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World’s Top 7 Cold Water Surfing Spots

What exactly defines cold-water surfing? Although there is no one definition, avid surfers claim that wearing a 4/3 wetsuit two-thirds of the year distinguishes the difference between warm and cold surfing. Surfing in tropical, turquoise waters is a dream, but the reality is that most of the world comprises of cooler waters. Get your wetsuit ready as you explore the world’s top cold-water surfing destinations.

Bells Beach, Australia
Most people think the entire island continent is warm and sunny year round. Bells Beach, located in Victoria about 53-miles southwest of Melbourne, is home to the world’s longest-running surfing competition. The waters are as cool as the surfers’ tricks. It’s so cool that Great White Sharks make an appearance every now and then. Local surfers claim Bells Beach has the best breaks in Victoria.

Iceland, another island country, is a surfer’s paradise with untouched shorelines and no-waitlist breaks. During the spring and fall, the water temperature is like England and Scotland and features consistent breaks. All you need is a thick wetsuit and an adventurous spirit to conquer some of the world’s most untouched shorelines.

Similar to Iceland, Norway features pristine shorelines that are not inhabited with infrastructure or mass tourism. Thanks to wetsuit technological advancements, surfing is one of the biggest crazes in this Scandinavian country. Magic Seaweed claims Norway to be, “a rare surfing frontier.” Besides a thick wetsuit, bring plenty of cash as Norway is one of Europe’s most expensive cities.

Surfers Paradise, Belgium
Not to be confused with Surfer’s Paradise, Australia, the warm-weather sister. This Belgian town boasts plenty of cold-water waves and wind. Other popular activities include wind surfing, stand up paddling and kite surfing. The local surf center offers hourly lessons for novice and experienced surfers.

New Zealand
This island country contains over 15,000 kilometers of cool-water shorelines. New Zealand is a world-class surfing destination and is one of the most popular hobbies for the natives. On the north island, consider surfing in Northland, Waikato and Auckland. While on the south island, explore West Coast, Canterbury, Otago and Southland. 

Pichilemu, Chile
Pichilemu is a beach-resort city in central Chile. Many claim that Pichilemu is off the “gringo trail.” You need a wetsuit year-round, but that doesn’t stop international surfers from visiting this small cowboy-inspired town. Pichilemu features intense waves that advanced surfers test their skills. But, there are plenty of areas for novice surfers to test their skills. One benefit is that the area is more affordable than most of the popular surfing spots and the dollar goes further with the exchange rate.

United Kingdom
The UK is home to plenty of cold-water shorelines that tests surfers to battle the wind, waves and icy cool waters. Some popular and reputable surf spots include Newquay, Watergate Bay, Sennon Cove, White Rocks and Portrush.

5 Signs You’re a New Age Hippie

For years, hippies battled the stereotype of being pot-smoking beach bums with dreadlocks who work at the local organic cafe. Although this notion is true for many, new age hippies are making a comeback while holding onto hip-notic roots. Whether you are a trendy vegan or you birthed your child naturally in a bathtub wearing a pair of geek-sheek glasses, the following seven signs are clear indicators that you are a modern, new age hippie.

A Burrito Wrapper is Your Resume Paper
Reduce, reuse, recycle. Why kill another tree when your perfectly non-slopped burrito wrapper is the most creative method of landing your dream job at the organic smoothie shack. Did your macrobiotic guacamole leak onto the wrapper? No problem. You head to Chipotle and demand a fresh, clean wrapper. All those corporate, one-percent greedy businesses need to contribute to the system. #screwthesystem

You Know Life is an Illusion
You are completely aware that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Your mission on planet earth is to expand your soul’s existence while rocking your space suit, the human body. You are more concerned about the planet earth jammin’ through the solar system and Mayan predictions rather than contributing to the false realities of the system.

Solstice is a Public Holiday
Back to the sun topic, you know the sun rules human life.  Naked bike rides, spirit circles and gong meditations are essential to kick-start the summer season’s energy. You know without the sun humans and life cannot exist.

You Vacation in Energetic Zones
You are an authentic New-Age person if you vacation in energy-producing zones such as the vortex thumping, Sedona, Arizona or the psychic town, Lilydale, New York. Burning Man balances, rather than burns, you out. Tulum, Mexico is the best place on earth because the Mayans grounded countless swirls of energy from Chichen Itza to the cenote. You cleanse your soul in Ibiza with electronic music, remote shorelines and Spanish sphalerite-gemstone earrings purchased from a starving artist at the hippie market. The “soul” purpose of traveling is to rebalance your chakras and express your true, Bohemian identity.

Processed Food is the Devil
The devil isn’t some invisible creature running around in a red cape with bullhorns and a trident. The true devil is the FDA, Big Pharma and the processed food industry. Hippies are health conscious beings and you know your body is a temple. Processed food is not only a cancer-causing substance, but this chemical-laced food is the rich man’s greedy method to make people ill. You imagine a life of backyard-grown vegetables and farmer’s market-fresh fruit. Oh what the hell, why not piss off the grid and create a communal farm somewhere on the mountainside. Someone has to change the planet, right?

6 (More) Guaranteed Ways To Piss Off Other Campers

All the serenity of camping blows away with the wind when “that guy” comes to the campground. That guy is the loud, obnoxious creature that has no sense of space, privacy or ethics. If you do these things, you might be “that guy”.

Set up Camp in the Middle of the Night
Many campgrounds have quiet time ranging from 10pm to 7am. You arrive at 3am, pitching an entertainment tent equipped with a foosball table and battery-operated ice cream machine while yelling at your friend to hammer the stake in the ground. You bring a portable generator and fill up a three-foot high air mattress waking everyone up from his or her sleep. And to top it off, you shine headlights on the grounds because you never heard of a flashlight. You do this because you refuse the easy-pitch tents and can’t live away from your toys for longer than a day.

Build a Lazy Bonfire
Nature provides fire materials, right? The not-so-awesome camper arrives on site already looking around for firewood. Gasoline, kerosene, and moonshine are used to trigger a three-day bonfire, smoking out neighbors and the trees. You walk through nature and grab pine needles, leaves, wood, and maybe a neighbor’s spare log to keep the fire blazing. And for the hell of it, decide to throw in used Dorito bags and beer cans to keep the fire going. You create fires that make Smokey the Bear cringe and Al Gore cry in his sleep.

Peeing Wherever You Please
Some campgrounds do not have designated toilets. When nature is your bathroom, you let your instincts decide where’s best. Next to your tent, next to your neighbor’s tent or, in the nearby lake? Eh, it don’t matter! You drop your drawers anywhere without a care in the world.

Getting High in Nature
Normal people get high with nature’s energy and presence. You can easily piss off campers while igniting the campground’s scent with pot smoke. It gets even more entertaining when parents have to explain to their children that sometimes nature’s grass and pine trees smell funny at night. Stoned out of your mind you decide to have a “Mardi-Grass” party. You cat call the ladies and say, “Hey babe, I’ll give you a pearl necklace for some potato chips.” Glued to a chair with laughter you scream, “Does Pizza Hut deliver out here?” When you run out of lighter fluid, your creative brainpower lights the next joint from the bonfire, near singeing your eyebrows. Nearly hallucinating, all you can think about is food. So you grab grub, leave your trash behind and start practicing your bear calls—because bears know where food is, right?

Slog Hogging the BBQ
Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs are a quintessential camping experience. Not-so-awesome campers eat, sleep, pee and repeat while vacationing in front of the BBQ pit. Pitch a lounge chair and crack open a Budweiser while enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner at the fire pit. Don’t forget about dessert, no camping experience is complete without smores. You light endless marshmallows on fire and throw the blazing ball of sugar to your friend who’s too drunk to catch it. You stick around the fire until your bladder explodes or until its too cold outside. But, if the fire keeps you warm, and lazy legs can’t walk 300 feet back to the tent, you rough it until the AM and repeat.

Exiting the Same Way You Entered
Nothing pisses off campers more than to exit with the same chaotic tune as you entered. If you really want to push buttons, pull an all nighter shrieking AC/DC  and slurring provocative jokes throughout the grounds. Once the first sign of sunrise touches the sky, break down camp during “quiet time” and load the truck while yelling at the wife and kids. Don’t forget the grand finale. Rev the engines a few times and peel out, windows down, firing off a hunting rifle. Oh, and don’t forget to throw your last beer can out of the window. Campsites love litterbugs.

If these aren’t enough ways to completely ruin someone’s weekend, we have six more you should check out!

7 Most Epic Parkour and Free Running Videos

Have you been searching for inspiration lately? Nothing encourages you to stretch your stiff lower back more than an epic parkour video. These viral videos spin-kick and flip their way to YouTube fame by compiling the most insane stunts. Within minutes of watching, your mind will transport into a land of the most unimaginable tricks. Inspire yourself and the world to get moving with these videos below.

The World’s Best Parkour and Free Running

If you dream of becoming a real life monkey climbing and hanging around concrete jungles, you must watch this video. With over 66 million views, you’ll soon discover why this is one of the most epic online videos.

Insane Parkour and Freerunning 2014

Insane is an understatement. Never in your life will you see upper-body strength and control like these dudes show in this four-minute video.

The World’s Best Parkour and Free Running 2014

Are you afraid of heights? Release your fear of free falling with this eight-minute video demonstrating the most outrageous stunts at dangerously high elevation.

Epic Parkour and Freerunning 2015

Nothing enhances the spirit more than man flipping off nature’s rockiest land. From buildings to boulders, explore death-defying stunts with this video.

The World’s Best Parkour and Freerunnng 2015

Have you ever questioned the deeper qualities of life, wondering how a cat can fit into a box half its size? Sometimes life doesn’t always have an answer, but somehow things are possible. If you want to see a man dolphin diving through a ladder, check out this video.

Parkour and Freeruninng 2015 – No Fear

Let’s face the facts. Parkour people are fearless creatures who think fear is for pussycats. Get jacked on adrenaline with this fearless video.

Parkour and Freerunning 2015 – The Beauty of Movement

Oh, the amazing human body, and how it graciously watches this video while slugging down a can of pop. Explore the grace of human movement as these dudes perform the coolest tricks in town. Try not to flip out the first forty seconds of this video.

8 Signs You’re Meant to Live on the West Coast

Do you skateboard to work while drinking a hemp milk latte? Do you hug trees every Saturday morning? Do you dream of eating sprouted bean salads accompanied by a glass of homemade kombucha? If so, these are clear indicators you are meant to live on the west coast. Keep reading to discover if your soul is meant to live out west.

You Know Tom
No, not Tom, the LA-resident and founder of MySpace, but you know Tom’s of Maine, the organic, chemical-free bathing products. You live, breathe, scrub and uncontrollably sweat from the aluminum and animal-testing-free products. Even if you stink like a gym bag and still battle coffee-stained teeth, you stay loyal to Tom for his dedication to make the planet a better world to live in. And you may know the other Tom, or TOMS, the over-priced slip-on shoe that cushions soles with a basket of weaved organic hemp.

Nature is Your Best Friend
You hug trees. You ground your feet in the earth. You pick up litter off the nature trails. And if you smoke, you “puff puff pass” the sweet grass from nature thanks to your “depression” and liberal-hippie-doctor prescribing you the most natural anti-depressant medicine on the planet. Way to go Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Dude is Part of Your Vocabulary
Dude, seriously, those who say, “dude” are destined to work part-time at the local burrito stand during lunch time hours. Which leaves plenty of time to surf before and after your four hour shift.

Pets are Part of the Family
If your dog has more clothes than you, then you are meant for the west coast. West coasters go above and beyond traditional veterinarian care. Fuzzy friends, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds are people too. Pet psychics, reiki healers, and acupuncturists now heal wounded four-legged friends. Why? Karma says the pet’s bad behavior is a result from poor past life choices. Energy healers transmute bad behavior and remove negative entities. No longer will “Miss Mittens” scratch your $2,000 West Elm leather couch and to that—thank your Feng Shui Intuitive Pet Master.

You have a Guru
Life coach, Birkenstock specialist, business swam and rainbow therapy expert—whatever you call it, you got it. You know The Secret and get wrapped up in the world of abundance. You spend countless dollars on coaching to manifest the next coffee ground-based soil product. The world is a happier place when recycling human waste to cultivate exceptional herbs.

You have Hippie Blood
You belong on the west coast if you dream of beating a drum at a beach bonfire while jamming to reggae music and contemplating on the evils of the world. Even if your down to earth and stuck int he material world, you have a different view on life. Trendy hippies shop at Anthropologie and Instagram their #healthy wheatgrass-infused smoothie topped with organic chia seeds served with quinoa steamed with truffle oil. Even if you are a modern hippie, you desire a life that goes with the flow of the ocean.

You are Never S.A.D.
The Standard American Diet (SAD) is not a part of your lifestyle. Eating high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame and MSG is against your religion. You are happiest when ingesting the sweet beetroots of nature flaked with kale chips. You are more likely to dress like a bumblebee and protest Monsanto than listen to scientists advocate for corn being a “natural” product. You love Farmer’s Markets, and home delivery root vegetable boxes are the greatest invention—ever.

You Want to Live a Rad Life
Is the skateboard park your textbook for life? Do you tattoo significant life events from your ears to your toes? Do you want to grow an organic garden and have your Golden Retriever, Brutus, rototill the lawn? Do you want to surf and eat fish tacos everyday until you’re 98? Whatever rad life you want to live, the west coast shows your true colors without judgment.

5 Insane Ways Music Affects Humans

Music is the sound and vibration that inspires the human body. Even god-awful trash affects the human brain and body. Whether you like to dance in your pair of “Chucks” to techno or do a backflip off the San Francisco Bridge to Radiohead, these are the most insane ways music affects humans.

Opens Our Lines of Communication
Acoustic guitars have been getting douchebags laid since 900AD; but out all the childhood piano lessons forced by mom and dad pay off in the older years. People who understand music better comprehend human emotions and expressions. Plus, something about holding a giant piece of wood makes women tick from head to (you guessed it). What are you waiting for? If a jester in a tight green leotard can learn the guitar, you can too.

Affects What We Eat, Drink and Do
Do you crave a Corona every time you listen to Ricky Martin? Do bagpipes inspire you to wear a kilt and drink some scotch? Does Lady Gaga make you gag down three-buck-chucks and Mad Dog? Beverages, environment, and personas are inspired from music. Studies show that what you listen to affects what you drink and how your body will respond to stimuli. There’s a reason why expensive tastes listen to upscale music and cheap, water-downed beverages are sold at pop-based nightclubs. Can you imagine sipping a glass of Chardonnay at Señor Frogs while dancing with some chick with Mexican braids on the dance floor? I didn’t think so…

Enhances Human Strength
There’s a reason why beefcakes and meatheads lift to latest Rocky Balboa tracks. Working out to music is entertaining and motivating. The body responds to the brainwaves triggered from the music’s beats per minute. First, the mind focuses on the music and overrides pain signals sent from the body. Second, when the body matches the music’s tempo, the body enters a state of “flow,” like a meditation in motion. It’s why yoga music is the ultimate Ambien pill and death metal is like a cocaine-high gone wrong.

Music Heals and Tricks the Body
Shamans, hippies, and gong masters become “doctors” when the brain and spirit needs healing. These healing masters claim that music’s vibrations cleanse every cell in the body, which is sort of like a colonic for the “power house” mitochondria. But medically speaking, these guys aren’t too far off; Parkinson’s patients use music therapy to aide muscle spasms, balance, and stiff limbs. Studies show music overrides bradykinesia—an inability to begin movement—and tricks their body to move. If you’ve been dying to try the triple-twist-trident-backflip on the trampoline, turn up the Vanilla Ice eight-track, ‘cause you’re going to “flip flip baby.”

Music Heals Brain Damage
Snowboarders, skateboarders, and adrenaline junkies—there’s hope for your stroked-out brain. Now you can punch neuroscience in the face and continue shopping cart half-pipe tricks while waving a, “Stroke Free is the Way to Be” flag. Turns out the Kenny Rogers effect aided stroke victim’s cognitive impairments while listening to songs they love. Oh yeah, did we mention that music also helps heals seizures?

5 Ways to Attract Bears to a Campsite

Do you want to encounter a bear in nature? Traditionally, one of Mother Nature’s fiercest mountain predators wandered the backcountry in search of berries. But thanks to many irresponsible campers, bears wandering around sniffing out their next meal are becoming more and more drawn to that greasy bear-friendly “Happy Meal” of chips, Cheetos, and cheese chunks at your campsite. If you really want to have a bear wandering through your campsite early in the morning, keep on reading.

(disclaimer: we do NOT endorse inviting bears to your campsite—they’re huge, unpredicable animals and if provoked can turn your camping trip into a nightmare)

Use Your Clothes as a Dishtowel
True stories sometimes make the best stories. This one time at a camp a guy ate a bag of potato chips. He wiped the chip grease on his Goretex pant pockets and decided to take a nap. The man found a hammock, placed his hat over his eyes and rested peacefully underneath a tree. Thirty-minutes later he woke up to a strange and moist lapping sensation around his baby-making zone. What he thought would be a woman’s eager mouth ended up being the slithery and sly tongue of a bear enjoying the leftover chip grease on his pants. What’s the lesson? Your clothes are not dishtowels and food stained clothes attract bears.

Cook Where You Camp
To a bear, nothing smells better than a fire-roasted ballpark frank wafting through the wind. It’s the type of scent that makes campers dream of bathing in a vat of ketchup and wiener grease. Cooking next to your tent is a surefire method for a bear-in-tent invasion. The smoke produced from the fire contains the scent of the food, which covers the tent’s material. Unfortunately, Smokey the Bear has no self-control over binge eating.

Get a Front Row View
Instead of paying twelve dollars to see the latest National Geographic documentary, camp for free with a front row ticket to “The Real Bear World.” Park your tent adjacent to a salmon-dense river. Don’t forget your documentary and self-defense tool—the selfie-stick—for all your near-fatal filming. Near these rivers, adrenaline seekers might encounter pissed off mama bears trying to feed their kids, which never ends well for anyone who gets too close. For a guaranteed 10 million views on YouTube, wear Bugles on all ten fingers and jump rock to rock hunting for salmon. You may lose a hand, but at least you’ll become rich from Youtube ads.

Pee Where You Sleep
A bear’s sense of smell is seven times stronger than a bloodhound. If you’ve ever smelled coffee, alcohol, or yesterday’s beetroot salad in your urine, bears can smell every donut and drip of hot sauce you’ve eaten from miles away. There’s no understanding why, but bears ogle over human piss. Pee away from camp. Walk away, and do not pee in the wind. Nothing is more fragrant than a succulent mountain man sautéed in a Pringle-scented vinaigrette of human piss. Also, pee “downstream” away from camp. Urinating above camp risks a stream of pee trickling, at turtle speed, back to camp.

Leave Traces and Trash
Lazy campers leave traces of trash, food, and hints of human existence. Bears follow their noses to their next meal, so be aware; smoke and scented things attract curious bears. Use airtight containers in camp, clean up your trash, and hang food and trash at least 100 feet from camp (300 feet to be super safe). If the bear decides to play piñata, bust out the margaritas because the camp is bear-free.

Sex in a Tent: 5 Tips for Roughing it in the Buff

Do you want to get naughty in nature? Let’s face it, sex in a tent is not easy and nothing is worse than getting the wrong stick in the butt. But, when it comes to getting down and dirty outdoors there are a few tricks to the “birds and the bees” trade. Keep reading to find out how to let your inner-buck go wild and free while roughing it in the buff.

Flirt Under the Sun
If you want to get lucky under the moonlight, flirt during the daylight. Flirting under the sun is the “warm up” phase to energize those “night owl” libidos. Nothing is more awkward than a mind-numbing trek through the woods, later topped off with a hand on the boob to rev those sexual juices. Stay adventurous through conversation and give the lady a hand on the trail. It’ll make her crave your twig and berries and howl underneath the moon.

Stay in the Tent
Unless you know the area like the back of your hand, stay inside the tent. It might sounds super exciting to replicate the Adam and Eve experience underneath a starry sky while picking the fruits of nature. But, ask yourself one question, “Have you ever experienced rug burn?” If so, bark burn feels a hell of a lot worse. Stepping on sticks, poison ivy on dicks—no one can beat the forces of nature. Stay indoors.

Stick with the Basics
Have you been dying to try a new move? Unless you have graduated from “Tent Sex 401,” stick with the basics. Tents are small, thin-walled objects that easily rustle and break without some “TLC.” Cushion the ground with towels, sleeping bags, pads or clothes to protect knees, hips, and spines.

Build a Love Nest
If you are positive that you will score on your next camping trip, build a love nest. Use a three-person tent for extra space and purchase sleeping bags that zip together. Sleeping bags zipped together make “getting it on” easier and allows for cuddling. It avoids the self-conscious moments of getting in and out of single bags especially when bitter-cold nights shrink and shrivel things below the belt line.

Avoid Food Substances
A basic “Camping 101” rule educates campers to hang food. Sex and food do not mix while camping. Kinky campers who want to drizzle smores and freeze-dried potato soup crumbs better save the food and sexcapades for the bedroom. Do you want to wake up in the middle of the night, running out of your tent covered in marshmallows and chip grease, fleeing from a ravenous bear? If not, hang the food and stick with the basics.

The 6 DJ’s You Must See Before You Die

Electronic music lovers escape into a realm of progressive beats with genres such as house, deep house, electronica, techno, dance and drum-and-bass. No matter the genre, only a world-class DJ drugs ambient souls with bumping beats until sunrise. These legendary DJ’s perform at top worldwide events and festivals such as Time Warp, Ibiza’s International Music Summit and Awakenings. Instead of living vicariously through websites, soundclound and Facebook fan pages, book a ticket to see these DJs before you, or the DJ, gets too old and dies. But if you do like the comfort of your computer, make sure to listen to your music with the Tuis wireless headphones.

Pete Tong



World-renowned dance DJ, Pete Tong, has “bootlegged” much skin in the electronic music world. Pushing the old age of 55, Pete Tong still rocks BBC Radio’s Essential Mix and global events, including his recent performance at Seattle’s 2014 Decibel Festival. Tong is Britain’s most recognized DJ and has kept a clean identity since his old school 1995 mixes with Paul Oakenfold. During the summer, fans find Tong beat-banging house music along Ibizan shorelines, creating a sexy yet sultry European atmosphere. His online presence allows him to reach fans when not performing live.

Richie Hawtin



Legendary techno-producer, Richie Hawtin, is one of, if not the, best DJ’s in the industry. This Canadian-raised DJ started with humble beginnings at 17 playing house and techno in Detroit clubs. Known as the “Plastikman,” rumor has it that Hawtin has made DJ-tastic loot, and scores six figure gigs. Hawtin recently entered the hot seat this fall 2014 with an ego-raged “accident” of pushing a speaker on top of a fan recording him at Time Warp. Richie immediately apologized, but when you hear his one-of-a-kind techno tricks, Hawtin fans either forgive his brutal mistake or rave about his senseless vibe. In 2015, Hawtin turns 45, but not to worry, his youthful blonde hair and music will be hear around the world for many years to come.

Maceo Plex



Eric Estronel, known by stage name Maceo Plex, produces a mix of house, dark and deep house and techno. His rookie beginnings originated in 2001 mainly along the Miami coastline. His native Cuban roots fabricate beats to keep music light and airy enough for the dance floor. So what kind of voodoo does Maceo Plex play? Fans find Maceo “beat matching” hypnotic gigs at festivals in sunny climates such as Ibiza and Mexico, and offers sexual healing to libido-frustrated ears. Known for his popular song, “Under the Sheets,” fans find Maceo taking a break from the turntable to dance, jiggle and move to his own grooves. Must be that Cuban energy?




Conquering the Chilean crowds at 21, Luciano moved to Europe with dreams of making it big. He moved toward the big, hedonist culture of Ibiza after proving himself worthy in the underground scene. His music integrates a blend between techno and deep house, which enhances a “high on life” dance expression. Luciano produces emotional sets where fans enter a trance state of spiritual freedom and sheds an occasional tear in gratitude of his mind-altering music. This “Rico Suave” moved out of party city Berlin to St. Croix, Switzerland to spend more quality time with his wife and three children. Apparently DJs are family guys too.

Paul Oakenfold



Paul Oakenfold, 51, has been active in the DJ industry since 1980. Although his legendary career seems like he’d be an outdated bag of old crusty muffins, Paul Oakenfold still tours the world fusing classics with modern sets. Born in London, Oakenfold’s historic career started in the 1970’s producing “bedroom sets” and playing in wine bars. (Most likely the music that made your mom and dad conceive.) He dabbles into the realm of electronic, Goa trance, acid house, break beat, and anything else that combines a chemical reaction. Oakenfold is finishing up 2014 with a world tour and will play in Mexico City in 2015 with other popular DJs such as David Guetta and Tiesto. Better book tickets before this veteran exits the industry.




Throughout the years of Deadmau5’s existence, thousands of fans have questioned, “Who is that guy behind the mouse head?” That mouse-man is soon to be 34-year old Canadian DJ, Joel Thomas Zimmerman. Blending a combination of progressive house, electro house and electronica, Deadmau5 has scored major labels including Ministry of Sound and Virgin/EMI. Deadmau5 performs live wearing a giant mouse head, which ruffled Disney World’s panties to file a suit claiming the mousehead has similar resemblance to the trademarked figure, Mickey Mouse. Zimmerman, being young and “wise,” attacked Disney via Twitter causing a mouse-droppling storm. Between irrelevant fighting, Deadmau5’s music is top notch.

6 of the Best Outdoor Winter Music Festivals

Light up dreary winter nights with an unforgettable outdoor music experience. Outdoor winter music festivals are gaining popularity and popping up on mountain slopes and ski resorts across the globe. Chill out to the ambient beats of house, electronica and indie pop while dancing underneath the frozen moonlight. Dance day and night at these top festivals held at some of the most picturesque mountains in the world.

St. Moritz Music Summit—Switzerland
St Mortiz is Europe’s highest club music festival. Located 2,500 meters above sea level, the summit hosts some of Europe’s best DJ’s who play day and night at this three-day international music festival. Known for its electronica DJ’s, the summit features a combination of indoor and outdoor venues from mountain slopes to swanky nightclubs. This world-class event combines the best of Swiss alpine skiing and luxurious lounges.

Rave on Snow—Austria
Grab a pair of sunglasses and warm mittens in preparation for one of the best snow parties in the world. Rave on Snow features a relaxed, but non-stop dance atmosphere from the base of a ski resort. The event is held in Saalback-Hinterglemm village and features bumping electronica music and multimedia art flashing at all hours of the day. One village and one huge party is a dream vacation for Europeans who miss the summer Ibiza sun.

Snowball Music Festival—Colorado
Held in Winter Park, Colorado, hippies and ski bums head out into the winter cold to experience live music from some of the nation’s best artists. Past headliners included Flaming Lips, Bassnectar and Pretty Lights. DJ’s, rap artists and indie pop singers perform on center stage to inspire thousands of fans to dance and enjoy life. Snowball is a non-profit organization and partial earnings benefit music education funds in elementary schools.

Snow Globe—California
For a different New Years Eve experience, head to Lake Tahoe for Snow Globe. Integrate the best of music and skiing in one of America’s prime outdoor destinations. This global fusion ignites the best of dance, indie pop and hip-hop music. Events are held in the snow globe to showcase radiant light shows with each performance. Guests ring in the New Year with a firework show to kick-start a long night of dancing.

Celebrate winter the coolest things to hit Toronto since maple leaf t-shirts. Canadians are used to the cold, which makes brrrrr! an easy-breezy event to experience. International DJ’s heat up the dance floor with electronic, techno and dance music beats while thousands of fans scream and shout amidst stage smoke and frost bitten breath. Experience an array of top performers such as Sharam and Wolfgang Gartner.

Rise Festival—France
Located in Les Deux Alpes, France, this award-winning park features some of the best glacier skiing in Europe. Winter weather is year-round in Les Deux offering nonstop winter sport action. Ibiza snow bunnies also head to Les Deux for the weeklong Rise Festival for their need of live DJ music. The town also features plenty of non-skiing options such as ice skating, spa treatments and shopping, including a wicked nightlife. Bundle packages are available to include accommodation, lift pass, resort taxes and event passes. Packages start at $299 Euro.

Or if you don’t feel like going out, you could just grab a Big Turtle Shell wireless speaker. Then just get some cheese and crackers and have your own festival.