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That Time the Buckshot Pro Saved My Life

About a week ago…Avoid finishing that with Bobby $hmurda…About a week ago we had our annual ODT Christmas Party. Most of us traveled there by way of Uber, considering the theme of these things is usually Drunk. My Uber ride in particular was quite enjoyable. Our driver was really getting us pumped with the sounds of 88.1 classical jazz…Ha! Once we all arrived at the restaurant, I was practically yawning my way to the table. Thanks Uber. But, of course, in seconds that was turned around by rowdy co-workers, trays of Mai Tai’s, and tumblers of vodka. Immediately, and obviously, the phones started making an appearance. Instagram, Snapchat, Boomerang and the like were in full force. Slowly, but mostly surely, our phones were beginning their steady demise. The night rolled on, the duck tacos came and went, our chopsticks turned into walrus tusks, our Stories were getting longer, and our batteries were being drained. Before any of us knew it, it was time to head out. (The club does not go up on a Tuesday when you have to be in the office 8 am.) So I requested my Uber, gracefully walked outside, and just as the Uber driver was arriving, the death of my phone arrived first. SHIT, was my first thought. Then, in the most melodramatic way, I remembered I had my Buckshot Pro in my bag. lightbulb

In a serious flash, I pulled that sucker out, plugged my phone in, and good ole Johnson the Uber driver pulled up curbside. Sadly, the death of my phone cancelled the ride, but we jumped in anyway and figured the rest out later. What is the moral of this story you ask? That the Buckshot Pro has been said to save lives… and it definitely saved mine.


Shout out to Johnson the Uber driver, and my Buckshot Pro for coming through. Much love.IMG_7819

#DontDrinkandDrive #ParkandParty #Uber

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