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7 Things You Must Have to Survive a Blizzard at Home

I can actually think of about 30 things you really should have, but that’s counting a case of beer as 24 things.

Emergency Supplies

They say in a storm you should have batteries, candles, canned goods, fresh water, and firewood if you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove. This is all in case the power goes out, and they do have a point. My advice covers those storms where the power is on just the desire or ability to get to work seems missing.

Good Neighbors

To some it may be the guy with the snow blower. A good neighbor will clear off your sidewalk and driveway. A great neighbor will stay for a drink or three after he’s done. Good neighbors help one another: push your car when stuck, share food if you’re low, and help shovel snow if that snow blower doesn’t show up.


OT_Blog_Featured_03It’s best to stock up because you never know how long you’ll be stuck at home. Milk, eggs, fresh veggies and fruit disappear first from your grocer’s shelves, and will soon after go bad on yours, so don’t even bother with those. Go for chips, cookies, burgers, and pop, you know: the 4 main food groups.


OT_Blog_Featured_04The second busiest store next to the supermarket before a blizzard is the liquor store. When the flakes start flying, the local liquor store makes the mall on Christmas Eve look like a slow day. Obviously I’m not the only one thinking this way. Beer and wine go first, then, if the warnings are serious, whiskey and vodka go next. Wine coolers never sell out but a run on peppermint schnapps is possible as visions of hot chocolate starts dancing in our heads.


OT_Blog_Featured_05This doesn’t mean just food; you need quality munchies. Just like any other time you’re watching a movie you want munchies; it’s just, this time, you’re watching about 36 hours of movies. That means popcorn, chips, pop, and junior mints, the standard movie fare everywhere.


OT_Blog_Featured_06Used to be, when the forecast was ominous, we would head straight to the video rental store. Now that shows how long I’ve been at this. Nowadays I keep the DVR stocked up with recordings, and that’s just in case the dish goes out. Sure, some of you have streaming capabilities but, believe it or not, the internet can go down, or at least your provider does. I’ve heard people used to just sit around and read or actually talk to one another. Of course they also cooked over the fire and wore loincloths as well.

A Loving (or at least understanding) Partner

OT_Blog_Featured_07Okay, I admit, I’m not the easiest guy to get along with. Being shut-in with me for 2 or 3 days should merit some kind of medal. Actually, being shut in with anyone for an extended period of time can be brutal; they call it stir-crazy or cabin fever. She can only take so many times of me whining, “I’m bored.” That’s where the neighbors, the movies, and the alcohol really come into effect. All three offer her some form of escape.

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