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I have never really been more grateful for an electronic device than I was on my latest adventure to Germany. And no I am not just saying this.

Not until the very last minute was I reminded to bring a Kodiak Plus along with me, and damn was I stoked. With weird shaped outlets, slim to no USB ports, and time away from your hotel for hours on end, the Kodiak Plus was a must; and thank god I brought one. From hiking miles up to castles and fortresses, to boating on the Baltic sea, that thing came with me everywhere. Rain or shine, land or ocean, my phone and camera were always fully charged and ready for action.

The trip was nothing short of amazing amazing, but photos speak a thousand words, so i’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Rostock_EasterMarketRostock, GermanyRostock_BalticSea4The Baltic Sea Rostock_BalticSea  Rostock_1200Streets  Rostock_BalticSea3  Rostock_1200Church
Rostock_BalticSea2  Austria_Highline1793Highline 179, Austria Austria_EhrenburgCastle  Austria_EhrenburgCastle2Ehrenberg Castle, Austria Austria_Highline179  Austria_Highline1792  Berline_BerlinderDomeBackSideBerliner Dome, Berlin Berlin_BerlinerDome4  Berline_BerlinerDome2  Berlin_BerlinerDome3  Berline_BerlinerDome  Berlin_ReichstagBuildingReichstag Building, Berlin Berlin_KaiserWilhelm2Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Chruch, Berlin Berlin_KaiserWilhelm  Fussen_HohenschwangauCastleHohenschwangau Castle, Fussen Fussen_NeuschwansteinCastleNeuschwanstein Castle, Fussen Berlin_TrabisTrabi Cars, Berlin Berlin_WhiteBeerWhite Green Beer, Berlin Potsdam_SanssouciPalace  Potsdam_SanssouciPalace2Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam Potsdam_SanssouciPalace3  Garmisch_TurquoiseWaterGarmisch, Germany Garmisch_Village  Rostock_MaritimeRestaurant  Garmisch_AustrianBoarder   Rothenberg_MedievalTown2Rothenberg, Germany Rothenberg_MedievalTown3  Rothenberg_MedievalTown
Das Ende.

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