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7 Concerts You Won’t Want to Miss on St. Patrick’s Day

Instead of spending another St. Patrick’s Day at some bar with foil shamrocks taped to the wall, you could grab a concert ticket and make it a night you’ll remember regardless of the whiskey.
If you need a push in the right direction, here are our top picks for St. Patty’s Day entertainment:

The Street Dogs at House of Blues (Anaheim, CA)
Mike McColgan, the original lead singer for Dropkick Murphys, did a stint fighting fires in Boston before returning to the music world in 2002 with a new band, The Street Dogs. With five albums out so far (and, hopefully, another in the works), these guys live up to their hard-hitting, celtic rock pedigree.

The Mahones at Euro Disneyland (Paris, France)
These guys started off as a cover band for a St. Patty’s Day party and decided to stick with it once the party died down. Twelve albums and 25 years later, they’re not showing any signs of stopping. They would have ranked higher but who wants to spend St. Patty’s Day at Euro Disney?

Blaggards at O’Bannon’s Taphouse (College Station, TX)
Texas isn’t known for their Irish music scene but Patrick Devlin, Blaggards’ lead singer and guitarist, has always been something of a rebel. While most celtic rock bands have followed the punk vein, Blaggards are clearly on the metal side of things and do it well.

The Tossers at The Masquerade (Atlanta, GA)
The Tossers are a folk band with heavy punk influences or a punk band with heavy folk influences. Either way, they’re one of the best celtic rockish bands that’s ever taken the stage.

Young Dubliners at Hard Rock Casino (Tulsa, OK)
The Young Dubs have been around since the early ‘90s, playing a solid mix of original songs and traditional, Irish tunes turned up a bit. They’re one of the best bands for audience sing-alongs since even their biggest shows feel like they’re playing to a few friends in a local pub.

Flogging Molly at The Hollywood Palladium (Los Angeles, CA)
Even if you don’t listen to celtic rock but once a year, you’ve heard of these guys and probably know the words to a song or two. If you live in LA, this is the show to be at. Flogging Molly’s sound is unique, even in the celtic rock scene, with a mix of hard-hitting tunes and beautiful ballads. They tend to pull their crowds along on an emotional rollercoaster and you’ll thank them for it after the show.

Dropkick Murphys, The Mahoneys, & Blood or Whiskey at Vicar Street (Dublin, Ireland)
Tickets sold out about the time St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland (a bit of a history lesson for you) but, if you’re a VIP, absolutely loaded, or have a friend who can get you in as a roadie, make your way to Dublin for the show of a lifetime.

Now go have an awesome time.

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