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Gift Guide for this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day get your Dad an awesome gift that shows how cool he really is. Sentimental, make-shift cards are appreciated and all, but portable and wireless sound will for sure amp up his life. Outdoor Tech will top all your past Father’s Day presents and will definitely make you the favorite daughter/son.

  1. Buckshot Pro – $79.95

Upgrade from the Buckshot 2.0 and get your Dad the Pro. The Buckshot Pro provides a 3-in-1 speaker and a powerbank for when he’s on the move and needs to charge-up. The best part? There is a built-in flashlight for the Dads who like to think of themselves as Mr. Handyman or Mr. Prepared.

  1. Big Turtle Shell – $199.95

Let me guess. The Bigger the Better? That’s right, so why not give your Dad the Big Turtle Shell this Father’s Day. BIG dual speakers create the loudest audio experience that fills any space. Perfect for family beach days, a campfire setting, or the backyard BBQ your Dad has had planned for weeks.

  1. Rhinos – $129.95

These wireless, waterproof headphones have a Walkie Talkie feature that will really get your dad excited. Maybe get yourself a pair too so you can answer your Dad’s questions without even having to go downstairs! Not in the mood to talk? Don’t worry, wear the Rhinos to tune out fatherly responsibilities for a little afternoon break.

  1. Tags 2.0 – $39.95

The last thing your Dad wants to do before rocking out to his music is deal with a tangled mess of cords. Good thing the Tags 2.0 snap together to prevent the frustrating cord chaos! These are the perfect wireless earbuds for any Father, whether he’s the kind of guy who enjoys music while strolling along the beach or hiking up rugged trails.

  1. Kodiak Powerbanks – $24.95 – $99.95

Lastly, if your Dad is always the man on the go, get him a powerbank from our Kodiak Power Line. Take power anywhere and everywhere so he doesn’t miss out on any Proud Father Moments.

If none of these awesome items win over your Dad, check out some other stuff you probably want to get for this upcoming Father’s Day.