in the perfect between-feature-film interlude. Shot entirely at night, this film uses lighting in a way that makes skiing look like a totally different (but still amazing) sport.

Days of My Youth
We cap our list off with Days of My Youth, a classic MSP film that tackles some heavy themes in a fun way. Centered around the lifelong relationship that skiers have with their sport, Days of My Youth features a stacked roster of athletes working their magic in less-than-optimal conditions – the film was shot over the past two years, which haven’t been stellar for snow.

By: Kate Walker

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Support Jack’s Jiants at JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes with Outdoor Tech®

Support Jack’s Jiants at JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes with Outdoor Tech®

Los Angeles, CA (November 4, 2014) – Even though Jack has had Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) for 3 years, he looks like a normal 5-year-old boy on the outside. He is adorable, silly, spastic and into everything. But what’s really going on in his life is anything but normal. His reality includes pokes, prods, sight infections, hospital stays, missed play dates, tears and emotional turmoil that no child should ever have to endure. It has been a life changer for the entire family, including Jack’s twin sister who does not have T1D.

That’s where JDRF comes in as the leading global organization funding T1D research. With JDRF Walks to Cure Diabetes taking place across the nation, coming up on November 9, 2014 is the JDRF Walk at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA in which Jack’s team “Jack’s Jiants” will be walking for the 4th year in a row. They are the largest walk team for this location, as well as the highest fundraising team. Jack’s mother Danielle LaBriola says, “Jack has told me on numerous occasions that one of the ONLY good things about having diabetes is the walk. He feels the support and actually feels like a hero for a day.”

In support of Jack’s Jiants, Outdoor Tech® has created a special t-shirt for adults that is available for purchase here for $24.00. 100% of all profits from this shirt will be donated to Jack’s JDRF Fund. In addition, Outdoor Tech® partner Rob Caulfield was personally moved by Jack’s story and has committed to match the first $5000 in contributions to support such a great cause. If you prefer to simply donate to Jack’s team and/or join the walk in Anaheim with him, please click here. By doing any of these things, you are directly helping Jack and the millions of other kids who are struggling every day to live their lives with this disease. These donations are so important because without funding there simply will be no cure.

About JDRF
JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. JDRF’s goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D. JDRF collaborates with a wide spectrum of partners and is the only organization with the scientific resources, regulatory influence, and a working plan to better treat, prevent and eventually cure T1D. For more, please visit JDRF.org.

About Outdoor Tech®
Founded in 2010, Outdoor Tech® is an outdoor designer brand creating accessories for an action-filled lifestyle. Packing the world’s most complete line of Bluetooth audio built for reveling in the open air and on the road, Outdoor Tech® proves there is a way to stay connected but not tethered. For more, go to OutdoorTechnology.com.

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Outdoor Tech® Extends Helmet Audio Stronghold with Wired CHIPS®

Los Angeles, CA (November 4, 2014) – Outdoor Tech® forever changed the course of on-snow audio with its highly acclaimed Bluetooth wireless CHIPS® that add a new dimension of sound, simplicity and convenience to helmets. New this season, Outdoor Tech® spreads the love to Bluetooth-averse or budget conscious skiers and snowboarders with universal Wired CHIPS® ($39.95) that offer the same premium sound quality and glove-friendly functionality, but in a wired version that directly connects to smart phones and audio devices.

Similar to the wireless CHIPS®, drop the Wired CHIPS® into nearly any helmet with an audio-ready liner and give your runs down the mountain the soundtrack they deserve. There’s no battery, so the Wired CHIPS® will keep piping out sound for as long as you (or your device) can last. The patented control interface changes tracks, plays/pauses music, takes calls and activates voice command with just one glove-friendly button, meaning no fishing the phone from your jacket or fumbling for tiny buttons – super simple. Complete with a built-in microphone and IPX4 sweat and water-resistant rating, these are tested to work perfectly down to -20°C/-4°F (no more frozen button syndrome).

Founded in 2010, Outdoor Tech® is an outdoor designer brand creating accessories for an action-filled lifestyle. Packing the world’s most complete line of Bluetooth audio built for reveling in the open air and on the road, Outdoor Tech® proves there is a way to stay connected but not tethered.

The new Wired CHIPS® are now available at REI, Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sport Chalet, Christy Sports, Burton Flagships, and a whole bunch of local ski and board shops. For more on Outdoor Tech® and the rest of its line including rugged portable power and the potentially iconic Yowie® Logo apparel collection go to OutdoorTechnology.com.

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Top 11 Costumes From the Halloween Cross Crusade

Held on the hallowed grounds of the Deschutes Brewing Company in Bend, Oregon, the annual Halloween Cross Crusade is everything great about American cyclocross culture crammed into one craft-beer-soaked weekend and turned up to 11. Here are 11 of our favorite costumes from the event!

Sea Anemone + Nemo DCIM100GOPRO


Race ApeRace Ape-WEB

Phil RobertsonPhil Robertson-DD-2-WEB


Pantless WaldoPantsLessWaldo-WEB

Nutty SquirrelDCIM100GOPRO

Little Red Riding HoodDCIM100GOPRO

Everyone Wearing Fuzzy Animal SuitsDCIM100GOPRO

Horse + JockeyDCIM100GOPRO

Crash Test DummyCrashTestDummy-WEB

All photos taken by Johnathan Allen

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Hanging Out with Ernest Gagnon At Interbike 2014

Hands down the best part of this year’s Interbike was getting to know one of our newest athletes, Ernest Gagnon. Although it was hard getting from point A to B without a handful of photo op requests from fans, we made our way around the show, cycling events & the strip, of course.

Ernest Gagnon Interbike 2014

Upon landing in Vegas, after a long 12 hours of travel from Boston (with a 70 pound bike box in hand) we got a little rest in before sushi dinner. Outdoor Tech sushi dinners typically start with instructing the waiter to bring us 4 of everything on the menu and sake bombs until someone says stop, but Ernest inspired us to cut back just this one time.

Day 1 of the show consisted of more photos, a little helmet shopping and of course, the big cyclocross event, CrossVegas. CrossVegas is one of the largest cyclocross races in America, so Ernest and I got there early to check out the scene and prelap. The event brings out the top cyclocross athletes from all over the world, and the course was tough – lots of hills, turns, ramps and obstacles. It was 102 degrees and rising, so we took to some shade whenever we could, thanks to the many Sierra Nevada tents set up around the course. Cyclocross athletes are super impressive, beyond talented, and very supportive people. It is a special community to say the least, and I am so thrilled to have learned more about the sport and witness the support received by Ernest.

Ernest during cycle cross at interbike

We Spent day 2 at the show rocking the kit, taking more pictures, promoting our stuff and learning more about the bike industry.  After the show, Ernest and I participated in the Pedal Palooza ride from Mandalay Bay down the strip. With the Buckshot bike speaker blasting, riding down the strip at night was pretty awesome, especially with such a rowdy group of people. The ride ended in a big party in Fremont, but we dipped early to enjoy a fabulous dinner at Otto inside the Venetian and party to Diplo and Morgan Page with the rest of the ODT crew!

Outdoor Tech Interbike Dinner

Ernest had so much fun in Vegas, we forgot about his departure. Literally. Just before heading to the show on the last day, we realized he should have been landing in Boston instead. Oops! Since trade shows never get old, we were happy to hit the show for a couple more hours before saying goodbye for an afternoon flight back to Boston.

Ernest is an impressive guy, and we are thrilled to support him on his journey to inspire himself and others to lose weight through cyclocross. You also probably want to follow him on Facebook and Instagram https://www.facebook.com/ernestgagnoncyclist, @erniegagnon2013.

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The Daily Express Saturday Must Have Our Privates

You know we’re international right? Yea, it’s pretty crazy. Anyway, the U.K. really likes our stuff. Just check this out from the Daily Express Saturday magazine. They really like our Privates, some of the raddest headphones you can get.

Daily Express Saturday Outdoor Tech Privates

Daily Express Saturday Privates

It’s pretty cool to get this kind of coverage for our Bluetooth headphones from so far away. Shout-out to the crew over at MadisonUK. Those guys are killing it!

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Ryan F Uses His Privates Differently, But We Love it!

Ryan F Loves his Wireless Headphones from OutdoorTech

1) Name?
Ryan F.

2) Hometown?
Redondo Beach (North Redondo Beach to be specific).

3) So, what were you looking to pick up?

I was shopping around for some Bluetooth headphones for forever, and then I came across Outdoor Tech’s stuff. The Privates totally caught my eye.

4) What’s your favorite thing about Outdoor Tech’s Privates Wireless Headphones?Ryan F with Privates - Wireless Headphones by Outdoor Tech

I was looking specifically for wireless over-the-ear headphones, something that was really comfortable. I’m not a big fan of all those decibels directly entering my ear canals, so what I really needed were some wireless headphones that were super comfortable and the Privates delivered on all fronts. Really happy with ‘em.

5) Glad to hear it! Is there anything else you like about the headphones?

That’s really it. I just needed some wireless over-the-ear headphones that were really comfortable and I ended up scoring with Outdoor Tech’s Privates Wireless Headphones.

6) Nice. Well, what do you like to do when you’re using your headphones?

Fight crime! No, honestly, I love to cook. I can cruise around the kitchen, cooking up all of my favorite grub, and I never get hung up or tangled on anything. I kind of forget they’re even there! No, but seriously, they’re great for cooking but I’m not an expert chef or anything. They’re actually really good for when I’m at work, or flying somewhere or just relaxing at home. They headphones don’t bleed at all and they’re pretty comfy, so I can go into my own little world and I’m not bothering anyone when I’m listening to my favorite band.

7) What’s the name of your favorite band?

Devo, man. I love Devo. Can’t you tell by my t-shirt I’m a huge Devo fan? Oh…and Gutter Mouth, too!

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Gabe’s Turtle Shell 2.0 is Family-Proof

Gabe P's Turtle Shell 2.0 is Family Proof

1) Name?

Hey, I’m Gabe P.

2) Hometown?

El Segundo, Calif. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

3) So, what were you looking to pick up?

I really needed a tough Bluetooth speaker. So after hunting around for a bit, I ended up going with Outdoor Tech’s Turtle Shell. Totally love it.

4) What’s your favorite thing about Outdoor Tech’s Turtle Shell?

Look, I’m a family man. I have four wonderful kids. But, come on, kids have a knack for breaking things in the most mind-boggling ways. And I love taking my kids to the park or doing backyard BBQs, and I needed an outdoor wireless speaker that was ruggedized—something that could be used and abused a bit. I needed something that could be used every day and was rugged enough to handle some serious usage by my four kids, you know? Anyway, I’m totally happy to report that the speaker’s holding up pretty well!

5) Is there anything else you like about the speakers?
Gabe's Son with Turtle Shell 2.0

Yeah, the Turtle Shell is simple, ruggedized and easy-to-use. There’s really not much else I can say. It’s perfect for my lifestyle. Like I said, we love to use it during our family BBQs in the backyard (if it gets knocked down when someone’s running around, no worries at all), and we also like to use it as a bicycle speaker too when we cruise around the beach on Sundays. I needed to get the Turtle Claw attachment to fix it to my bike, but it was super easy to install.

6) OK, so when you’re listening to some tunes with your family, what kind of music are you listening to?

Oh, man, we love Steel Pulse! My wife and kids, everybody totally digs ‘em. We was jamming!

We love you, just remember that.

Dirk W. Boogies Down in the Park with his Privates

Dirk W. enjoying his beats

1) Name?
Hey, what’s up, I’m Dirk W.

2) Hometown?

Originally? Texas. But now I live in California. I needed to be closer to the ocean!

3) Totally. So, what were you looking to pick up?

I needed some over-the-ear, wireless headphones. I’m not a big fan of earbuds (they hurt my ears!) and I hate cords. Hate ‘em with a passion.

4) What’s your favorite thing about Outdoor Tech’s Privates Wireless Headphones?

Well, they’re lightweight, which is great. Oh, and they’re rugged too (I’m an active guy, so these things have to take a beating sometimes). But the biggest thing is that they’re wireless. I don’t have to worry about them when I’m using them outdoors—no annoying cords or anything. When I’m hiking, I don’t want anything slowing me down at all.

5) Is there anything else you like about the headphones?

You’d think that with headphones that are “durable” that they’d be bulky and pretty heavy. Or at least that’s what I kind of expected. But these Privates are surprisingly light and compact. And, man, are they tough! Oh, and did I mention that I hate earbuds? They bug me so much. So yeah, an over-the-ear option is big for me, and these wireless headphones are a great choice. The battery life is really solid, which helps out a lot when I ride the bus.

6) What do you like to listen to?

I love all kinds of music, but I especially love to listen to audiobooks. I ride the bus to and from work, and I like to listen to mostly audiobooks and they all sound really good. And, while I’m sure some audiophiles might use these headphones for some hardcore music, I thought the Privates worked great with some soft, casual tunes as well. I like to keep things mellow before and after work, you know?

We love you, just remember that.

Ashley B. & Her Privates!

1) Name?Ashley-b-bluetooth-headphones | Outdoor Tech

My name’s Ashley B.

2) Hometown?

I’m in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

3) So, what were you looking to pick up?

I needed some wireless headphones, so I went with Outdoor Tech’s Privates.

4) What’s your favorite thing about Outdoor Tech’s Privates Wireless Headphones?

Well, I needed some Bluetooth headphones for working outside on my computer (I love to hang out in the park or in my backyard and do work), and these work great for that. I can also wear the Privates without having to worry about plugging them in. I don’t have to worry about pulling my laptop off the desk when I turn around too fast anymore—that’s happened to me before and it’s a real bummer. Oh, and the microphone feature lets me take my calls. It’s super easy. All in all, the price point was great and the portability is tough to beat. I’m pretty happy with ‘em.

5) Very cool! Is there anything else you like about the headphones?
Ashley-b-bluetooth-headphones | Outdoor Tech
Since Privates are wireless headphones, they’re perfect for when I’m studying on the couch and listening to some music, and if I need to get up and go get something, there isn’t a wire or anything to get caught up or tangled. They’re also great for when I need to switch things up and I decide to do some studying or work in my backyard or elsewhere outside. The sound quality is totally stellar, and I can also pair the headphones with my television or my computer too if my boyfriend needs to sleep. He’s a pretty light sleeper, so these headphones help out a lot at home!
6) So, when you’re jamming out with these headphones, what kind of music are you listening to?

I like calm tunes. Stuff to keep me mellow throughout the day. I definitely love Bon Iver and Passion Pit.

We love you, just remember that.