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Why the Wireless CHIPS® Are the Best Thing You’ll Purchase All Year

The CHIPS® are the all-in-one wireless headphones that were designed for your prescribed helmets and an ecosystem of accessories to do pretty much anything you’re up to. Here are 5 reasons why they are the best thing you will purchase all year.

  1. You can use them in your snow helmet (duh). When the weather is on point, the snow is the perfect consistency, and your CHIPS® are fully charged, but your girlfriend won’t stop complaining about her hair, you can pop these babies in and LA LA LA all the way down the mountain.OT0032-Chips-Snow-2015-Lifestyle-29
  2. You can use them in your bike helmet too! Place them into the K-Roo pouch attached to your helmet, jump on your bike, and the rest is history. Just be careful, you never know when the silent sneak attack of the neighbors tiny evil rat dog will happen when you’re blasting those tunes in your ears.OT3830-Chips-Kroo-Commuter-Bike-Stoked-Lifestyle-2
  3. You can use your CHIPS® without a helmet!… Huh?… Yep, the CHIPS® cuff beanie allows for you too be casually wearing a beanie all while secretly listening to your favorite Selena Gomez songs in your homeroom class. It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone your secret.CHIPS-Beanie-Jamie-7
  4. Speaking of no helmet, you can also place the CHIPS® inside your wick-fit beanie or wick-fit headband and go for a light jog, or intense run. No worrying about your iPhone earbuds falling out of your ears, or those headphones you can pick up at the gas station skipping your track every time your feet hit the ground. Your dreams are slowly coming true.OT3831-WickFit-Beanie-Baldy-Lifestyle-CU OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-Car-Lifestyle OT3831-WickFit-Headband-Sarah-Running-3quarter-Lifestyle
  5. The CHIPS® can play and pause, raise and lower volume, answer calls, skip tracks, and activate voice commands all without having to take your hands off the handlebars/remove your mittens/take your hands out of your pockets. Yea, that’s pretty cool.OT3830-Chips-Kroo-Nick-Bern-Lifestyle-4

Okay, well here’s the link those CHIPS® that you’re now asking your mom to buy you. Glad we can help convince you in doing the right thing.

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