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Top 8 Songs to Shred To

It’s the perfect pow day and you’ve struck out alone to take full advantage. Just you, your board, your headphones, and some really great music. Whether you’re looking for an introspective ride or want something to really tear it up to, we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to songs to shred to.

Since I Left You—The Avalanches
This is your blue bird, open bowl, beer in the backpack song. Easy breezy beats and catchy samples to accompany you as everything and everyone is left in your bright white sluff trail.

Bogus JourneyIron Chic
It’s the end of the day, you’re skiing out, dodging pizza-making adults and well dressed ski bunnies. This upbeat and uptempo track motivates you for that bogus journey to the end of the day which, truth be told, isn’t so bad considering you’ve probably got some pretty great apres plans lined up.

OscillationThe Men
You’ve got your skins on and you’re touring uphill- you’re going to need this heavy-on-the-instrumental, slowly building song to provide you with the upbeat pace that you need to keep pushing upwards and onwards around the next switchback. Channel your inner warrior and keep going- the ultimate reward could not be more worth it.

Working Full-TimeConstantines
This is for your first ride up the lift. The sun is coming up over the mountains, you’re ready to ski like it’s your job and you’re the boss. Gnarly vocals, loud guitars, and enough space to let you scream back in anticipation. Just make sure you don’t lift that safety bar until the sign tells you to regardless of how amped up you may be.

Bury Me Standing—The Handsome Furs
The pulsating, consistent beat and driving chorus make this assertive track the ideal companion for ruffle chip groomers. Trust, you’re going to feel like an animal on those long, inviting blue squares. Put this one on repeat and prepare to dominate like never before because, after all, you own this mountain.

Bundle UpThe Cool Kids
No matter how fresh the powder, dragging yourself up and out of bed when it’s still dark is never easy. This song isn’t too intense (you don’t want to expend all of your energy before you get to the parking lot) but is catchy enough to get you beyond the lift line and all strapped in. As an added bonus, the earworm chorus serves as a helpful reminder to keep warm. Thanks Cool Kids!

Cuts Across the LandThe Duke Spirit
Pushy drums, driving, chunky guitars, and sweeping vocals are precisely what you need when making first tracks. Once this one starts coming out of your headphones, you’ll be making your own cuts like it’s nobody’s business. Dream big and carve out your own path, you can’t be stopped, you mountain-master, you.

Dream House—Deafheaven
Reserve this one for the single most intense run of your life. It’s got the crashing crescendos of heavy guitars coupled with seemingly strained vocals that will come at you in waves like slow rollers over open crests of virginal powder. Seriously, what more could you possibly ask for?

—Kate Walker

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