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7 Margarita Recipes to Make Your Cinco De Mayo Great

It’s Cinco De Mayo…in other words your Taco Tuesday came twice this week. You are most likely going to be heading out to your local Mexican restaurant after work to enjoy the benefits of another ridiculous holiday. We also understand that your addiction to Scandal may be holding you back from going out with your friends, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a delicious marg. Go ahead, ditch your friends, shake up some ingredients and hang with the couch. Here are 7 very unique, but also very tasty margarita recipes you can make at home this Cinco De Mayo.

  1. Spicy Jalapeno Margarita
    • For those of you that enjoy the fiery hot flavors that the jalapeno delivers, this margarita is the one for you. with a pinch of salt, a dash of lime and 1/2 of a sliced jalapeno, this margarita will leave your mouth watering for more reasons that one.
  2. Sweet Grapefruit Margarita
    • This recipe is for those who have a sweet tooth. The Sweet Grapefruit Margarita is not only infused with grapefruit juice, but added into the mix is a tablespoon of honey… and there ain’t nothin’ sweeter than honey.
  3. Fresh Strawberry-Coconut Margarita
    • What is better than a fresh fruity drink on a hot summer day? The Fresh Strawberry-Coconut Margarita. With a blend of salt and sugar around the rim, and some coconut water and silver tequila inside, those are just a few ingredients to give you a taste of what summer feels like.
  4. Kicked-Up Avocado Margarita
    • This recipe is a weird one, so for those who like to experiment, this marg is for you. Although there are more ingredients you would find on top of a taco inside of this recipe, the benefits are endless. The Kicked-Up Avocado Margarita will not only be good for your stomach, but it will leave your skin glowing. That may just be the effects of the good buzz it’ll give you, but either way!
  5. Frozen Tropical Pineapple Fusion
    • The Frozen Tropical Pineapple Fusion Margarita is for the people out there that love all the Mixology fluff. This recipe calls for 4 different alcohols and mixes, some lime juice, some sugar, and lots of ice. It’s certainly not your typical margarita but it might just be the most interesting to taste.
  6. Skinny Margaritas
    • If you didn’t already guess from the name, this recipe is for skinny people only. No, I’m just kidding, more like for people that love margaritas, but don’t like all the calories that come along with them. This recipe will surely hit the spot, but won’t totally trigger your alcoholic beverage buyers remorse.
  7. Classic Margarita
    • This recipe is pretty self explanatory. If you want a great classic marg, this is your go to.

Now get all your measuring cups, and mixing bowls out; it’s time to start the margarita party.

One thought on “7 Margarita Recipes to Make Your Cinco De Mayo Great

  1. Craig says:

    I tried the avocado recipe over the weekend. It was very good!

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