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Outdoor Talk: Dylan Siggers

This weeks Outdoor Talk was with the great ODT Ski member Dylan Siggers. Being from the B.C., this guy was bound to make the snow into more than just an aspect of the weather. He rips at skiing (and mountain biking too) and if you haven’t already seen him in action, take a peak. When he’s not working, and not out playing in the snow, he’s adventuring around doing something awesome. Fortunately, we got lucky and caught him at just the right time to force him into doing this interview. Take a look at his answers to some questions we all wanted to know.


  1. How did you find ODT?

The Yowie!


  1. What is Burrrlapz?

Burrrlapz is an excuse to make fun videos with good music, and to not take anything seriously at all. It’s just a few friends and I filming regular days and editing it together cause we have fun doing it. Those guys (Josh/Brody Mcskimming) still think it’s funny people like them ha


  1. How does music influence your skiing?

Ummmm I’d say almost not at all. Like I love music but it doesn’t have anything to do with my skiing. My friends influence my skiing almost %100. I can never make my mind up with anything and I’m always asking like, “yo what should I do on this”, and Josh just comes up with something sick.

That, and growing up at a mountain without any park jumps, that was a pretty big influence in one way or another.


  1. How does music influence your editing?

Definitely huge. I mean you can edit a video to anything, but I really like cutting stuff to classic rock. Probably because I really like classic rock, and so do most people. I also like editing to hip hop a lot, it flows really nice.

  1. How did you get the rights to Paul McCartney with Wings album “Band on the Run”? (Whaaaat a classic)


  1. Who influences you in skiing and in life?

Like I said my friends are the most active influence in my skiing, whatever they’re into I’m always on the bandwagon right away ha, but less directly I really really like Nimbus stuff. Pretty much my whole life I’ve looked up to those guys. The whole self production team is way too cool. Lately the Bunch has been my favorite too. I know everyone likes the Bunch but it’s so fun to try and ski like those guys, ’cause you can just like crash into a wall and pretend your Maximilian Smith.

Another big influence has always been my dad. He taught me to ski and always  gave me these crazy opportunities when I was little. Like going to do Avy control in the morning with ski patrol and doing all sorts of hut trips when I was barely in high school. It was sweet. He’s been a big part of the CAA for the last few decades so I’m lucky to have grown up with access to an endless amount of knowledge and experience in the back country.


  1. Can you speak French(Canadian)?

Nope, but my girlfriend can

  1. What was the best thing you experienced in Japan?

Night pillows for-sure

  1. Shout-outs?

LINE Skis, Smith, Marker, Dalbello, GoPro, the resort in Fernie (Fernie Alpine Resort), the guys at Commit Snow and Skate, and big time Ryan and Dustin at Outdoor Technology. ODT is dope.

  1. What can we expect from Siggers this winter?

Spinz and flipz, probably.


  1. What is your favorite ODT product?

Buckshot pro, you can take over the world with that thing.


  1. What do you love about MTB?

It’s just really fun. I grew up biking, I live in a bike town, and I work at a bike shop. Hard not to love it.


  1. What do you think of the ski industry?



“Stoked to get to do this guys! Hope that’s good!”

It was great, Dylan! We can’t wait to see what you do next. …and just so you know, we are all still wondering about the “Band on the Run” thing…



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