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Outdoor Talk: Mariah Dugan

This weeks Outdoor Talk is with none other than the bad ass chick that is Mariah Dugan (@gnar__marr). From pooch hangs, to rail jams, to downhill mountain biking, and even a love for dirt bikes, this girl is someone you wish you had on your friends list. She is constantly on the go, so we got lucky when she sat down and did this interview for us. Which we are ever so grateful for.

Photo Sep 28, 5 42 10 AM

Thanks for letting us bug you with these silly questions, Mariah.

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      1.  I’ve heard a lot of great things about you and that you kick snowboarding ass. Is that true?

I like to snowboard but don’t believe everything you hear 😉

Photo Apr 26, 6 05 22 PM

  1.  Where are you currently living?

Park City, UT

  1.  How do you like it, compared to your home town?

I’m originally from Sonora, CA but I spent the last 7 years living in Mammoth. Park City is very different from either of those places… Pros and cons.

  1.  What do you do with your free time when you’re not making the slopes your slave?

I spend a lot of time DH mountain biking, riding dirt bikes and hanging out with my dog, Murphy.

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  1.  I hear you have a pit. Those dogs are seriously the best. How’s the dog mom life going?

He is pretty much the best when he’s not racking up vet bills, haha. He’s got a weird obsession with rocks and recently swallowed a “large” rock that had to be surgically removed from his intestine. He recovered like a champ and he’s got a bad ass battle scar but the rock definitely won.

Oh no, poor guy. Glad he’s better now.

Photo Nov 09, 12 13 16 PM

  1.  Tell me about one of your most embarrassing moments (Doesn’t have to be snowboard related, but you know we all enjoy when people fall)

Ok… last season I went to the Jackson Hole Pow Wow and went to an after party thing at Asymbol Gallery (which is T. Rices’ gallery in case you weren’t aware) There are A LOT of industry people there, legends, pros and as I am leaving my purse gets hung up on a hand shaped, hand painted wood snowboard art piece that’s leaning against a supporting post in the middle of the gallery (which was a terrible place) and slams on the ground. The room goes silent and every eye in the room is staring at me. I just stood there frozen with my hands over my mouth as some random guy picked up the board. I look over and T. Rice is standing five feet away just looking at me. I blurted out “I’m Sorry” and got out of there as fast as I could.

Whoops! That is definitely embarrassing. It’s cool though, it happens to the best of us. 

  1.  You’ve been Mountain Biking a lot, how does it compare to snowboarding? Does it contribute to your riding at all?

Mountain biking and snowboarding are both challenging in many different ways but they both take a lot of mental strength to keep pushing yourself. Falling on a DH bike hurts real bad so I’ve always got to stay focused and committed to whatever it is I’m riding and I think that mentality has carried over into snowboarding.

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  1.  It’s officially dumping snow. Any trips planned?

I am a bit more of a spontaneous planner…

Photo May 27, 3 11 28 PM

  1.  Does anyone ever give you shit for the fact that you’re a girl who likes to do “boy things”?

I used to get shit in school for being a tomboy but now I get a lot of props.

Good, that’s the way it should be. Thanks for your time, Mariah! #GirlPower

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