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Why You Should Never Leave Home Without a Buckshot Pro

As the mullet of speakers, this thing truly lives up to its name. Here are 5 reasons why you should never leave home without one.


The greatest thing about the Buckshot Pro is that it can charge almost everything. It’s lithium ion rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of play and talk time. It’s USB output allows for a charge to your phone, GoPro, Camera, and anything else for that matter that has a USB connector. I don’t want to say the Buckshot Pro can save your life but, the Buckshot Pro can save your life.



The Buckshot Pro not only charges your devices, it will play your tunes with great quality. It’s got a passive bass port for bigger sound, and the speaker is placed precisely so that the music is facing you. (Which is surprisingly really hard to find.) With it’s Bluetooth capabilities, the sound potential doesn’t end there. The speaker goes two ways, and as much as you’d rather ignore your moms call when you’re in the middle of an air guitar rift to your favorite song, you can easily pick up the phone and talk to her straight through the speaker. Don’t worry about needing to step away either. Your cinnamon rolls will never burn again, because while you shout at your mom from the kitchen, she can still hear you; your Bluetooth will stay enabled up to 32 feet away.



Whether you’re going on an intense bike ride, you’re going camping in the woods, or you’re just trying to make it home at night without running into your neighbors mailbox, the Buckshot Pro is a must. This triple-light-setting bulb can light the way with its bright flashlight while on a night ride or hike, it can lightly shine over head while reading spooky stories in your tent, or it can act as a strobe light for when you have ventured too far into the woods to find the perfect bathroom, and you need someone to find you. Stat. And in the most desperate of times, you can even use it as a nightlight in your room. For all of you still sleeping with your teddy bear, you can insert the light into your phones USB brick and plug it right into the wall.



This thing not only offers light, sound, and power, it is strong like bull. Its rugged design, and dust, water, and shock proof exterior is key to knowing that if you wanted to bring this everywhere you go, you certainly can. Rain or shine, mountain or mole hill, the Buckshot Pro is more than just a pretty face. This thing is made to be used. and used again.

OT1351_Buckshot_Pro_Bike_Racks (117 of 173)


I’d say the greatest advantage of the Buckshot Pro is its size. Being a little bit bigger than the size of your hand, it is easy to keep with you at all times of the day and night. Girls, this fits in your purse, no questions asked. We already know you have a Mary Poppins bag full of miscellaneous items. Guys, this can fit in your pocket. ‘Nuff said.


Whether you wanted to strap this onto your bike with its bike mounts, or simply keep it in your glove compartment for emergencies, you’ll be happy you did. Here’s where you can find one.

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