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6 Must-Skate Spots Around The Globe

There’s nothing quite like falling in love, breaking in that new Sector 9 cruiser, or better yet, testing the grounds of unknown skate park territory (kudos if you manage to land all three). There’s a wide variety of stunning skateparks around the globe. Some of them are in your backyard, while others are tailored for a destination vacay. Whatever your location sitch is, make these hot spots a part of your skatepark bucket list.

Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, Florida

This renowned locale is the veteran of skateparks having opened in 1993. Like fine wine, SPoT continues to evolve into an even better place to skate. It is home to the annual Tampa Am and Tampa Pro competitions that have included pro contenders such as Lizard King, Ryan Decenzo, Ishod Wair, Shane O’Neill, and just about any name in the world of skateboarding you can fathom.

What’s cool
SPoT looks out for the little guy. The “little guy” being the beginners that aren’t ready for full-on slides and grinds the park has to offer. Amateurs can enjoy smaller ramps and rails before dipping into the bowl. One of the most intriguing aspect of the park is that pro courses have received a yearly makeover since the ‘90s. Although your usual half pipes and railings will exist, the obstacles will never have the same layouts as the years prior.

Surf Ranch Hotels & Resorts, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Before you sink your nails into the commercialism clause of a skatepark hosted by a resort, catch the background. The skatepark at the resort was designed and built by two Canadian brothers (and owners of Surf Ranch), Lucas and Travis Boychuk, who have skated over 15 years.

What’s cool
Last year, pro skateboarder, Chico Brenes, partnered his Central Skateboarding with Surf Ranch to host the first-ever skateboard camps in Latin America. It’s no small feat. It’s an opportunity that brings skateboarding to the local Nicaraguan community by sponsoring five-day long camps that include tours to skate spots around the beautiful country with world-renowned pro skaters. For the non-rookies, there are quarter pipes, hubbas, flat bars, and more to keep you busy well into the evening. By the way, it’s free to skate here—even if you’re not staying at the resort!

Skatehalle Berlin, Berlin (Friedrichshain), Germany
Skatehalle is located on the site of the former repair works shop of the German Imperial Railway, now a neighborhood mecca of art subculture.

What’s cool
The hall is more than your average skatepark. Sure, it has curbs, ledges, funboxes, and a 3.5 meter wall ride. However, this skatepark is home to the largest indoor half pipe in Germany. Splendid. The indoor-outdoor wonderland also hosts some of Berlin’s coolest parties.

Streetdome Haderslev, Haderslev, Denmark

This is the cohiba, Disneyworld, and 50 year-old scotch of skate land. Deemed by outlets such as Huffington Post and Redbull as one of the best skateparks in the world, we couldn’t agree more. Gifted architects at CEBRA worked in collaboration with Danish skater Rune Glifberg in completing this community center.

What’s cool
A community center? Yes, Streetdome is 65,000-square-feet of awesomeness that includes a climbing wall, basketball court, space for canoeing, in addition to its massive indoor-outdoor skate park. So, soak in the glory of the igloo-like structure in the video.

Fremont Skatepark, Fremont, California
Think of Fremont Skatepark as a farm as it certainly has the size to qualify. The park covers an acre and has 25,000 square feet of bliss, ahem, skating features.

What’s cool
This Cali gem has it all—a plaza, street course, snake run, and three bowls with depths of three-feet, six-feet, and eleven-feet.

The Gardens Skatepark, Capetown, South Africa
The Gardens
The Gardens is the first skatepark to grace Capetown. The park was the winner of an international design competition, held by Building Trust International in 2013. Since skateboarding in the streets of Capetown is largely forbidden, this park is a godsend.

What’s cool
The skatepark covers a 480 square-meters area. Its plaza style with stairs and handrails also feature marble ledges to ensure the best grinds. Other elements such as quarter pipes, banks, and a pipe jam adorn The Gardens. The pipe jam, a pipe stuck in the ground, at The Gardens is the only one of its kind in South Africa.

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