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How to Score a Date with a Skier-Chick

For most serious skiers, finding love of the slopes isn’t exactly at the top of their priorities list. What with the fresh pow, trying for rope drops, and just generally upping your game, you might not have time to stop and chat with that cute skier chick you noticed ripping it down the mountain. In fact, she was probably moving so fast and leaving you in her snow spray, that you might as well just give up and go do a couple of groomers. Right?


Believe it or not, plenty skier chicks are out on the mountain riding solo and are more than happy to give out their number to the right guy. The tips below, along with the general understanding that you shouldn’t be creepy, can help you snag a ski date with that cutie you’ve been admiring.

Lift Talk
The most obvious way to strike up a conversation is during the lift line or on the lift itself. Lift lines are often long and the lift ride can be even longer (depending on how many gapers fall off and slow the process), so you might as well make the most of your time by making casual, light-hearted chit-chat with the snow bunny or bunnies next to you. If you’re digging one of them and she’s digging you, invite her to ski. It’s just that simple. If she says no, don’t take it personally and ride on!

Helping Hand
Contrary to popular belief, most women won’t get offended if you help them. If you spot a lovely lady who is working on turns, took a fall, or lost her ski pole, lend a helping hand.

Conversely, if you see a badass chick doing some cool trick that you’d like to master, talk to her about it. She’ll probably be more than happy to give you a few pointers.

Hot Chocolate or Beer, Anyone?
Spot a cutie in the lodge and some flirtatious eye contact ensues? Buy her a hot chocolate or beer and have it sent over by one of your bros. She’ll either think it’s cute or dump it all over your bro. Hey, sometimes friends have to take one for the team.

Compliments. The Genuine Kind, Bro.
Women love compliments. However, they’re typically not interested in the shallow and generic “ You’re so pretty” clichés. If you meet a lady and ski with her, compliment her on what she does well. Maybe she carves like mad or is really graceful when turning through trees. If you make it about her skiing, rather than her looks, you’ll be less likely to get hot chocolate dumped on you later.

Ride Solo
There are plenty of ski girls out there riding the mountain solo and the singles line on lifts is a perfect way to meet them.

Note: Don’t be a desperate Creepy McCreeperson and follow chicks to the lift in hopes of scoring a ride with them. Just let things flow naturally. In the course of a single ski day, you’re sure to pair up with one or two cuties. Strike up a conversation and see where it goes from there.

Be Yourself, and Cut the Bro-Speak
Finally, and most importantly, just be yourself. Most skier girls have no desire to hear how much air you got on your last jump, how many days you’ve skied this season, or how many miles per hour you clocked on your last run. We wanna know about you and, if you’re gonna brag, then you can prove it on the slopes.

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