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Why Fat Biking Is Kind of Awesome

Fat Biking is a sport a lot of people love to hate. That usually happens when something comes along so awesome that it makes people who haven’t had the opportunity to try it a little jealous. The truth is, there are a lot of reasons why fat bikes are awesome.

Improved Traction
Fat bikes were designed for rougher terrain, but also as a great means to keep the fun going into the winter months. They tread snow like a snowboard and make exercising in colder weather a cinch. Fat bikes outshine their slimmer counterparts on snow-laden backgrounds and up in the mountains once the white stuff begins to pour from the sky, so you never have to take an extended break from your favorite sport again.

They’re Simple
Fat bikes take out all of the guesswork or need for know-how when it comes to cycling. You no longer need to worry about rolling resistance or weight. Instead, spend your time leisurely strolling along or push as hard and as fast as you can and your bike will do the heavy lifting for you. Sure, it might not help your training much but it’s sometimes fun to just ride for the sake of riding, isn’t it?

They Work In Sand, Too
Not only are fat bikes great for the snow, but people have recently begun taking them to the sands as well. Biking on the beach is a relaxing way to burn some calories and a fat bike helps you accomplish this without tearing apart your wheels, getting stuck or annihilating your calves in a bad way.



Smooth Riding
Riding over a rock on a fat bike is akin to riding over concrete on a regular bike. What we’re saying is, you hardly feel the damn things when you’re barreling down the side of a mountain. Fat bikes make the ride much smoother and enjoyable, instead of headache inducing like traditional mountain bikes. Sometimes it’s fun to go for a ride without needing to down a bottle of Advil afterwards.

Better Over Distance
The fat rubber tires of the fat bikes make riding over long distances less work. Much like a car tire, the tires on a fat bike absorb more of the shock than something you’d see on a motorcycle or regular bicycle. No, bumps and grooves won’t suddenly become non-existent, but they’re certainly less jarring on a fatty than on a traditional bike.

They Look Cool
This might be a little superficial, but fatties just look pretty cool. They’re uniquely designed and often customized to fit your own desires and specifications. You can add more structure to them so the fat bike is completely “you.” It’s fun to mix it up once in awhile, right?

Fat bikes will probably never take over the scene completely, but they’re here to stay. Now that winter is on its way in, maybe it’s time to think about getting yourself a backup bike for the snow. Or, hell, just get a second one anyway so you can go off-roading in places you’d never have considered before. Either way, fat bikes work.

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