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Earth Day 2022: Investing in Our Planet

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet.” As a brand, Outdoor Technology lives at the intersection of technology and nature—the same place where our customers live, work, and play. We have a special responsibility to invest in our planet through education, celebration, and making a difference.

A commitment to plastic-free packaging

That’s why we’re taking this day to share the investment we’re making as a company:

Outdoor Technology is committed to being fully plastic-free in all of our product packaging by the end of 2023. We’re proud that we’ve already achieved this with the packaging for Chips 3.0, one of our new products. Katy Petroff, our General Manager, says, “Rolling out sustainable packaging across all of our products is one of the best, most immediate investments we can make in our planet today.”

The packaging for Chips 3.0 is the first in our commitment to plastic-free packaging.

This is ongoing work. We’re ready for it.

We’re also going to be transparent: the hangtags on our packaging are recyclable plastic due to the strength needed to hold the product’s weight. We’re still looking for a strong, sustainable solution to meet our goals—and if you have a lead, drop us a line.

All of us—individuals and companies alike—share accountability to protect the planet. Join us in taking a closer look at what we can do today, so we can preserve the spaces where we love to go forth and play.  

Read more about Earth Day 2022 and the call for businesses to enable a sustainable future.

On Earth Day 2022, go forth and play.

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