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It seems like it’s always a long road.  The harder you work, the more there is to do.  My mother (probably like a lot of mothers) always used to tell me that the only way to get anywhere near completion of anything was to take steps.  Just put one foot in front of another, she’d say, day-by-day, do the best you can.

The Turtle Shell Wireless Boombox, our latest and greatest product, has been one of those roads.  Over a year in the making, bringing it to production has meant countless hours of designing, testing, thinking, rethinking, traveling…you name it.  It’s finally here, in all its bike-mountable, water-resistant, dust-proof glory.  You can pre-order it, and it will be in your hands by October.  Get it here, it’s our final step:


Fortunately, we will soon have new roads to travel.  To all our fans, promoters, athletes, family and friends, thank you for your continued support.  Much love.




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