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New Slang for the Adventurous Smartass in You

Whether you’re at the skate park, in the mountains, or grabbing a beer in town, you’re sure to hear these new-but-catching-on words being dropped by 20- and 30-somethings alike. Whether using them makes you look cool or just plain idiotic is debatable, but hey, it never hurts to expand your vocab.

To biff is to “bite it”, “face plant”, or generally just fall in such a spectacularly epic way that your face, and ass, make contact with the earth.

For example,
“I totally biffed off that rail while I was riding.”

Coined just last year, this term is a spinoff of heterosexual and metrosexual, typically denoting a bearded, flannel wearing urban man, who may or may not possess any real wilderness skills but, nonetheless, sips microbrews, wears hiking boots downtown, and probably uses a significant amount of product in his face hair.

Love the lumbersexual or hate it, this look is here to stay as long as hipsters survive.

On Fleek
Think of “that’s so fetch” in Mean Girls. Now apply that to “on fleek”, except that “fleek” is totally happening. Used when referencing something that is perfect, awesome, or mindblowing; on fleek is popular in the music community and being used more and more in social media.

If you’re a part of the outdoor community, or perhaps just live in a more liberal area where Wholefoods make their home on every corner and Kombucha is a thing, you may have heard the term “granola.” This is typically used to refer to someone who is “earthy”, “ environmentally conscious, or just a dirty hippie. A slight dig, though not too mean to be used endearingly.

“Dude, did you see that chick with the hair legs? She’s so granola but I’d still bang her.”

(You would. Don’t lie.)

Sobo and Nobo
If you’re a city dweller, you’ll often hear hipsters and complete douche bags having conversations like this:
“I do say, Fredward, we should hop the Sobo train and hit up that new coffee shop on 104th. “

Sobo and Nobo are short for South Bound and North Bound. Furthermore, just because hipsters drop these terms, doesn’t mean they aren’t useful, particularly when biking, hiking, or skiing in the backcountry.

For example,
“Let’s drop over this cornice, bomb some trees and rendezvous in that glade. Just head Sobo, skier’s right.”

Chances are you haven’t heard this complete gem of a word. Defined as either a man or woman who needs some bushwhacking in their nether-regions, this term is glorious because it invokes the wild and untamed hairiness of a Sasquatch paired with, well, a person’s junk.

Ok, so unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2-plus years, you’ve probably heard or seen (assuming you can read) the word “stoked”. At its very core, the word essentially means, “excited”, “amped up”, and anticipatory (look it up) of something EPIC!

How to use it:
“I’m so stoked for the new Warren Miller Film, I could fart glitter.”


“Jenny was so stoked when Tyler asked her to be his Friend With Benefits.” (Because no one actually dates dudes named ‘Tyler’.)

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