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Happy Hour Day!

It’s National Happy Hour Day! What’s another excuse to make yourself a drink? Here are 5 awesomely good drinks you can make at home. Cheers!

For all you men out there that think cocktails are just for girls, they aren’t. Especially the first one that made it on this list; the Whisky Sour. If whisky doesn’t put hair on your chest, I don’t know what will. Here’s a little sour twist to your standard glass of whiskey.


The next one on the list comes from the beginning of southern time. The Mint Julep. The Mint Julep is apart of american tradition. With just a splash of flavor to your bourbon drink, your taste buds will be singing the songs of the south in no time.


The Peach Moon is something you can drink at all hours of the day. If someone does decide to ask why you’re drinking one at 9:00 am, it wasn’t me. This refreshing orange juice medley will have your taste buds dancing. Drink it when you wake up from a hangover, or when your chowing down on your Lucille’s dinner. The choice is yours. Both are correct.


Next is the, most delicious, Moscow Mule. This carbonated cocktail will be the best choice you ever made on a hot summer night. The refreshing citrus taste will have you in an immediate mental hiatus.


Last, but most certainly not least, is the Zombie. Surf rock and tiki lovers alike, visit anything with Trader in the name and you’ll find one of these. This drink is a funky concoction that you will most definitely need to make a trip to the grocery store for. With 4 types of alcohol and 8 total ingredients, this goolish libation will have you feeling exactly like the name it was given. Test it for yourself.


Now get home and get those creative mixed drink juices flowing, because National Happy Hour day only happens once a year.

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