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Outdoor Talk: Jesse Paul

ODT Snow member Jesse Paul (@jedipauls) sat down with us for an interview this week, even though he has been super busy winning like every rail jam there ever was. We’re stoked. Peep the interview and all the rad photos below. Photos courtesy of Gill Montgomery (@gillmontyphoto).

20150709_GillMontgomery_JessePaul_Session3_Day2_80 copy


  1. What’s in the water? You seriously have been murdering these rail jams?

Well my girlfriend and I have been drinking a lot of White Russians lately. Maybe that’s it!


JessePaul copy


  1. Congrats on your most recent win at Rails 2 Riches. How did that feel?

Thank you! It felt incredible. I’ve never won a rail jam twice, let alone back to back. That was a pretty big accomplishment for me.




Watch the full Rails 2 Riches snowboard recap here.


  1. Does music influence your riding at all?

Not really.


20140627_GillMontgomery_JessePaul_Session2__Day1_33 copy


  1. Do you listen to music before a contest? If so, what gets you hyped?

I either watch a video part that I’m really stoked on that has a good song or listen to some meditation music. I usually try to go for relaxation versus getting pumped up beforehand. The energy of the rail jam pumps me up but I like to have a clear head at the beginning.


20150722_GillMontgomery_JessePaul_Session4_Day5_53 copy


  1. What can you say about the Strange Brew dudes?

Those guys are the shit! It’s really cool to see everything they’ve done. They’re really just making it happen. It’s inspiring.


20150810GillMontgomery_JessePaul_Session6_Day4_83 copy


  1. What can you say about Common Apparel?

The common apparel guys have been some of my best friends for years. I lived with Nate and the other dudes in Duluth for a while. That was so much fun. So many parties haha.


20150730_GillMontgomery_JessePaul_Session5_Day3_15 copy


  1. Do you get shit for rocking a brain bucket? Does it phase you? (shout out to our boys at Bern)

I never get shit for my helmet actually. Most of the time I don’t think about it and it never gets brought up. However, as far as video parts, I do think I have to work a bit harder to get the same respect with a helmet. Who knows if that’s true, but I believe it. I know it isn’t as raw, but I try to make up for that with my riding. I’m hyped to be backed by Bern though. Those guys rule.


20150721_GillMontgomery_JessePaul_Session4_Day4_11 copy copy


  1. What do you like to do with your free time? Any other hobbies you have?

For the past 6 years I’ve been balancing snowboarding and college, so that has taken up a bunch of my free time, but I just graduated! I am also really into shooting photos, camping, and skateboarding. I’m obsessed with podcasts and I love learning. Slack lining is fun. I also really love to admire good design in architecture, products, and systems. When things just feel right, it makes me happy. Right now I’m obsessed with snowboarding so it’s all that I think about pretty much haha.


20150709_GillMontgomery_JessePaul_Session3_Day2_81 copy


  1. Do you have any upcoming trips planned?

Yes! I’m actually typing these responses on an airplane to Salt Lake City to meet up with Bode Merril! The city just got a bunch of snow and we’re going to start filming.


20150622_GillMontgomery_JessePaul_session1_Day6_88 copy


  1. I know you’re traveling a lot, what’s your must have ODT product while you’re on the road?

I must say the Kodak plus is always in my backpack on trips! It’s amazing. I was in the Netherlands for 6 days a few weeks ago and I didn’t have to buy a weird outlet converter because my Kodiak Plus powerbank charged my phone the whole way through. On just one charge!! I couldn’t believe it. I also really love the Los Cabos headphones. They have a nice design and they’re super comfy.


20150621_GillMontgomery_JessePaul_session1_Day5_43 copy


  1. Why ODT?

ODT because of amazing design, kind people, and badass branding. I really love the design of the products though. Everything feels good, looks good, and works well. No cutting corners. Also, it’s cool to see a tech company that’s present in snowboarding.


20140807GillMontgomery_JessePaul_Session6_Day1_62 copy


Thanks again for doing this, Jesse. You rule.

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