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Let’s Hear It for the Girls: Leading Females in Skateboarding

It’s no mystery that the skateboarding industry is a mostly male-dominated arena. But in 2015, there are female pro skaters that burst through skating stereotypes with a board. Here’s our homage to six leading ladies of skateboarding.

Nora Vasconcellos
The Massachusetts born, California convert, is quite the force to be reckoned with. This fearless 22 year old goes higher, faster, and farther than any other girl out there, and most boys for that matter. Nora doesn’t just set the bar, she raises it. Jeff Grosso, one of the most opinionated skaters out there, said his new years resolution was to do frontside airs just like Nora. She not only kills it in the skate scene, she rips at surfing, and her goofy personality will leave you pee-your-pants laughing every time. With talent and style running through her veins, this chick is far from a one hit wonder, and more like a one [wo]man show. Did I mention she is the only girl on her major sponsors team? Girl Power.

Lizzie Armanto
Madame Armanto is the quintessential reason why we should never downplay the interests of our younger siblings. She attributes her younger brother for the start of her passion for skateboarding at the age of 14. Now, at 21 years-old, Armanto has won over 30 skateboarding awards including a highly coveted X Games gold medal. Her most recent first place win took place at Van Doren Invitational US Open at Huntington Beach, California.

Allysha Bergado
Really, where do we begin? Bergado competed in her first X Games Women’s Vert competition at the ripe age of 12. Although grabbing first place at this year’s Van Doren Invitational Women’s contest is noteworthy (among her laundry list of other awards), we’re shook over her effortlessly cool skate style inside the bowl. Side note: The squad game is strong as fellow killer shredder, Lizzie Armanto, is Bergado’s best friend.

Leticia Bufoni
The Sao Paulo native started her own skateboard company, Yeah Yeah, post X Games Street events and the Real Women gold wins in 2013. In 2014, Nike signed Bufoni to the team. One of the biggest achievements of her career – second to the two X Games gold medals, duh – was being listed as #3 on the ‘ESPN Top 50 Women in Action Sports’ in 2014. Fun fact: Bufoni and Armanto will be in ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5’.

Gabi Mazetto
Gabi-of-all-trades can drop some flat ground tricks while bringing her A-game to the world’s playground. If it can be ollie’d on, Mazetto is the femme to do it masterfully. She’s a rookie that’s bound to go gold. You just wait, watch, and ‘we told you so!’

Lacey Baker
Trailblazer in goofy-footed skateboarding and daughter of punk guitarist Marshall Roehner, Baker has even more wow factors outside of the aforementioned. Baker won the X Games Skateboard Street gold last year in Austin and has been coined by industry figures as one of the most influential female skaters in the world.

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