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Snowboarding in July?!?

This past weekend I took a trip up to Mammoth Mountain. I usually go to Mammoth twice during winter, but never have I been during the summer months. This may be a bold statement, but it was quite possibly the best Mammoth trip I’ve ever had. Snowboarding in the middle of July?!? Not many people can say they’ve done that, especially in California! Let’s look at some facts. The ’10- ’11 season reached 668 inches of snow, making that the greatest snowfall record. In 1995, the season ended on August 13, making that the longest season in Mammoth history. This season, Mammoth got 618 inches of snow and the predicted closing date is August 6th. These specifics make the ’16- ’17 ski season the second longest season in Mammoth history, and I’m happy to say I was part of it!

Snowboarding in July is HOT. Imagine 78°F and snow pants. A combination that really doesn’t sound appealing. Some skiers and boarders chose to go with bathing suits. I’m talking full on speedo and string bikini…really quite the look for some people. My favorite outfit though had to be the Elvis Presley I saw skiing down from the top. Everyone on the slopes was in such a happy mood. The sun was shining, it was middle of summer, and we were surrounded by people who shared the same love for skiing/snowboarding. What more could anyone ask for!The snow conditions were probably what you’d expect for middle of July. The runs were slushy and there were patches of dirt in places, but I’d take slush over ice any day. The chairlifts open were the Gondola, Face Lift Express, and Chair 23. This left us with a few runs to do including Upper Road Runner, Cornice Bowl, and Saddle Bowl. The options were limited, but then again, it was middle of July so who’s complaining?The slopes were only open from 7:30am – 12pm, so in the afternoon I got to explore the area. I’ve never checked out the lakes before, and I figured this was a great chance to figure out why it’s called Mammoth Lakes. My friends and I headed to Lake Mary and rented a canoe for the afternoon. I highly recommend this if you’re in town for summer! The view was absolutely breathtaking and the water was so refreshing. We jumped into the 45° lake, which was for sure a shock, but a great experience. Snowboarding in the morning and canoeing in the afternoon was the move.My Mammoth trip this past weekend was one to remember. Of course snow conditions in the summer can’t compare to winter, but the experience in itself was one that may not happen again for years. Are you ready for the ’17 – ’18 ski season? I know I am.