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Wired at the Gym

Wired Headphones

Dude working out with a set of wired headpones on the treadmill.

I was at the Gym this morning, not that you could tell by looking at me.  However, I did get several looks working out in my DJ Slims wireless bluetooth headphones. It could be the constant flashing bluetooh light on the headphones, but I also think the hardwired house wives, gearing up for marriage number two, or the aspiring MMA skull crusher seeing if he can make his Deltoids literally extend further out than his head, are admiring my wireless bluetooth headphones.  I can tell they are tired of trying to find a slick and seductive way to hide the cord of their wired earbuds or headphones down their shirt, or scantily clad boobage cover i.e workout bra (This is actually a huge plus for the wire and me as a spectator).  Anyways I do think it is ridiculous that the rest of the world doesn’t cut their cords and switch to a wireless product.  It is clearly inevitable, and just a matter of time . . . be a trendsetter will ya!

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