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The 6 Deadliest Surf Spots Around the World

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re still struggling to find the perfect costume, why not try the classic ‘zombie surfer?’

If costumes aren’t your jam, my suggestion would be to go hit some of these surf spots, which are generally considered to be the deadliest in the world. Anyone with the gall to hit these breaks might not be earn the title of ‘zombie’, but for as long as they stay on their board, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call ‘em the living dead.

Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii
The king of the killers, the Banzai Pipeline is hands down the deadliest wave in the world. The massive break only occurs a few meters out from shore and if you have a wipeout, you’ll be falling straight onto a coral bed, which has impaled more than one surfer throughout the years.Banzai

Ghost Trees, California
Northern California has a lot of great surf spots to choose from, so maybe stay away from Ghost Trees. The spot has certainly earned its foreboding name. While the breaks here are definitely righteous, the water is rightly called ‘shark infested’ and wipeouts will bring you face to face with the huge boulders that line the shore and ocean bottom.Ghost Trees

Dungeons, South Africa
This spot:

a) Is a ridiculously terrifying name for a surf spot
b) Is home to the most shark infested waters on the planet
c) Is one of the best right breaks in the world
d) Is home to frigid water and massive boulders lining the sea bottom
e) Got its name after a pro surfer was held under water for two consecutive 25 foot waves
f) Will kill you, probably
g) All of the above

If you answered (g), you now have six awesome reasons why surfing Dungeons is probably a bad idea.Dungeons

Cyclops, Australia
Okay, so to surf here you’re going to need a few things:

  1. a boat
  2. a weird idea of a vacation
  3. a death wish

Great! Now you’re all set to hit Cyclops, one of the weirdest breaks in the world. The waves here kind of, well, eat themselves—which means no duck diving for you. I mean, look at that picture. What is even happening? You’re guess is as good as ours, but all we know is that while Cyclops may be one of the most unique breaks in the world, it’s also one of the most deadly, the razor sharp coral having claimed many surfers better than ourselves. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.Cyclops

Ours, Australia
Since you’re already down under and looking to lose your head, why not check out Ours? The breaks here are fantastic, but the problem is even if you ride it out, you’ll probably get slammed into the massive bluffs over looking the waves. Or you could just be like Mark Matthews and surf this killer at night, so at least you can’t see your impending doom…Ours2

Teahupo’o, Tahiti
Translating to English, ‘Teahupo’o” means something like ‘cutting off the head,’ which is a fitting name for a break that will slam you into some razor sharp coral when you wipe out. Although Teahupoo’s grim name comes tribal battles occurring on the island hundreds of years ago,  it feels like an all too appropriate moniker for what has been dubbed the ‘heaviest wave in the world.’ Trust us on  this one, there’s a lot of other awesome stuff to do in Tahiti besides die.Teahupoo

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  1. xJownage says:

    tfw the pic for cyclops is actually from shipsterns. wow.

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