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Wireless Earphones are The Way to Go

We’re firm believers that ear buds are meant to be wireless. How are you supposed to run, skate or ski when you’ve got cords jumping up and slapping you in the face every time you make a gnarly move? If you aren’t entirely convinced, here are some reasons its time to toss the cord and go wireless.

No Dangly Cords
OK, we pretty much covered this in the intro but it bears repeating. Cords dangle along the side of your face and really become a probably once you try to move. They flop around, smack into your chin and can even get caught on your clothes and pull your phones right out of your ear. Wireless ear buds don’t do that.

You Can Wear Them Everywhere
Wireless ear buds can fit snugly under a helmet or beanie and can go with you pretty much everywhere. Since they’re easy to cover, they’re great rain or shine…or snow. With cords, you’ve got to make sure they won’t get wet just to keep them working. How lame is that?

They Give Great Sound
It’s true, wireless buds have better sound quality than regular earphones. I mean, we’re not going to claim that as absolute fact or anything, but we’re pretty sure. You should probably buy a pair and test them out, just to be sure.

The Look Cool
It’s no secret that guys with wired earphones look like nerds. Nobody finds those cords attractive, and you’ve got a 96.8 percent increased chance of getting a girlfriend if you wear wireless ear buds instead. That’s just a theory, but it probably holds up.

Nobody Will Know You’re Wearing Them
Wireless buds are great for tuning out your teacher, boss, parents—whoever. Just slip a cap over your head and cover your ears and nobody will ever even know they’re there. They’re also great for tuning out your girlfriend when she starts nagging.

You can slip them on in class, at the office while you’re working or take them out to the park and give yourself a little peace and quiet wherever you go. Sure, you might look like a douche when someone tries to talk to you and you can’t hear what they’re saying, but just crank up your favorite beat a little higher and tune them out until they go away.

They’re Motivation On the Go
Since you can’t really wear wired headphones when you’re skiing—at least if you want to pull off some awesome tricks—they’re kind of useless, right? Wireless buds will go with you no matter whether you’re shredding snow, flipping through the air or sometimes even diving underwater. They’re there to keep you pumped up in the your darkest hour and help give you the motivation you need to keep pushing on when other earphones would fail.

They Can Connect to Everything
Wireless phones usually connect through Bluetooth, which means they can access a lot of different music libraries instead of just one. You’re no longer stuck to the same playlists over and over. You’ve got a friend with a few jams you’d like to hear while you’re gearing up for a race? Just connect to his iPhone, mp3 player or whatever and switch out your tunes for his in an instant.

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