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7 Must Have Apps for Skiers

Personal trainer. Educator. Weather forecaster.

These are just a few roles that your phone can take on with the help of some pretty nifty apps. For skiers and snowboarders, a regular smartphone can pack a whole lot of punch—not to mention, keep you entertained on the gondola ride up. Especially when you have some bluetooth helmet speakers.

Your cell phone will never replace things like personal experience or an avalanche course, but we’ve found that these apps can enhance your skiing and snowboarding experience in a major way. Here are a few apps that are well worth the download.

Mountain Athletics
If you’ve got a few square feet of space and a set of dumbbells, you’re ready to embark on the 40 day dryland training programs outlined in the Mountain Athletics app.

Developed by The North Face, this app lets you pick your mountain-related fitness goal (resort skiing or backcountry skiing, for instance) and provides you with a daily training plan. The workouts pack a lot of punch and are incredibly easy to follow, with the help of videos and self-timers. Give it a download, and you’ll be quadzilla in no time.

Red Cross First Aid
When you’re in the middle of a medical emergency, the last thing you want to do is panic. This app is an awesome tool to have on hand: it guides you, step-by-step, through some common first aid scenarios (like severe winter weather) to help get you back on track. In non-emergency scenarios, you can brush up on your safety and first aid skills through other features on the app.

Impress your buddies with your knowledge of the local mountains with the PeakFinder app. Use the panorama feature to pick up the names of all the mountains surrounding you—the apps knows more than 250,000 peaks, so it’s probably got you covered.

Mammut Safety App
When it comes to avalanche safety, the more information you can get your hands on, the better. The Mammut Safety App offers some extra tools to help you make informed decisions on the mountain, including a clinometer, a compass, and an altimeter. It also provides updated links to avalanche bulletins around the world.

Ski Dice
Shake things up in the park—literally—with this ski dice app. Jostle your phone and the app will present you with a random trick to try. This is a good one if you find yourself doing the same old tricks over and over again, and will challenge you to become a stronger skier or snowboarder.

Ski Tracks
Are you one of those people who just has to know how fast they’re going, how many miles they’ve logged, and how much vertical they’ve skied? Ski Tracks was made for people like you: it uses GPS to track every run of the day, providing you with the stats you want and a handy map showing how much terrain you’ve tackled, among other features.

If you’re hitting up a new resort, forget the paper maps they hand out at the info—that thing will be soaked and ripped in no time at all. Instead, download iTrailMap. As the name suggests, it’s got digital trail maps for more than 750 resorts worldwide, so you’ll know exactly where you are, what you’re skiing, and where to go next.Skier in mountains, prepared piste and sunny day

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