Shallen Orband

Don’t Drink and Skate…

If having your skateboard run over by a car isn’t bad enough, there’s always the fact that tomorrow morning he’ll wake up thinking, “Dude where’s my board?”

So don’t skate when your drunk…especially in flip flops. You might get a SWI (Skating while Intoxicated).

Want to Ski Better? Watch a Pro

We all know the first step to getting better at something is watching lots of videos on YouTube. Duh. How else are you going to land those lift ramp jumps or ski in and out of a cave with enough speed to do a backflip?

Three time X Games gold medalist Candide Thovex filmed “One of those days 2,” at his home resort in Val Blanc, France. While he probably pissed off the liftie at 4:17, as well as a line of folks waiting to ride the gondola, he did make a lot of internet watchers, including us, pretty stoked.

Don’t Do This If You’re Stuck on a Ski Lift

It’s just really hard to describe what these guys are doing in a few words but whatever it is, don’t do that. This snowboarder,Travis Waite, got stuck on a lift that broke down while riding at Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

While the belay attempt is bad, the snow conditions might be arguably worse. (Seriously—what was he riding on, the grass?) They should rename it Beach Mountain…

The best part is the bystander who doesn’t offer to help until after he got the footage.

Fruit Ninjas

Kayaking through the mangrove forest in Kho Lonta, Thailand seems peaceful—that is until you pull out your pineapple and a clan of monkey fruit ninjas attack! I don’t even want to know what would have happen if he would have thrown bananas.

To Climb an Iceberg

Professional ice climbers Klemen Premrl and Aljaz Anderle ascend to the summit of an iceberg in Disko Bay Greenland. Their journey to the top is unpredictable, unstable, but worthwhile—so long as they don’t break the ice! They probably could have used some Chips for some relaxing music.

Skiing an Alaskan Bergrschrund

California native Cody Townsend hit the Tordrillos in the Alaskan wilderness to ride whats being called the, “Most Insane Ski Line Ever.” The crevasse or “bergrschrund” which translates from German into English as “mountain cleft,” was chosen by Cody because he said it was, “too tasty to pass up.”

Well Cody, you definitely made this line look delicious.