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Supplies You’ll Need for the Apocalypse

Whether its shark infested tornadoes, alien invasions, or zombies, you are going to want to be prepared no matter what. Here are the top 10 things you will want to have handy when the apocalypse happens.

  1. Bang-Ti multi function folding shovel – $66BangTiThis things name is so long I almost dont even need to explain to you what it does. But there is a little more to it, so here I go. This multi-functional shovel cannot only dig holes, it can be used as a hoe, wire cutter, hammer, knife, extension bar, bottle opener, flint (fiya Stawta), tourniquet, and the best, an ax. If you’ve got one of these when the apocalypse happens, you are a damn lucky son of a B.
  2. REI Backpacker Extended First-Aid Kit – 54.50 2016-07-01 09_40_02-REI Backpacker Extended First-Aid Kit - REI.comThis First-Aid Kit provides essential medical supplies for up to 6 people on 8-day trips into the back country. I know 8 days may not seem like a lot, especially when you are referencing what the Walking Dead currently looks like, but if you refrain from getting any booboos for as long as possible, this could be a life saver. Literally.
  3. Kodiak Plus – $79.95OT1650-R-Kodiak-Plus-Camping-Tent-Charging-LifestyleIn the midst of the madness you may still have time left to send one more text, make one more call, or even play one last round in Words with Friends. With the power of the Kodiak plus, you can charge your phone, and plenty of other things for that matter, a few times before the battery is dead. With 10,000 mAh of charge, you can spread out your battery life on any device for quite some time.
  4. Lifesaver Bottle – $139.95LifesaverBottleClean water is going to be damn hard to find in any of these scenarios. Which is why the Lifesaver bottle will…well, save your life. This water bottle eliminates all microbiological waterborne pathogens from water without chemicals, and uses replaceable filters, which can treat up to 4,000 liters of water – 750 milliliters of water in just under a minute. Once all the shark guts are filtered out of your water, you can drink from the bottle directly, or store water in other containers.
  5. Paracord Survival Bracelet – $8.99ParacordThis premium branded extra-beefy paracord survival bracelet is equipped with a stainless steel D shackle. A cord once used for US parachute lines during WWII, will prove to be useful in any swift getaway.
  6. MRE – $93.52 +MREWhen a disaster strikes you never know how long you will be without access to water, power and supplies, that’s why it is vital to be prepared for anything. MRE (Meals Ready-to-Eat) long-term supplies can give you the peace of mind that you are prepared for anything for any length of time. With no preparation necessary these  supplies are easy to carry and use. Be prepared for anything that comes your way.
  7. Road Atlas – $8.40RoadAtlasIn times of no cell service, no outlets and certainly no smiley face emojis, you are going to need something other then Google Maps as your main source of direction. The 2017 Road Atlas may or may not confuse the sh*t out of you, but get used to it, you’ve got no other choice.
  8. Buckshot Pro – $79.95OT1351-GLO-Buckshot-Pro-Two-Night-Camping-LifestyleThis wireless speaker, flashlight, camp light, strobe light and power-bank could really help you out when things start to get weird. The flash light can help guide your way, the camp light can help you read your Atlas on the road at night, your strobe light can send an SOS signal to whomever is still out there…I wouldn’t bank on that one, and you can play some tunes when you are feeling extra lonely. Lastly, the power bank can just add to the already awesome effects the Kodiak Plus has been providing to the fam…if there is still fam.
  9. Rab Xenon X Hoodie – $224.95RabXenonXThis awesome jacket offers very high quality insulation, an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, smart construction, and the ability to pack into its own pocket for ease of transport and multi-pitch climbing. Built with Pertex Quantum fabric, this jacket resists water and wind better than most others out there, as well as provides well-designed, comfort-oriented features. The one is a must when you dont know if and when there will be a roof over your head.
  10. Vasque St. Elias GTX – $131.04GTXLast, but certainly not least are these incredibly durable backpacking boots. Because when you dont know where you;re headed, dress for success. These leather boots are equipped with GORE-TEX waterproof construction as well as performance comfort technology. With minimal break in time, you will be ahead of the zombie pack in no time.

Well, there you have it. The top 10 things you will want to have handy when the apocalypse hits. Be prepared, be very prepared.