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Hump Day = 2 More Days ’til the Weekend

It’s hump day and you know what that means. You’ve successfully accomplished 2 full days of work, and once this one is over, you’ll have 2 more to go until the freakin’ weekend. But what to do? That’s where I come in. Check out these 6 awesome things to do this weekend.

Anaheim Packing House (The restored Citrus Packing House)



With good eats and sweet treats, the Anaheim Packing House is #1 on the list. Why? Whether you’re craving a Peach Moon, or some hearty country cooking, this place has it all. With 20 + places to dine, drink and treat yourself, you can quite literally spend all day here. Opened every day at 9:00 AM, you can stop into the Packing House’ Lemon Drop for a fresh smoothie, or the Crepe Coop for coffee and tea. Hangout in the park for a few hours and be back in time for lunch. Don’t forget to treat yourself at Pop Bar for the best handcrafted gelato on a stick. The weekend also brings live music, so there is yet another thing you can look forward to enjoying.

Olvera Street


Olvera St., also known as the first street in Los Angeles, is a Mexican marketplace that is loud with color and sound. On the long narrow brick-lined road you will find folkloric dancers, mariachi bands, and old buildings occupied with authentic Mexican food and faces from around the world. With street vendors all along the center of the street, you can walk up and down 10 times and still find something new. If you’re feeling talkative, strike up a conversation with one of the vendors. You’ll come to learn that most of them come from generations of street vendors who have come to Olvera to sell their goods since the very beginning (1930). If you really want to experience Olvera Street to it’s fullest potential, be sure to visit on a Mexican Holiday. You won’t regret it.

Grand Central Market
Also located in Los Angeles, next on the list is the Grand Central Market. If you’ve been, I’m sure you’re already thinking that this is just like the Anaheim Packing House. (Assuming you’ve been there too) Although it is similar it is, in my opinion, better as far as history goes. The Grand Central Market opened in 1917 and has been continuously operating ever since. The evolution of downtown LA is non stop and the market has made every slight, and major change with it. Beginning it’s popularity with the wealthy residents of Bunker Hill, who would come down the Angels Flight to fulfill their grocery needs, to continuing to attract people from all around, most coming just to stand in the Egg Slut line for 2 hours. I’m not kidding. Although there have been a few changes, it’s still a magnet to people for the same reasons. It is a place to gather, for purpose, for friends, for food and drink, and mostly to have a good time.

The Old Barn


The Old Barn is an antique mall in downtown San Juan Capistrano located in, you guessed it, an old barn. The Barn made it on this list because it is too cool not to include. A lot of antique malls don’t get the credit they deserve, and this place deserves all of it. The main reason that it is so “cool” is mostly the fact that it’s in a, real, old barn. once used for horses, and hay and tools of all sorts. Walking in, somehow, makes you feel like you’re ready to get to work. In a sense you are. There is too much to see, and not enough hours in the day to see it. You’ve got to get to lookin’ or you’ll miss out. The 7 + rooms will have your mind spinning and your eyes looking every which way possible. There are gizmos and gadgets for hours and I guarantee you won’t leave empty handed. Maybe because you like what you see, or maybe because the staff is so cool you feel bad not supporting them. The last time I was in there I left with an old film video camera. Best money I ever spent on something that might just be sitting pretty.

Museum of Death

I know, at first read it sounds morbid. You’re right, but it is also very interesting and will for sure throw a curve ball at the next person to ask what you want to do this weekend. This made it on the list purely because, if you’re anything like I am, doing the same thing over and over again gets boring fast. Doing something like going to a museum will not only expand your mind, but your ability to remind yourself that there are more things to do with your weekend than just Netflix and chill. I chose the Museum of Death, specifically, because for me there is nothing more interesting than the minds of the crazy. Maybe because they are so far off and unrelatable, or because we are all a little insane in some shape or form. On this self guided tour you will find gruesome images, chilling facts, and all around knowledge about life after death. Let me warn you, this museum is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a sensitive person, maybe just opt for The Getty.


Salvation Mountain



On a much lighter note, there is Salvation Mountain. As hip as this place has become, it is still quite the sight. Just east of the Salton Sea lies a manufactured mountain screaming with color. A man by the name Leonard Knight decided to create this work of art, made of clay and paint, as a gift to the world. Standing 50 feet tall and about 150 feet wide, you can see his writing “God is Love” well before you step foot near the mountain. Religious or not, the recurring theme of love is well worth the viewing (and the drive). It must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.


With all these options, you have no excuses as to why you’re staying in all weekend. Get out there.

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