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Summer Must Haves

We are just about midway through summer and I am sure you are beginning to notice a few things you wish you had right about now; to enjoy it just that much more. You see, summer can be the best time of year; there is no school, no schedule (for some), and certainly no limits on what you can do. Unless cold weather is your thing, then there are limits. But I am not referencing you people right now. Here is a list of 8 summer must haves to guarantee you are the coolest one on the beach, in the pool, at the grocery store, and just about everywhere else.

  • FEEL THE BURN: The most important summer essential is something we cant stress enough to apply. Sunscreen should be the first thing you grab before heading out in the summer sun. Put it on! It’s MOY IMPORTANTE! Sun Bum’s 50 SPF moisturizing sunscreen lotion is the bomb.com. You can get some here.
  • MY EYES!: The next most important summer essential is sunglasses. Don’t ruin your eyes while you’re young, or old for that matter. Keep them covered, and with some good quality shades of course. Kinda like the super rad Polarized Elmore’s from VonZipper.
  • FLOAT ON: Summer would not be complete without the new Turtle Shell 3.0. Although this might not be available until summer is technically over, if you are where we are, it’s still hot for some months to come. Jump in the water, blast your tunes, and let the music float on. Literally. OT2800-R-TurtleShell3-WetFront (1)
  • DRY OFF: There is nothing worse than a towel that doesn’t absorb water. When its time for you to hit the beach, pool, or take a picnic in the dew filled park, a Pendleton towel is what you’ll want to keep you dry. Also because they’re trendy right now. LOLZ
  • FILL ‘ER UP!: Keep all your devices charged this summer with the Kodiak Plus. With enough juice to fill up your phone battery a few times over, or to charge two devices at once, this is definitely a must.OT1650-R-Kodiak-Plus-Sailboat-Gopro-iphone-Charging-Lifestyle
  • CAST AWAY: Don’t get stuck being the noodle floater at the pool party. WAH Wah wah. Get one of these lux floaties from Floatie Kings to fully enjoy the summer sun. Nothing can go wrong when you’ve got a giant donut supporting you. (or pizza, or swan, or pineapple, w/e)turtle3-productshot-rh-7
  • DEEP DIVE: Be sure to grab a Life Proof phone case before your watery adventures take place. We all know how important it is to show everyone on Instagram how much fun you’re having this summer. Don’t let a little water hinder your ability to take a good #selfie.
  • SHADY BUSINESS: Sometimes an umbrella can spoil the idea of a day at the beach. Lugging this giant thing down, and up, 1000 steps is not the most appealing, trust me. Sometimes a hat will have to suffice. Check out Hemlock Hats for this problem. I stumbled across their Instagram the other day and they just so happen to be killing the sunhat game. #bringbackthepineappleexpress

Welp, that’s all I can think of for now. Until next summer I guess. Peace.