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Taking a Californication Vacation

HANKYou may not be a bestselling author and boozy sex-addict (we can’t all be perfect) but you can still access your inner Hank Moody by taking a Californication Vacation! All you need is your favorite writing device, your preferred creative lubricant, and a ticket to Venice Beach! *Bringing your own sexy nun is optional, but highly recommended. Here are a few locations from the hit Showtime series to check out along the way.

While Hank’s Loft is not as cool in real life (because he’s not there!), it can be easily found at 26 Brooks Ave.

2. There’s some pretty amazing street art on Hank’s street.

StreetArtVenice 2

3. Including the side of Hank’s Loft (which I like to think he tagged himself).
Live Free

4. You can stay a block away at the Venice Breeze Suites and get a sweet view of the boardwalk.

5. Which is never boring.

6. The skate park is home to some of the world’s best riders.

7. It’s also the birthplace of The Doors.

8.You can cruise through the famed canals featured in many shots from the show.

9. And find Bill and Karen’s sick Asian-themed party house—aka the McKinley House—built in the late 90s as the home of architect David Hertz. It’s one of the greenest homes in the country.

10.You can tell by the address.
Bill and Karens NUN

11. PS: Venice has spectacular sunsets.



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