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6 Telling Signs That You’re A Skateboarder

Whatever your skateboarding story may be, there is one common thread among the pros and amateurs: passion. Here are the six beloved symptoms that you’re a skateboarder.

Wardrobe fails occur weekly.
You’re part of the bloody brigade, dirt titans, and team grass stains from not landing certain tricks. Fortunately, you know the difference between your good pair of Dickies and the ones that are fair game to skate in. Just be sure to wear a dark shirt every time, unless you’re a fan of the dingy, white tee look.

You have a high tolerance for pain.
Nothing screams “skateboarder” than the battle wounds you acquire from a crooked grind-gone-wrong or a bad fakie. Yet for some odd reason (to outsiders at least), you keep coming back for more.

You’re persistent.
Skateboarding is to be especially valued because it teaches you priceless qualities in life, such as tenacity. You won’t let the sun set until you successfully grind the longest rail you’ve ever seen. The tolerance means you’re more than likely to follow through in major decisions in life than to give up. Kudos to you!

“Stage fright” isn’t an issue.
All eyes are on you whether you’re simply skating the neighborhood pavement or showing off your frontside at a skatepark. There’s plenty of room for error, yet no room for shyness. So, you’re cool with channeling your inner Ryan Decenzo without fret.

You accept that you’ll have good and bad days.
which is another quality life lesson that ties in with persistence. Some days you’ll be ready to compete in the X Games (or so you think) and other days you’re left wondering if you even know how to do a basic kickflip. You win some, you lose some – it’s all about perspective. True skateboarders don’t accept perfection, yet they don’t allow off days to rob them of their happiness.

You LOVE skateboarding and its culture.
Skateboarding is more than mastering the art of the craft. It’s about the sport’s culture as well. This includes the music, the events, those awesome product tosses, the laidback peeps, the rich history, and every other cultural nook and cranny of skating. Just the thought of not having a skateboard in your life gives you a bad vibe.

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