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Wireless Summer – Happy 4th!

Hope you all had a Happy 4th and are kicking the summer off, proper! This time of year is always special for me. In addition to signaling the beginning of summer, it is also my birthday week. That’s right, I said “week”, not “day”. I got some grief for that from the crew at ODT, but if you are going to get the 4th off, and your actual birthday, why not just go with it and make it a seven day weekend, right?

On the actual birthday, I took the kids (yes I am old, I have kids) to Crystal Cove, one of the most beautiful beaches in SoCal. I like to do something with them they dig on my birthday e.g. beach, Disneyland, etc., because it makes them look forward to my birthday and they pretend to love me more.

Anyways, we were the hit of the beach with our wireless audio boombox, the Turtleshell. I have always dug the product, but it is really cool when you can actually use something your company makes, and it really, really, really works. Here is a shot of one of my Groms (Does that make me sound cool? . . . probably not) digging in the sand with the Turtleshell wireless speaker next to him. Check that out, yes it really is sand proof, water resistant and gives out really great sound. And how cute is that kid??? Totally digging his Spidey floaty . . . he might get swept away, but he ain’t going under.

Wireless Ruggedized Speaker at the Beach

Turtle and Grom

The little one gets his good looks from his Mama, speaking of which I am sooooo proud of her. On the 4th, we have a local parade, fireworks and pretty competitive 5k run. My wonderful, beautiful, incredible wife (I will get big points for this one), killed it in the 5k run, winning her age group!!!!! I will withhold what group that is, as I am sure she wouldn’t appreciate the disclosure. Check out this picture of her with the first place medal, and of course the OutdoorTech Adapt. She swears by this wireless Bluetooth audio adapter.


Wireless Adapter - Run withoutt wires

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

She genuinely loves running with it, and is convinced it is what led her to victory in her 21 minute 5k, wicked fast right? She digs the wire free experience that still allows her to listen to her tunes and Nike running app to keep her on pace. Who still runs with a wire connected to their phone? What’s next, should we bring back the retro version of the Walkman?

This year, in the race I had to run with my daughter because the wife was going for the gold. My time wasn’t anywhere near the wife’s, but I was proud I finished without stopping. I am not ashamed to say it, maybe a little bit, but my nine year old daughter beat me by two minutes. I was supposed to run with her and “push” her to a new best, but instead I actually held her back and she had to go on without me. It was really a heartbreaking moment, when I realized I couldn’t keep up and even more heartbreaking when she realized it and took off without me. Super proud of her too, she rocked it!

After the run, we hit the pool and once again enjoyed some ODT products while catching some rays. Here is a picture of my future Olympian by the pool rocking out with her “Kids Bop” (You parents might get that reference – I know you are jamming out to the clean version of ThriftShop) on the DJ Slims wireless audio Bluetooth headphones. And yes, I am going to have some problems with this one when she gets older, but she loves her “Pop” for now.

Wireless Headhpones

Kids Bopping

Alright, that sums up the 4th for me and my ODT gear, but seriously awesome stuff! I dig the fact that I work for a sick company that makes sick gear I can actually use. You guys enjoy the rest of the summer!


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