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5 Insane Ways Music Affects Humans

Music is the sound and vibration that inspires the human body. Even god-awful trash affects the human brain and body. Whether you like to dance in your pair of “Chucks” to techno or do a backflip off the San Francisco Bridge to Radiohead, these are the most insane ways music affects humans.

Opens Our Lines of Communication
Acoustic guitars have been getting douchebags laid since 900AD; but out all the childhood piano lessons forced by mom and dad pay off in the older years. People who understand music better comprehend human emotions and expressions. Plus, something about holding a giant piece of wood makes women tick from head to (you guessed it). What are you waiting for? If a jester in a tight green leotard can learn the guitar, you can too.

Affects What We Eat, Drink and Do
Do you crave a Corona every time you listen to Ricky Martin? Do bagpipes inspire you to wear a kilt and drink some scotch? Does Lady Gaga make you gag down three-buck-chucks and Mad Dog? Beverages, environment, and personas are inspired from music. Studies show that what you listen to affects what you drink and how your body will respond to stimuli. There’s a reason why expensive tastes listen to upscale music and cheap, water-downed beverages are sold at pop-based nightclubs. Can you imagine sipping a glass of Chardonnay at Señor Frogs while dancing with some chick with Mexican braids on the dance floor? I didn’t think so…

Enhances Human Strength
There’s a reason why beefcakes and meatheads lift to latest Rocky Balboa tracks. Working out to music is entertaining and motivating. The body responds to the brainwaves triggered from the music’s beats per minute. First, the mind focuses on the music and overrides pain signals sent from the body. Second, when the body matches the music’s tempo, the body enters a state of “flow,” like a meditation in motion. It’s why yoga music is the ultimate Ambien pill and death metal is like a cocaine-high gone wrong.

Music Heals and Tricks the Body
Shamans, hippies, and gong masters become “doctors” when the brain and spirit needs healing. These healing masters claim that music’s vibrations cleanse every cell in the body, which is sort of like a colonic for the “power house” mitochondria. But medically speaking, these guys aren’t too far off; Parkinson’s patients use music therapy to aide muscle spasms, balance, and stiff limbs. Studies show music overrides bradykinesia—an inability to begin movement—and tricks their body to move. If you’ve been dying to try the triple-twist-trident-backflip on the trampoline, turn up the Vanilla Ice eight-track, ‘cause you’re going to “flip flip baby.”

Music Heals Brain Damage
Snowboarders, skateboarders, and adrenaline junkies—there’s hope for your stroked-out brain. Now you can punch neuroscience in the face and continue shopping cart half-pipe tricks while waving a, “Stroke Free is the Way to Be” flag. Turns out the Kenny Rogers effect aided stroke victim’s cognitive impairments while listening to songs they love. Oh yeah, did we mention that music also helps heals seizures?

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