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Road Trip USA

Our friend Elan, and his lovely girlfriend, just quit their jobs and decided to embark on a month and a half long road trip through California, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana (to celebrate Elan’s families annual Indian Pow Wow on Rocky Boy reservation – so cool!), up into Alberta Canada, to Vancouver and down through Washington, Oregon and back down to California.

They camped, ate lots of noodles, drank lots of coffee and took tons of photos on the way. We were so inspired by what they were about to embark on, that before they left we hooked them up with some ODT gear to put the cherry on top of their already awesome adventure. Well, here are the results, and we could not be more jealous of the cool places they saw, and the rad experiences they gained. Well done, guys.



If you would like to hear more about their trip around the country, head over to their blog.

High Fives: Colorado Charity Golf Tournament

On August 30th, the High Fives Foundation hosted their 2nd Annual Colorado Charity Golf Tournament on the fairways at Copper Creek Golf Course at Copper Resort.

Thirty-six teams of four came out to raise money for High Fives Athletes who are recovering from major life-altering injuries. Between registration fees, silent auctions and open donations, over $50,000 were raised for the foundation! This is an all-time record for High Fives golf tournaments, and we are proud to be apart of such an awesome feat.

Kat Jahnigen, Savannah Pitts & The Lion Heart Project documented the whole thing from beginning to end. Take a peek below.



To learn more about this awesome foundation and everything they do, click here –>

Wetsuits & GoPros & Cruisers, oh my!

I had a little fun this past weekend when I set out to San Clemente beach to shoot some beautiful models, (who just so happen to be my friends) for our current giveaway. Babes on the beach with awesome summer gear, what more could you ask for? really. The shoot was probably more laughs then it was serious moments, but that just makes it that much more fun. So here you go, I present to you a little behind the scenes of what really happens during these ODT photo shoots. Enjoy. (wink face)











And that’s a wrap.


Outdoor Talk: Will Wesson

As I am sure you all know, the SnowSports Industries trade show just happened and all the radest athletes were there to support their brands. We had the honor of catching up with one of our athletes – ODT ski member, Will Wesson, who rips harder than anyone. Not only does he kill it in the ski scene, he is the most soft spoken down to earth guy, which makes you want to root for him even more. Will’s been with us since all we were selling were Yowies, and that is a true testament to his personality. Thanks for bein’ so cool, Will.  Check out his interview below.

Will is also in the running for the X-Games Real Ski 2016.  Watch his clip and vote for him here.

Outdoor Talk: Brett Sube

Last week we had the pleasure to dive in with one of our ODT athletes for a one on one interview. We are starting this new thing called Outdoor Talk; a platform for our followers to get to know our athletes on a more personal level. We know, we have like 1,000 of them, so we understand it can be hard to keep up with them all. Our first lucky guest was none other than Brett Sube. This guy is not only the nicest dude, he is one of the coolest too. His cool rider attitude really sets the mood for the interview, and his sarcastic straight faced remarks will leave you with a laugh. We asked, he answered. If you want to know more about why this guy is pretty high on our list, (pun intended) watch the video to find out.

Ian Rural Compton Video

Ian always makes videos that are fun to watch and this one is no exception.

“The first seedlings have started and I reflect on the winter.
I do not enjoy city’s nor do I travel often to them,
instead I stay hidden in the trees.
The smile never leaves when skiing within these trees.”

– Ian Compton

You can’t have a video without filmers:

Pail Reid
Kevin Merchant
Dylan Demers
Jack Heath
Max Hill
Shane Mcfalls

You can check out more from Ian on his website –


Hanging Out with Ernest Gagnon At Interbike 2014

Hands down the best part of this year’s Interbike was getting to know one of our newest athletes, Ernest Gagnon. Although it was hard getting from point A to B without a handful of photo op requests from fans, we made our way around the show, cycling events & the strip, of course.

Ernest Gagnon Interbike 2014

Upon landing in Vegas, after a long 12 hours of travel from Boston (with a 70 pound bike box in hand) we got a little rest in before sushi dinner. Outdoor Tech sushi dinners typically start with instructing the waiter to bring us 4 of everything on the menu and sake bombs until someone says stop, but Ernest inspired us to cut back just this one time.

Day 1 of the show consisted of more photos, a little helmet shopping and of course, the big cyclocross event, CrossVegas. CrossVegas is one of the largest cyclocross races in America, so Ernest and I got there early to check out the scene and prelap. The event brings out the top cyclocross athletes from all over the world, and the course was tough – lots of hills, turns, ramps and obstacles. It was 102 degrees and rising, so we took to some shade whenever we could, thanks to the many Sierra Nevada tents set up around the course. Cyclocross athletes are super impressive, beyond talented, and very supportive people. It is a special community to say the least, and I am so thrilled to have learned more about the sport and witness the support received by Ernest.

Ernest during cycle cross at interbike

We Spent day 2 at the show rocking the kit, taking more pictures, promoting our stuff and learning more about the bike industry.  After the show, Ernest and I participated in the Pedal Palooza ride from Mandalay Bay down the strip. With the Buckshot bike speaker blasting, riding down the strip at night was pretty awesome, especially with such a rowdy group of people. The ride ended in a big party in Fremont, but we dipped early to enjoy a fabulous dinner at Otto inside the Venetian and party to Diplo and Morgan Page with the rest of the ODT crew!

Outdoor Tech Interbike Dinner

Ernest had so much fun in Vegas, we forgot about his departure. Literally. Just before heading to the show on the last day, we realized he should have been landing in Boston instead. Oops! Since trade shows never get old, we were happy to hit the show for a couple more hours before saying goodbye for an afternoon flight back to Boston.

Ernest is an impressive guy, and we are thrilled to support him on his journey to inspire himself and others to lose weight through cyclocross. You also probably want to follow him on Facebook and Instagram, @erniegagnon2013.

One Week Away from the War of Rails 2014

You guys and gals better be getting amped for the War of Rails. It’s going down next week! Here at Outdoor Tech, we are stoked to help sponsor this event.

During the day we will be showing our latest gear and maybe even giving away some of the #stuffyouprobablywant. In the evening, we may be hanging out at some local places enjoying some adult beverages. You should really come chill with us.

Here are all the details:
Date: February 28th – March 1st 2014
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm Pacific, Friday and Saturday
Live Stream: Saturday, March 1st 2014 11:30am-4pm Pacific
Location: Bear Mountain Ski Resort, CA
Tickets: Free to watch.
Confirmed Invited Athletes:
1. LJ Strenio
2. Kyle Smaine
3. Sandy Boville
4. Khai Krepela
5. Shay Lee
6. Hugo Pelletier
7. Tim Gage
8. Dominic Laporte
9. Brendan Trieb
10. Karl Fostvedt
11. Matt Walker
12. Charlie Owens
13. John Kutcher
14. Alex Dorszynski
15. Torin Yater-Wallace
16. Cory Vanular
17. Maxamas Hill
18. Kieran McVeigh
19. Joss Christensen
20. Steve Stepp
21. Maxmillium Smith
22. Dale Talkington
23. Pat Goodnough
24. Sean Jordan

War of Rails 2014


Here are a few edits of what went down last year:

Bear Mountain Edit

Monster Energy Edit


Here is a map so you can come hang out:


We will for sure be giving out free high fives. That’s pretty much worth the trip up the mountain.


“Be thy labor great or small, do it well or not at all.”

-Chinese proverb

…And this, my friends, is how one does it well.  This is a Budnitz Bicycles Model No. 3 City Bike, fashioned by a company started, owned and run by none other than Paul Budnitz.  It is equipped with a six-pack beer carrier by Colorado-based Topo designs, and, yes, a Turtle Shell wireless boom box and Turtle Claw handlebar mount by Outdoor Tech.  It is clean design, simplicity, music, beer, and beauty all mashed into one glorious package as equally suited to 5 o’clock after-work jaunts through the city to a friend’s place as weekend cruises through tree-lined parkways towards a picnic in the hills.  Sure, you could do either of these things aboard a seventh-hand, rusted-out Huffy that has been stuck on one cog for as long as you can remember and suffers from faded, two-tone graphics that didn’t look right even when they rolled onto the local department store sales floor sometime back in the early nineties.  But that’s not why designers get up to go to work in the morning, and that’s not why we stare at the ceiling every night, trying to figure out how to make things look better, work better, and make more sense, even in the last few minutes before we fall asleep.

For those that don’t know, Paul Budnitz is a living legend in the vinyl toy, street wear and design industries, as well as the creator of Kidrobot, a company working to bring different artists’ visions to life in the form of toys (  His latest venture is Budnitz Bicycles, an effort focused on “…creat(ing) the fastest, lightest, and most beautiful city bicycles in the world” (source:  Do they do this well?  Well, check out their website and have a look for yourself.  Budnitz is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a C+ sort of guy, and we were honored when we got the call from him to participate in building this ultimate city machine.  Of course we wanted to help create the greatest two-wheeled transportation ever to grace the stretch of sidewalk in front your favorite coffee shop.  That is why we’re here; we are Outdoor Tech, and we make stuff to compliment your adventure, whatever that adventure may be.  Stuff that makes sense.  Stuff you probably want.  Budnitz came calling with an opportunity to help us achieve that goal in yet another way, and we were happy to do it.

Maybe the best news to come out of this is that this bike, complete with the Turtle Shell and beer carrier, is being given away.  You can enter to win it at the link below, and if you do, you’ll soon be cruising to the local house party at 10 o’clock on Friday night, tunes pouring from the Turtle Shell out into the warm night, full beer case clinking softly, ear-to-ear grin across your face.  There’s plenty to smile about:  Tonight, tomorrow, and every time you ride that bike, there’s no one doing it better.

Enter here: