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How to Brag About Your Ski Trip on Social Media

In this golden age of social media, we all know that no experience is complete unless it achieves X number of likes from your herd of dedicated followers.

Like, what good is a ski trip if you don’t successfully make 25% of your friends jealous along the way? Make sure that you don’t run out of power by grabbing a Kodiak portable power bank.

We know that it’s not easy to navigate the world of tagging, Tweeting, and favoriting – that’s why we’ve created this guide to help you triumphantly brag about your upcoming ski trip on social media in just 7 easy steps!

Step One: Announce Your Presence


You’re gracing your favorite ski resort with your presence. The least you can do is give them the head’s up, giving them plenty of time to roll out the red carpet for your arrival. The week before your departure, be sure to tweet “Only 7 days til I’m shredding the gnar at @skiresortname”. Bonus points if they retweet you, and bonus bonus points for also naming the specific hotel you’ll be staying at.

Step Two: Document the Journey


Whether your travels consist of trains, planes, or automobiles, you must record every moment of it. Constant Snapchats to your friends are the way to go: it helps build the anticipation.

Step Three: Show Us Your Stuff


Before you get ready to dress for the mountain, artfully arrange your ski gear into a deliberate, picture-perfect pile. Add the filter that hones in on the goods and blurs out the edges – you know the one. Don’t forget to tag each product’s brand – they’ll probably see your sweet shots and want to sponsor you.

Step Four: Only Excellence Will Do


So conditions are sub-par and you’re finding yourself skiing more ice than snow. Never show weakness: your social media announcements must present the illusion of perfection, otherwise your peers will not feel so bad about missing out. For instance, if you missed a bluebird day, just amp up that saturation level to make the sky the bluest of blues – no one will know otherwise. Use hashtags to emphasize the awesomeness – we suggest #bestdayever, #harddayattheoffice, or the ever endearing #lovemylife.

Step Five: Costume Change


Warning: put your phone down for this step; you do NOT want to document the costume change that takes place between skiing and apres. Posting a photo of yourself ruddy-cheeked with sweaty hair stuck to your face? Please – that’s for amateurs. Take a shower, don your favorite Nordic-inspired Christmas sweat (you know, the one that you bought specifically for this trip), and tousle your hair so that it straddles that fine line between supermodel and just-pulled-off-my-beanie.

You’re officially ready for Step Six.

Step Six: Selfie the Shit Out of Apres


You look great. That jug of beer looks great. Don’t let that greatness go to waste: selfie, selfie, selfie, and repeat. While the rest of the world is watching cat videos on YouTube, you’re basking in the post-ski glow enjoying the best pint of your life. #winning (just kidding – that’s not cool anymore.)

Step Seven: You Know What to Do on Thursday…


Four days after you return home, that magical day will roll around: Thursday. It’s time to reminisce back to your ski trip – enter #tbt, or Throwback Thursday for the uninitiated. No, it’s not too early to get nostalgic about your trip – plus this is a great opportunity to share that B roll you never got around to boasting about.

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