The Hike Up

Korea Kings Challenge – The Hike Up

Hike up your sleeves ladies and gentleman, and get down and dirty with the Hike Up Challenge crew in Korea. This awesome event took place at Korea Kings where some super talented people came out and showcased their snowboarding skills, even though there was no snow involved. Some came to show off their talent, while others just came to show off. Check everyone out.


Rain or shine, the show went on. 7



All the ODT essentials in action. 8  2 17  6

Represent!3  16

They came, they did tricks, and they conquered. Here are the winners of the whole thing. (Below)


13  15

11  10   14

Shout out to OT Korea for sponsoring this rad event, and for giving out some epic prizes. If you’re not talented enough to win anything with your own skills, but you want some of our stuff, you might just want to check it out here.