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Mother’s Day Gifts Under $60

Mother’s Day is creeping steadily around the corner, and some of you are still brainstorming what to get your beloved creator. Here is a helpful list of 10 ODT items that all fall under the $60 and below category. This list will not only help your wallet, but will help you gain major points with mom, since she will obviously love anything you decide to choose from it. Hey, even if the favorite child award is held by you for just 24 hours, that’s 24 hours more than usual. 🙂


Los Cabos : $59.95 – “The Chill Mom”OT1900-R-Cabos-Boating-Laying-LifestyleThe Los Cabos are all about attainable luxury with durable, low profile, and lightweight execution. The super slim shape and try folding ability allows Los Cabos to stay under the radar in the office, on the train, or avoiding those important BIG next step conversations with your girlfriend. A built in microphone gives you hands-free calling capability, and external controls means never taking your device from your pocket or backpack. look luxury in the eye and say, I got this, Los Cabos style, baby!

The Adapt : $39.95 – “The On-The-Go Mom”OT6004-Adapt-Jamie-Truckee-Lifestyle-5The Adapt makes anything that plugs into a 3.5 mm audio jack wireless. Listen to music untethered or talk on the phone with your old cans, thanks to the build in microphone. Clip it to the lapel of your sweater vest for a totally hands free experience. Manage the party playlist on your home stereo from your phone. Skip tracks, control volume, and take calls without ever having to touch your Bluetooth device. Your life is getting easier just reading this.

The Buckshot : $29.95 – “The Active Mom”OT1301-B-Buckshot-Backpack-Strapped-LifestyleThe Buckshot is an ultra portable, multi functional, rugged and water resistant, damn-good-looking speaker. It’s the sneakiest little speaker on the block, but it delivers sound like a sawed off 12 gauge and has a rugged, rubberized exterior that can take a good beating. With an included handlebar mount for your ride and a built in speakerphone, the Buckshot can take hands free calls from your therapist whenever, and wherever you may be.

The Kodiak Mini : $24.95 – “The Selfies and Baby Pics Mom”OT1700-Kodiak-Mini-All-Cement-LayingThe Kodiak Mini is a rugged, portable power bank. This is one of your most trusted friends for when you’re in a bind and need your phone charged ASAP. This little guy packs quite the punch for when you need a backup.

The Kodiak : $49.95 – “The Disneyland Mom”Kodiaik_Camping_April2015-8 (1)The Kodiak is the big brother to the Kodiak Mini. This ruggedized, rechargeable, shockproof and waterproof power-bank is a must. It holds hours of stored lightening to power your mobile devices. With 6000mAh of capacity and switchable 1.0 or 2.4-amp output, the Kodiak will charge pretty much any mobile device that plugs into a USB outlet. Yes, that includes tablets. Tap into stored energy and save your good time from a dead battery.

The Wired CHIPS® : $39.95 – “The Action Sports Mom”OT0042-Wired-Chips-Snow-Boreal-Lifestyle-9The Wired CHIPS® are a universal, wired-up helmet audio system for the Bluetooth-averse. Drop them into nearly any helmet or Made for CHIPS® accessory, and subject them to the horrors of the soundtrack. There’s no battery, so the Wired CHIPS® will keep up for as long as you (or your device) can last. One giant button controls all the sound without making you de-glove or pull out your player. These CHIPS® can be dropped in any dip, snow or chew can, and be just as tasty with sound.

The CHIPS® Accessories : $19.95 – For every mom, and every one of her activitiesTahoe-November-2015-CHIPS-Trip-Fullres-149 (2)The CHIPS® accessories, which include the K-ROO pouch, the Wick-fit Headband, Wick-fit Beanie and Cuff Beanie, are made specifically for CHIPS® to be used in whatever activity you’ve decided to do for twenty minutes today. Whether you’re using them for active use or just kickin’ it, we’ve got you covered. For the Wick-fit collection, we use breathable material that works for both warm and cold blooded (like your stepmom) humans. The CHIPS® Cuff Beanie is like the toasty warm sweater that your grandma knitted last winter, and the K-ROO pouch makes almost any helmet (Snow, BMX, skate bike) audio compatible.

CHIPS® Cuff BeanieCHIPS-Beanie-Jamie-7

Wick-fit HeadbandOT3832-WickFit-Headband-Baldy-Lifestyle
Wick-fit Beanie
K-ROO Pouch

Now get to the site and get your mama some stuff she probably wants.

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