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Summer Music, Art, and Beer Festivals for Picking Up Hotties and Being Awesome

There’s nothing better in the sweet, sweet summertime than being ridiculously lazy, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, listening to some live tunes, and meeting really, really good-looking people (#zoolanderreference). That being said, check out these killer summer (and extended summer a.k.a “fall) festivals. Let the partying, commence!

Great American Beer Festival
Held in the hipster capitol of the world, Denver, Co., the GABF allows for the perfect opportunity to get completely wasted, walk around hitting on members of the opposite sex, and gather free swag. Breweries from all over the US, including Austin, TX., Bend, OR., and San Diego, CA. attend to give Denverites and visitors a taste of their goods.

Rocky Grass
Set in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Planet Bluegrass plays host to several annual outdoor music events. But the toe-tappingest, skin-baringest, laid-backest of all just happens to be Rocky Grass. This three day event is a mecca for hippies, music enthusiasts, families, and singles from around the state and country. As you dance near the striking wooden stage and seek relief from the sun in the St. Vrain River, which flows through the property, you’ll notice that bare midriffs and tanned bodies abound. Not to mention, with marijuana now a legal in Colorado, you can purchase some for your own consumption. Just be sure to partake in the privacy of your own home or a friend’s home, as public use is currently illegal.

Burning Man
This weeklong festival in the Nevada desert is known for attracting freakishly cool oddballs, DJs, artists, and ravers. The costumes, though optional but awesome, are reason enough to attend, as most people are scantily clad wearing little more than glitter, sequins, body paint, and head gear. The temporary city, known as Black Rock, serves as an oasis for participants to express themselves in a variety of ways. The man goes up in flames this August.

Notorious for its celebrity sightings, fashion forward climate, and killer musical lineup, Coachella is as much a fashion show as it is a music festival that should totes be attended at least once in your 20s and 30s (Because this is when you’re body is in its prime and you can drink the most). Yet another festival held in the desert, half-naked hotties will be in attendance as far as the eye can see (#wardrobemalfunction).

Austin City Limits
Austin, Texas is a liberal hive known for its food, music, and culture. From blues to funk, and alternative country to jazz, this festival features a little bit of everything. Not to mention, sexy guys and gals wearing tight-fittin’ jeans and cowboy boots are certain to be in attendance. This year, over 130 artistis will be in attendance for all around the world. Of all of the festivals mentioned in our list, ACL is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn’t be passed up.

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