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Rahim of Connecticut

Just recently our COO, Charlie was flying Jet Blue to the Big Apple. He noticed just a few seats away from him on the flight was a man sporting some Tuis wireless headphones! He stood out in the crowd for obvious reasons, and Charlie didn’t waste any time making his way over to him. He approached him, gave him his card, and told him to shoot him an email with his information so we could send him some gear.

Well, Rahim got his gear and is as thrilled as we hoped; he took his Turtle Shell 2.0 for a ride on the trails and said it was great! He even sent us a photo. (below)

We are stoked for you, Rahim! Thanks for being stoked on us!

IMG_2031 A little blurry, but we’ll take it.

rahim turtle Sick setup with that Turtle Claw!

You really never know who you are going to run into when you’re repping ODT, and what good things may come of it. Think about that next time you leave the house.

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