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Things to do on Sunday While Everyone Else is Watching Football

With football season upon us, Sundays have suddenly opened up for those of you who are not football fans. While millions of fans watch their favorite teams in stadiums, bars, living rooms and man caves around the country, you can have some places practically to yourself. That is, unless you live in Oakland, Jacksonville, or Tampa Bay.

Shop Till You Drop
Right around kickoff is a great time to hit the grocery stores. Don’t go an hour or two before or the lines will be filled with carts brimming with soda-pop, chips, and chicken wings. Just looking at those carts will make you see what fine cuisine you’ll be missing though, so go after kickoff and shop to your heart’s content without any waiting.

Ski Time
Once the season is in full swing and the snow starts to fly, the ski season will start. Sundays in the Rockies west of Denver are excellent days on the mountain as the Denver Broncos own Sundays around there. The mornings might be a bit busy, but once again, an hour before kickoff the crowds diminish. You will still have the out of staters or flatlanders there—unless they come from a town with a decent team, and then they’ll be back at their condos watching TV.

Go Take a Walk
For some of us, Sunday hikes in the fall means the long walk from our outlying parking spot to the stadium. For the rest, the hiking trails are emptier due to our absence. While some of you may be enjoying the lovely fall foliage and the crisp autumn air, the football fans will be strolling past peanut and burrito entrepreneurs, along with T-shirt hawkers and ticket scalpers. For the ones enjoying the hiking trails, your return hike will be just as quiet and relaxing. For those of us returning from the stadium, our’s will be boisterous, celebratory and fun. That is, unless you’re in Oakland, Jacksonville or Tampa Bay.

Hop on a Bike
Before the snow falls and turns the bike trails to a muddy quagmire, get out there and enjoy the trails on your own. Once football season kicks into high gear, the trails may be muddy or frozen, depending on your locale, but in the fall they are perfect. Fall riding is brisk and refreshing since the 90 degree days are long past. If urban riding is your choice, maybe you should get a rickshaw attached to your bike and join the legions of riders who carry fans from the outlying lots to the stadium. You will not only burn extra calories, but earn money as well while driving happy, maybe drunk fans who are in a great mood and probably willing to tip big on the return trip.

Shopping at the Mall
We all know how packed the mall gets, especially around Christmas time. A day at the mall during the holiday season can be akin to torture. That’s why Sundays are your best bet if you’re not watching the game. You can even get football gear like hats and jerseys at the mall, which does seem sacrilegious if purchased during game time. Wearing your local team’s jersey during the game while you are shopping at the mall is not only in bad taste but goes against the fan-code if there is one. That is unless you live in you-know-where, then it’s just in bad taste anytime.

Crank Up That DVR
Thankfully, in this day and age we can record anything, even in high definition. While this is a boon to all football fans, it does change the dynamic for those of you with no interest. Now we fans can go skiing, hiking, biking, or shopping without missing the game. With all the social media availed to us, the trick is to go enjoy the day without hearing how the game came out, until you get to watch it yourself. Hearing the final score can ruin the game-watching experience you were putting off until later. Most of us would prefer to be surprised, as you never know what the final results will end up being. That is, unless you are from Oakland, Jacksonville, or Tampa Bay…

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