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On-Shore Review of the Minnows, Makos, and Orcas 2.0

Recently, there have been a few too many shark sightings in Southern California Oceans. I’m not sure about you, but the Shark Advisory signs interrupt my summer fun. “Enter at your own risk” is not a summer motto I enjoy living by, so let’s focus on the Minnows, Makos, & Orcas 2.0 that thrive on-shore.

  1. Minnows – $19.95

Minnows are the ideal pair of minimalist earbuds that deliver high quality sound at an affordable price. They are perfect if you’re trying to subtly listen to music in the office, jam out during a long car ride, or settle somewhere in between. The rigid, durable, and lightweight Minnows will boost your music listening without breaking your bank account.

  1. Makos – $29.95

When I hear Mako, I think Shark!! Intimidating, right? Makos earbuds provide the same intimidating factor in support of packed sound and solid bass pumps. We’ve got two sets of Comply foam ear tips and Makos fins to make sure your Makos stay in place when a throwback banger plays. Time for a beach yoga session or gym workout? Makos sweat-resistant feature lets you get down to business and burn off calories from this morning’s regretted donut consumption.

  1. Orcas 2.0 – $79.95

If you like the Makos, you’ll love the Orcas 2.0. These WIRELESS earbuds (yes, I said wireless) are not only sweat-resistant, but are water-resistant for those random times you want to take a jog in the rain. Tune-out to your favorite sounds for a max of five hours (at full volume of course). Gym, hike, work, beach, flight… you name the place and the Orcas 2.0 will not let you down.