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6 Last-Minute Ideas For Outdoor Adventure On Memorial Day Weekend

As they say, time flies. And here we are again approaching another Memorial Day Weekend when we remember all the brave men and women who lost their lives while serving this great nation. For the patriots who toiled so honorably and for their families, Outdoor Tech takes this moment to express our deep-felt appreciation.

Go forth and play.

Perhaps you already have big, long-made plans for the holiday weekend. If so, be safe and enjoy your time with family and friends. If the weekend crept up on you and you’re looking for unique, easy, last-minute ideas for outdoor experiences, read on.

Take a hike and pay your respects

There are places in America with vast acreage on gorgeous ground where you can hike all day and never cover the entirety of the setting. Those places are our National and State Memorial Cemeteries, where our heroes are laid to rest. They are always open to everyone, and what better time to get out in nature and explore the vastness of such hallowed soil? Your only preparation for this outdoor activity is to lace up your best footwear and pack for hydration and nutrition. As you walk, solo or with loved ones, you’ll refresh your body and soul. To stroll the seemingly endless rows of white stone memorials is an outdoor experience you’ll never forget. It changes you in a good way. Find a National Cemetery.

Life, Cycle

Whether your two-wheeled machine is powered by legs or pistons, cycling on the trails or roads near you is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoor world. Just fill your pack with food and water, grab your Outdoor Tech earbuds and enjoy the passing scenery with the wind in your face. Find a trail near you.

Picture Perfect

Sure, you take pictures with your phone all the time when photo ops happen. But when was the last time you went outdoors with the sole intent of searching for and taking photographs of natural wonderment? It’s a fantastic pairing to a robust hike or mountain bike ride.

Camp Out

Campsites often book out long before Memorial Day Weekend arrives. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t go last-minute camping. By knocking on a few farmers’ doors to request permission to camp on their land for the night, you’ll be surprised by how accommodating they’ll be. If all else fails, a “Back Yard” campout is still as much fun as it was when you were a kid. Find a camp spot near you.

Get Board

Have a skateboard or roller blades? Then get thee to your nearest skatepark for fun, fresh air and exercise. Not a Carver, Casper Flipper or Crooked Grinder? Go there anyway and have a blast watching others tear it up under the summer sun. Search for skate parks near you.

Star Gaze

At the end of your unforgettable day of last-minute Memorial Day adventure, stay outside. Turn on your Outdoor Tech wireless speaker, pick out some relaxing tunes, kick back on your patio chair and let the heavens remind you that you are free.

May you have a splendid Memorial Day, and the best summer of your life!

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