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Five Four|Club


We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with our friends at Five Four|Club to make some magic happen. This company is rad on so many levels, but mostly just for being there when you need them to be. Five Four is a subscription based fashion site, that creates contemporary fashion for the modern man. (If Arcade Fire just popped into your head, don’t feel alone.) Founded in 2003, Five Four Club is the only men’s clothing subscription service to create and deliver original designs to their consumers. Built on the idea that a man should gain confidence from what they wear, the Club’s vertically integrated model ensures its members an original, versatile monthly collection. This idea seems to have worked as over 150,000 men in the US Canada and the UK have trusted Five Four to step in and liven up their look. Take a peak at how Five Four can transform you into the burly stud you always wanted to be.
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Five Four is really for the man that wants to look good, but doesn’t think of fashion as a top priority, or doesn’t have enough hours in the day to go on a shopping spree. They will provide trustworthy fashion decisions as well as reliable and dependable service.  With having in house designers, this also adds value as Five Four can cater specifically to the style and taste you so desire.

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Visit www.fivefourclub.com to learn more and take the style profile quiz.

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