Elizabeth Kovar

Top Apps for Cyclists



Smartphones are the perfect tool to track cyclist’s time, distance, speed and ride. No longer are mobile devices made solely for calling and texting, but are equipped with gps and ride-tracking devices that goes beyond the biker’s brain. Explore limitless riding opportunities with these top apps made specifically for the smartest of smartphones.

Map My Ride
Map My Ride originally released as a website for runners and bikers to map routes in their hometown. Now created as an app, this GPS system records and logs every short and long distance ride. Riders explore routes nearby and bookmarks favorite rides. Data such as time, speed, distance calorie expenditure and elevation are recorded. Available in various languages and costs $2.99.

Bike Repair
Roadside maintenance is stressful and nerve wrecking for those who have no knowledge on how to change a presta tube. Riders have no fear with the Bike Repair app. The app features 58 detailed guides, and 95 tips and tricks, on how to fix virtually almost every maintenance issue. The app shows steps, labels parts and displays images for the problem. App is available for $3.99.

First Aid for Cyclists
Cyclists pedaling the road less traveled benefit from first aide tips for when the unexpected happens. It is estimated that 19,000 cyclists are injured, or killed, while riding on the road. The app provides emergency and body-part specific care for head, muscles, bones and skin emergencies. The app is free.

Strava Cycling
Strava Cycling features a detailed GPS tracking system with the ability to upload and share rides with friends. Calculate cadence, heart rate, power and calorie expenditure as well as speed, distance and elevation. Follow friends and climb the leaderboard through personal goals, met records and winning challenges. The interactive tool shows which friends are currently riding or running. The app is $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

GPS Quick Location Share
When in need to quickly share your location, this app meets your needs. Riders can instantly share your location, or address, with friends, family and fellow riders. This is perfect for riders who are meeting halfway, or during an emergency situation. The gps coordinate location is sent via text message or email. This app is ideal for those who also hike and head outback to unknown locations.

Best Music Festivals in November and December

Music inspires the soul to break free from stress, live in the moment and expose individuality and freedom. Concerts and festivals held around the world drum up global beats to please every music flavor and sound. This winter, escape the dull moments of season changes and revive the spirit at these top music festivals held during the last remaining weeks of 2014.

Sunburn – Goa, India
Goa, known for its backpacker and trance music culture, now homes one of Asia’s hottest electronic music festival. Locals, tourists and international DJ’s flock to the sunny Goan beaches to “live, love and dance.” Big names such as Avicii, Dash Berlin, Armin Van Buuren and Swedish House Mafia made presence in past events. Event is held December 27-29, 2014.

Dominican Republic Jazz Festival – Dominican Republic

Those who prefer classy music, head to the Dominican where traditional and modern jazz unite on Dominican beaches. The festival has been in existence since 1992 and runs strong with headline names such as Nestor Torres, Matt Marvuglio and Chuco Valdez. Visitors enjoy music along the Cabarete coastline, an active and youthful town spiriting vibrant energy. The event runs November 6-9, 2014.

Electric Daisy Music Festival – Orlando, Florida
Known as the “place where spirits run free,” EDC offers an exciting mind-trip experience filled with eclectic beats, interactive LED art and carnival rides. Expect lavish costumes, intense stage smoke and audible roars heard across Orlando. The 2013 event featured 90 performers, 370,000 watts of speaker power and 875,000 pounds of steel, all for the thrill of a two-day event heldNovember 7-8, 2014.

Snowglobe – South Lake Tahoe, California
Snowglobe is the place where music meets the mountains. Ski, snowboard and heart-pumping beats unite on one slope welcoming over 50 world-class artists and DJ’s. In between music fist pumping, visitors stay enthralled with ski and snowboard demos held between main stage sets. The event is nearby 9,000 acres of ski-worthy land, making this one of the most unique festivals in the world. The event occurs December 29-31, 2014.

Time Warp – New York City, New York
Held November 28-29, 2014, Time Warp is a two-day electronic music festival featuring some of the best Dj’s including the world-renowned Richie Hawtin, Time Warp originated in Mannheim, Germany and soon branched to other regions of the world including South America, the States and Netherlands. Held in a historic building in NYC, the event produces modern class beats within four historic walls and old-school charm.

Fun Fun Fun Fest – Austin, Texas
Austin, the city where music is the heart and soul of every local, lives, breathes and dies by hypnotic beats. Held November 7-9, 2014, the FFF Festival was created in 2006 by people who daily in the music industry. The vibrant atmosphere meshes hip-hop, electronic, punk, indie rock and comedy shows within three days of non-stop fun. The event takes places on the Red River, located in the heart of downtown.

By: Elizabeth Kovar