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Finding the Perfect Riding Buddy

Besides the fact that riding alone is not advised, it’s always more fun to ride with a friend whether you ski or board. Not only could you have an accident like falling in a tree well, or yanking your knee, but who will you drink with on the deck at the end of the day?

Boarders and Skiers Can Coexist
I love riding with my daughter, who a while back unfortunately slipped over to the dark side and parked her skis for a snowboard. I get frustrated waiting for her to snap in at the top of the lift because I like to just get off the chair and take off. On the other hand, once we get going, she has to wait for me because she’s faster, younger, and in better shape. It’s a tradeoff that seems to work and keeps us from complaining one way or the other. Okay, I still complain but she’s used to it. See what I mean? Skiers and boarders can coexist.


It’s best to ride with someone who wants to go down the same runs as you. I have some friends who don’t care for bumps; I love them (the bumps I mean). I’ve always gone down bumps even if my partner was much better, because that’s how I learn—but not everyone feels that way. When you get older too, some of your friends’ knees may be shot. As long as you take this into consideration and resign that day to just cruisers, everything works out. Plus, if you do want to ditch them, now is the time.


My daughter loves the trees; the thicker the better. Since my skis are about twice as long as her board and her abilities are twice as good as mine, we can’t always do the same tree-bashing runs. She takes this into consideration and saves her thick tree-bashing days for her trips with her friends. She does this because she loves me. She also does it because I’m buying lunch.


Different folks seem to need to take breaks at different times. I have one friend I ski with who does 3 runs and wants a beer break. This gets frustrating as I like to go for it in the morning. I have tried to compromise by getting him to do 6 runs before taking a beer break. He works it by calling the trip from the car to the lift a “Run.”

Round is a Shape

Some of us are in better shape than others. I use the term “Us,” loosely because I’m one of the others. I have friends who ride mountain passes all summer long on their bikes while I play golf. I can’t possibly keep up with them on the slopes but then again, I crush them at happy hour. Just like doing bumps and trees, if you lower your expectations to the group you’re with, the day will go smoother. They understand I can’t go top to bottom without stopping to catch my breath, I understand we won’t be doing shots at happy hour.

Meet Later
If you’re not doing the same runs, always have a plan. It’s a good idea to set up a meeting time and place just in case you get separated. You may not have skied together but you probably have to ride the long drive home. Here’s where you want to be compatible as well. You want to make sure the driver doesn’t have a bigger bladder than you or he’ll never stop to pee.

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