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6 Signs You’re About to Have a Bad Concert Experience

You pay your money—probably quite a bit of your money- you anxiously await the date, and then trek to the venue only to have some shmuck ruin your evening. Here are a few warning signs if you’re about to have a bad concert experience. The Parking Lot Tailgating is practically an American tradition. Partying before a sporting or concert event is a great way to

7 Most Epic Parkour and Free Running Videos

Have you been searching for inspiration lately? Nothing encourages you to stretch your stiff lower back more than an epic parkour video. These viral videos spin-kick and flip their way to YouTube fame by compiling the most insane stunts. Within minutes of watching, your mind will transport into a land of the most unimaginable tricks. Inspire yourself and the world to get moving with these videos

Not Showering for 2 Weeks on the Trail

Day 1: I hopped out of the shower this morning smelling of the fresh rainforest pictured on my bottle of shampoo. The day had just begun and my backpack was leaning by the front door waiting to packed into the trunk. After getting quite the scare from the neighbor’s dog snarling behind the fence post, I hit the road ready for two glorious weeks of

Amazing 4K Video of the BSR Superslide

The BSR, a cable park in Waco, Texas, has more than just cable skiing—it also has a huge water slide. But the water slide isn’t even the real star of the show in this video. That would be the beautiful 4K slow-mo video work (and the people riding the slide). As one Youtube commenter put it, they’re all happier and better looking than we’ll ever be.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Piss Off Other Campers

You finally got away from it all: camp is set up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything is good in the world. Then, that one jerk shows up and ruins everything. Here are 6 ways a jerk can ruin a campout. Don’t be this jerk. Asking “Mind if I Camp Here?” I don’t care if you are afraid of bears, Sasquatch,

6 Reasons You Might Need a Power Bank

If you don’t own a portable power bank, what exactly have you been waiting for? They’re an on-the-go energy outlet that allows you to keep moving when your phone is running low without having to stop and look for an outlet to plug it into. If that’s not enough, here are more ways they come in handy in a pinch. They Keep You Jammin’ While

New Slang for the Adventurous Smartass in You

Whether you’re at the skate park, in the mountains, or grabbing a beer in town, you’re sure to hear these new-but-catching-on words being dropped by 20- and 30-somethings alike. Whether using them makes you look cool or just plain idiotic is debatable, but hey, it never hurts to expand your vocab. Biff To biff is to “bite it”, “face plant”, or generally just fall in

100 Places of Dance – Video

Remember Where the Hell is Matt, the video of a guy dancing in locations all over the world that was one of the first viral videos back in the early days of YouTube? Well now forget it because 100 Places of Dance is way better. Matt Bray (different Matt) did the same dance in 100 different places and seamlessly cut the videos together to look like one

8 Signs You’re Meant to Live on the West Coast

Do you skateboard to work while drinking a hemp milk latte? Do you hug trees every Saturday morning? Do you dream of eating sprouted bean salads accompanied by a glass of homemade kombucha? If so, these are clear indicators you are meant to live on the west coast. Keep reading to discover if your soul is meant to live out west. You Know Tom No,

The 2015 X Games in Austin with Outdoor Tech

When things start to get extreme, you don’t want to leave your Outdoor Tech stuff at home. Nothing says extreme like having your Bluetooth speaker chillin while you skate. Just check out how good the Turtle Shell 2.0 wireless speaker looks on the mega ramp. We almost dropped in on this but we had some crazy flat spots and you know how that goes. So

5 Insane Ways Music Affects Humans

Music is the sound and vibration that inspires the human body. Even god-awful trash affects the human brain and body. Whether you like to dance in your pair of “Chucks” to techno or do a backflip off the San Francisco Bridge to Radiohead, these are the most insane ways music affects humans. Opens Our Lines of Communication Acoustic guitars have been getting douchebags laid since

Best Music Festivals From Cheapest to Top Dollar This Summer

Music Festivals are back with a vengeance and that’s a good thing for music lovers. Ever since Woodstock we seem to enjoy parking our butts in a big field and listening to bands play all day and night for anywhere from cheap to top dollar. Here are just a few of this summer’s offerings Summer Fest: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Running from June 24-28 and June 30-July

Things in the Woods That Will Make Your Butt Itch

Humans have been defecating in the wilderness ever since the first caveman popped a squat behind a sage brush, and throughout that time valuable lessons have been learned regarding what (and what not) to use for toilet paper. And because nothing makes the car ride home from camping more uncomfortable than a rashy rumpus, here’s a quick guide on things in the woods that will

5 Ways to Attract Bears to a Campsite

Do you want to encounter a bear in nature? Traditionally, one of Mother Nature’s fiercest mountain predators wandered the backcountry in search of berries. But thanks to many irresponsible campers, bears wandering around sniffing out their next meal are becoming more and more drawn to that greasy bear-friendly “Happy Meal” of chips, Cheetos, and cheese chunks at your campsite. If you really want to have a bear wandering through your campsite early

How to Sculpt Your Beach Body on the Trails this Spring

Now we’re not just talking hiking trails here. We’re talking dirt running trails, concrete bike trails through town, crunchy ski trails (because backcountry is in full-swing for those who are good enough to get out there), and primitive mountain trails that promise to sculpt any flab you may have accumulated this winter into solid, tanned, granite. Whether you’ve got some extra fluff from excessive winter